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  March 23rd, 2007 

Vector Prime

Only one question this week. The Insecticons insisted I had to get out of bed anyway.

Q: Hey Old fart,
A question for you. Maximals and Predacons can take on pretty much any animal as an altmode, right? So has there ever been a Maxi or Pred with a human for a beast form?

A: I have a feeling there was a Transformers-as-Humans fanfiction once where everyone ended up with humans as beast-modes, then became trapped in that form. But there would be no reason for such an alt-mode, at least in the context of Beast Wars - the form is less useful than even Optimus Primal's gorilla-mode. A small spy type could find a human beast-mode useful on modern Earth, though. The next questions are, would the alternate mode come with its own clothing, and what precautions would he have to take not to tip his hand by walking through a metal detector or by simply being far heavier than a real human?


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