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  April 13th, 2007 

Vector Prime

On the week that I wanted to wallow in self-pity, you all decide to come back and pester me with questions. I suppose that drowning myself in work is more sensible than drowning my sorrows in high grade ...

Q: Old Man,
What's with all the fanboys complaining that we're BotCon exclusives? I'm glad we're being released at all. two of us haven't had a new toy since 1985, and my last one was a Machine Wars release, and before that a rainbow colored Action Master.
Classics Thundercraker, Dirge, and Thrust

A: You've been around since the beginning. You should know by now that even if Hasbro did nothing but new moulds of every G1 character that ever existed and new characters and gave them away for free, the fanboys would still complain. The problem is that you are what the fandom wants, but you are expensive and limited edition, because you would be utter shelfwarmers at retail, because the rest of the universe doesn't care about three more nostalgia-based repaints.

Q: Vector Prime,
/Starcrosser began taking readings as she spoke, "Due to a Quantum storm that originated from Earth in the years 1985, 1998 and 2004, this planet and everything on it was going to be erased so that time could reset itself.
Knowing what I do about this place, such an event would cause the entire Transformers time line to unravel. So I isolated this planet from time and then time warped it back to the Cybertronian year 2796. Now my job is complete. This time is safely anchored and I can go." /
Is it just me, or has she still screwed the pooch in regards to saving the Transformers?

A: She's also wrong. The Earth just isn't that important. Erasing the Earth will neither reset time nor will it cause the Transformers timeline to unravel. It would change it to some degree, but our species would survive just fine. Erasing the Earth would, at worst, annoy the Vok, who are the more likely cause of quantum anything. Moving an entire planet to another point in time, however, would cause terrible damage to the local fabric of space-time and requires me to come and repair her idiot mistake before the damage becomes a full-out tear. She is not slacking off, she is causing damage.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Stalker is one of my favorite Wayward-created characters, but there don't seem to be any pictures of her. What does she look like?

A: Ah, yes, Stalker - Wayward's first Transformers fan character, created to be a femmecon who was just a soldier instead of someone's arm-candy or anyone special. She's also the first female Transformer that Wayward had seen that simply did her job and was accepted as part of the team, instead of spending all her time whining that nobody took her seriously because she is OMG A Girl. Granted, Stalker herself worried about being OMG A Girl sometimes, but nobody else in the story cared.

Just for you, and because Stalker is important in her way to Wayward, here is an updated picture of her. She looks like a Seeker-variant with wheels. She can turn into a fairly ordinary jet or a winged car. Her triple-changer upgrade was a bit lame, design-wise.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Thank you for your answers on my last e-mail. I always wondered if there was anyone out there that actually knew how to set a VCR...
And so, here are a few more questions for ya:
Q1: Is there anything out there that Insecticons won't eat?
Q2: Maybe broccoli?
Q3: What do they say of the 'Food Additives' music video back on YouTube?
Q4: In the original show, ep. 'Enter the Nightbird', there had been some peculiar 'going-ons' between Megatron and the ninja femme. Assuming she did gain sentience in any way, would there have been any chance of 'chemistry' between them if Starscream hadn't butt in, or was it doomed to failure from the start?
Q5: Has Megatron considered getting her back someday? I mean, she did pack a wallop on the Autobots then, and that should get anyone in Megatron's good graces.
Q6: And if so, take her to Vector Sigma to give her a true Transformer mind? (Alright, I'm done with the 'bird questions...)
Q7: Has Overflow hit anyone's nerve with her e-mail back then? If so, please excuse her. She's kind of desperate to get a pic of her done by Wayward. >_>
Overflow: (reading over shoulder) *glares* Stool pigeon...

A: 1) Insecticons seem to avoid eating meat. They will devour rocks, trees, metal, assorted types of fuel, but seem to leave animals alone. Bacon, for some reason, doesn't count, possibly because it's just in little strips instead of being part of an active pig.

2) They like broccoli.

3) They thought the synching was surprisingly well done. Generally fan-made music videos don't seem to line up at all.

4) Megatron doesn't strike me as someone who would date an inferior. Even if Nightbird became sentient, devoted her life to the Decepticon cause, and became the greatest warrior in the galaxy, I doubt Megatron would give her a second look if she didn't conquer a few solar systems first.

5) Possibly, though the Decepticons, like all cartoon villains, never seem to try any plot a second time.

6) Vector Sigma could give Nightbird life, I'm certain. However, the personality that Vector Sigma grants could end up wildly different from what one might expect, especially after Alpha Trion merged with it.

7) Wayward does commissions. Ask Overflow if she is thirty dollars worth of desperate.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
I have a very personal question, one I've been wanting to ask for several years now, but I've only just managed to summon up the courage. It's about something that matters to me in a very personal and, err, fundamental way.
What gender is Jolt?
Hot Shot, Armada

A: According to the Armada MTMTE, Jolt uses the male pronoun.

Q: Respected Elder,
I understand pranksters are very popular amongst the fans at the moment ... so why aren't I getting any attention?
Trailbreaker, G1

A: You aren't cute.

What, you thought there would be a good reason? These are fans we're talking about.

Q: Vector Prime,
Your choice; Barry Manilow or Rod Stewart?
Blaster, G1

A: Barry Manilow scares me less than Rod Stewart does.

Q: Hey!
Where did you get a magic 8-ball in your size?
Ironhide, Energon

A: EBay. You can get anything there.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Are you aware that someone has painted the Google logo across your back?
Override, pointing and laughing, Canada

A: Yes.

( Well, I do now. )

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Which was more uncomfortable, the all-over gold repaint or the discoball-to-the-abdomen makeover?
Kickback, plotting, behind you

A: The repaint was closer to uncomfortable than the disco ball to the abdomen, which was blindingly painful.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Is Thunderblast the Minicon as attractive to other Minicons as Thunderblast the Decepticon is to other Decepticons?
Dead End, attached to Unicron, deep space

A: Moreso. As far as I can tell, missiles are the current fashion in Minicons, so those who wear them are in demand. Possibly because they've got a better chance of damaging a Bulk than those with smaller weapons.

Q: Vector Prime,
I hate to ask but yet I must. Issue 25 ... whose knickerbockers are those on Kickback's head? How did you get Thunderblast to do the hula for Issue 37? And Issue 38 ... who won the wet t-shirt contest? How often do you kick Cheetor? What does Starscream's doohickey do to teenage girls? Issue 67 - what are you doing to that cat?
Red Alert, Armada

A: Those are Kickback's, first seen in the first Insecticomic. Thunderblast just did on her own and someone took a picture. Bonecrusher won due to filling out his t-shirt better than the others did. Whenever I can. I'm not sure, and I don't think I want to know. I was going to poke him for chewing on Safeguard.

Q: Guardian of Time,
If boats are attracted to power, why am I not covered in boats?

A: Boats are also not generally suicidal.

Q: Oy! You!
Red Alert showed me that picture you used in Issue 68! What's my Demolisher doing to that Autobot? Tell me it's now what it looks like!
Cyclonus, not crying dammit, Armada

A: They had been grappling, then were distracted by something happening farther down the beach. That fight scene had more slashable screen captures than the rest of the Armada series combined.

Q: Hey! Autobot!
You sent Snowcat to me support group and told him not to drink the punch, right? But you didn't tell him not to punch the drinks! Wrong wrong wrong!
Mixmaster, sticky and scorched, G1

A: ... Snowcat is a bit dimmer than I had thought.

Q: How do you feel that your mini-con partner is a spawn of Unicron?
A: He's not. I spawned Safeguard. Minicons from Gigantion aren't Unicron-spawned, either.

Q: So Vector Prime, I had two minor questions. I figured two simple questions about you were a lot better than five annoying questions about things you already said.
Question 1: A few weeks ago, you apparently took on the cat armed only with your sword and Safeguard. How did that turn out?
Question 2: I just picked up your "golden" repaint on clearance in a store. What are your thoughts on your orange and "gold" deco? I assume you don't like it, since you don't wear it often at all...
Thanks, VP!

A: 1) I got chewed on. The cat cannot be defeated, only distracted.

2) I would have liked it more gold than that mustard yellow, and that body is currently in the waiting to be touched up pile as Pimp My Geezer, Part Two. Goodness knows when Wayward will get to it. I prefer my white and brown paintjob in any case.


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