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  March 16th, 2007 

Vector Prime versus Animkee!

The TransformersCon voice actor guest this year is Michael Bell. In case you were looking for another reason to come.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
why is almost everyone in the appartement an idiot? I mean really!!! Especially Starscream, of all people he should know what to expect. He has been through every possible situation I can think of. And they look more like comedians than robots in a war. Is it the appartement driving them nuts or the insecticons, or something I don't know about?
Is my spelling bad?

A: A glutton for punishment, I see. It's 'apartment' and 'sincerely', by the way. You also have issues with capitalisation ( it goes on the front of sentences and on proper nouns like 'Insecticons' ) and punctuation ( you are missing commas, spaces, and nothing is so exciting that it requires three exclamation points. )

The thing you don't know about is the 'It's a comedy, not a drama' memo. You were apparently on your coffee break when it was circulated.

Q: Vector Prime,
I think you may be wrong on one count about the fans not wanting the repaint Action Masters, as the only repaints in that subgroup are the European exclusive Exo-Suit Actionmasters, all four of which have insainly high value on the secondary market. Well, at least the fans who don't hate-them-but-must-have-them-anyway.
Anyway, have you ventured into the offical Movie boards? I've even seen Ms. "MOVING STARSCREAM'S NULL RAYS TO HIS FOREARMS IS DETRIMENTAL TO HIS CHARACTER" over there. Could you use your space/time powers to knock some sence into her?

A: I meant new repaints, preferably in black or neon. Real neon, not just a non-black colour. Worse than Thundercracker.

I check the Movie boards but rarely, in the same way that I prefer to stay out of monkey cages. Every so often I go to check to see that everyone is still shouting insults at each other, and since they are, I leave again.

Q: Dear Veccy Prime,
I am intrigued by the suggestion of various cast-members of "In Space..." wanting /other/ cast-members covered in chocolate, and I must confess, the idea does have merit.
I have to ask, however, when you refer to "chocolate", do you mean ice-cream? Or do you mean chocolate syrup? I've tried my girlfriend (who hails from the Planet of Open-Minded Supermodels) with cookies n' cream ice cream, which she rather likes, and she tasted absolutely divine. Chocolate, I suspect, would look quite well on her, but I have to ask:
1) What form of chocolate would you recommend (i.e. ice cream, syrup, cereal, yogurt)? I firmly believe that low-fat anything would be besides the point, and quite frankly, insulting.
2) Is there any particular brand I should be on the lookout for, or is that irrelevant?

A: When speaking of being dipped in chocolate, they mean syrup. It's harder to clean up. This seems to be a selling point for Insecticons.

1) Personally, I tend to avoid chocolate because it gets into my gears and I have to spend the next three days cleaning myself with q-tips. The tastes of the others vary. The Insecticons will go with anything they can roll in, while Dreadmoon won't touch a truffle if it cost less than five dollars. In general these things tend to be high-fat, but I have found Size Insecticon footprints outlined in everything from butter to tomato soup.

2) Whatever tastes best to you. I'm still waiting for a self-cleaning kind.

Q: Dear Vector Prime-sama (and Safeguard-san),
What is a "Subspace Pocket", exactly? I know Transformers use them to store things such as excess mass, spare parts, extra Energon goodies, and other random odds and ends, but they never say what it is.
Also, do Subspace pockets have a limit as to how much they can hold? If these "pockets" do have a mass limit, can Transformers have more than one "Subspace Pocket"?
Finally, if "Subspace" is all just one layer of reality Transformers can tap into, how do they manage to keep other Transformers from accidentally (or not so accidentally) getting into their section of "subspace" and stealing their stuff?
Thank you for your answers, Vector Prime-sama (and Safeguard-san, should he decided to answer as well).

A: Mostly, 'subspace' sounds better than 'I have no idea where Prime's trailer goes. Maybe magical pixies take it.' Subspace is fanon rather than canon. But the way it seems to work is that it is a layer of reality that we have the machinery to tap into. There seem to be size limitations - people don't tend to keep anyhing bigger than their guns in them. Possibly teleporters and the space-bridge also use subspace. As far as I know, not many people have given much thought to the idea of a subspace pickpocket.

Possibly subspace is the Underspace, which is canon, and, last I checked, was full of Unicron.

Q: Dear prime.
Why canít the fan boys get over the fact that I am slender due to the strict diet of the aristocracy? Just because they are fat slobs who sweat solid energon as the sit on their fat afterburners, doesnít mean that they have to mock my beautiful and incredibly desirable frame.
Classics mirage
p.s. when is shockwave going to give my land back and restore it to how it was? I absolutely do not want some strip of barren wasteland you know! And I have to test my crossbow on some turbo foxes as well.

A: From what I've seen, only those who have merely seen pictures of you dislike you. Most of those who actually own the toy know that it's a fantastic mould.

As to Shockwave, the magic eight-ball says, "My Sources Say No". Which isn't really an answer to 'when'. Given that Shockwave moves to Tahiti and opens a tiki lounge after Transformers: The Movie, he isn't in a position to do anything but serve drinks. Ultra Magnus is a city commander. Maybe he also deals with land grievances.

Q: Dear Vector Prime. Normally, I'd be aiming for your head at this time and place, but a new problem has reared its ugly head. A new occupant on my master's shelf has been kicking skiplate and taking names! He's trashed the Autobots and now he's after us! WE NEED HELP! Wait...Oh slag he found me! FLY AWAY!!!
PS. How does one deal with a cat that keeps knocking us off the shelf?!

A: Ah, yes, the problems of active cats. No matter how high or inaccessable you think your shelf is, one day you will find your cat sitting on it and looking smug. The only way to keep cats off your toys is to either get a cabinet with a door or a cat with no legs. You might alter your pre-existing shelves, but it is inadviseable to alter your pre-existing cat.

Q: Greetings again Vector Prime-san
Sinse you were wandering what "caotic" means - it is misspelled chaotic. Had to leave out a letter so it would fit old forum signature limitations...
And if You are wandering what "chaotic neutral" means ask G1 Constructicons, they seemed more or less competent on subject.
On to questions.
1)What do you consider scarier - Demons or Cybertronians of Michael Bay movie?
2)Was it Fallens mug at at Unicron cultists Mean Evil Spell Of Certain DOOM backgrond or was it Armada OP combined mode?
3)And to continue subject - To Unicron cultist. Interested in a spell with scary sounding chant and destructive potential of a small nuke? Might be quite handy against Insecticins...
4)To Insecticons - What do I need to join your religion. Besides a bucket of puding to each of you.
5)To Wayward - About TF:F Ultra Magnus - are/were you thinking of modifying Energon Skyblast figure into her or their similar looks are just a concedence?
That's all for now.
Catoic Neutral Decepticon

A: 1) Easy - demons. They're larger, more frightening, and no Transformer from the new Movie has tried to eat me. They seem to frighten fans more as well - nobody wants to acknowledge their existence.

2) It was the Fallen, from War Within: Dark Ages #2. We had thought all the fire would have been a tip-off.

3) The Devourist says: Mortal, I do not have any interest in killing anyone. I merely wish everyone to acknowledge the greatness that is Unicron and be devoured by Unicron, in that order.

4) Kickback says: To be a Secular Furmanist, you have to like the works of Simon Furman, but not think he's a god. Also, pants are forbidden.

5) Wayward says: I had toyed with it. Certain factors got in the way, the main one being that I'd have needed to change the head sculpt, and I'm a lousy sculptor. But the main reason that Magnus was based on Skyblast is because Skyblast is a cute mould and the Autobots needed a flyer on their side.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
If the Transformers: Forever characters had animal alternate modes, what sort of animals would they be?

A: The situation never came up. Probably alien creatures, as Earth doesn't seem to be around in that timeline. No dragons, though.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
A few questions for ya:
First, why hasn't Override asked Safeguard to snatch the Matrix for her if she wants it so bad? He seems to like her, and doesn't he have wacky space/time powers too? Or at least access to your funky sword. (Also, he's not you.) Is it because she secretly fears upgrading to Prime and becoming a Winnebago?
Why do Autobots tend to have blue optics, and Decepticons tend to have red ones?
Speaking of optics, is Jazz actually blind like soms fanon claims, or does he just wear the visor to look stylish?
And lastly, speaking of Jazz, wasn't Wayward the one doing the name translations way back when? If so, what does Jazz's name translate to? (if not, who was doing it, and where can I find those? They were cool.)

A: 1) Most of that is plot contrivance. But then, if the world were sensible, Starscream wouldn't keep the Matrix in a drawer under his bed. Safeguard's powers are really quite limited - he can survive the environments that I can, can detect variations in the space-time contiuum, and can interact with cross-temporal beings like the Vok. He cannot teleport on his own or manipulate the fabric of space-time.

2) I blame humans. Blue optics look kind to them while red ones look evil. I am well aware that my optics are red.

3) The visor is his optics. We don't have to have features like humans.

4) She was. In his case, it's mostly 'jazz' as 'enthusiastic' and a mix of 'beautification' and 'exaggeration'. Which comes down to 'Who Spreads Optimism In An Enthusiastic Manner'. That he could find a word in English that meant all that and was a music style must have pleased him no end.


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