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  March 9th, 2007 

Vector Prime

Because it is in my contract, I must mention TransformersCon every so often. It will occur at the end of April, so you still have time to make your plans to spend a weekend in Toronto.

Q: If Wayward hates dragons and likes little jets, will she be getting the Clean Skies minicon team?
What happens to minicons who don't get adopted?
What do bad fans get for Christmas?

A: 1) She already has. Wayward doesn't mind dragons as a species. She hates dragon fan characters, because it's been done to death, then brought back as a zombie, then shot in the head. There are alt-modes out there that aren't Seekers or dragons, humans.

2) They warm shelves like any other figure, but at least they've got company in their boxes.

3) Go-Bots. No, wait, that joke's too obvious. Hm. Actionmasters, perhaps. Repaint Actionmasters. That should be painful enough for most of the fandom.

Q: Major lack in comics. What ever happened to Spanner? (Seriously)
A: Spanner was badly injured during Bridge to Nowhere. While his body survived as the space-bridge, his mind was damaged to the point where he was no longer a sentient being, merely a complex computer. The life and times of Spanner, such as are recorded, can be found here.

Q: Hi prime,
How come people are constantly demanding that I be seen in clunky useless armour, when I just needed it as alpha Trion used me as a proto for prime? Just because they cannot deal with the fact that I am a pure prime frame, they complain. Why?
G1 ultra Magnus (including all white prime repaints)
p.s. the prowls want to talk to you about a spate of minicon abuse. Unit J is so damaged that he cannot speak minicon anymore vector prime.

A: Fanboys just don't like repaints. They hate the idea that a company might want to claim a bit more profit instead of catering to their desires for new moulds all the time. Don't even talk to them about convention exclusives. They can't get their heads around the idea that a short run of new moulds would be prohibitively expensive to do.

I've never found that Minicons need to speak to get their point across. Safeguard was once heavily damaged and unable to speak for two days. He managed to get along fine with sign language.

Well, with a gesture, anyway. Expressive creatures, Minicons.


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