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  March 2nd, 2007 

Vector Prime

Not many questions this week, and all anyone wants to know about are Starscream and his band of idiots. Perhaps I will one day be allowed to retire, but I don't know what would replace me in the Friday update slot.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I want to join Starscream's Brigade and I'm not sure I'd make a good impression, so I'm asking you for the green light. Here's the resume' I plan to give: Link to DeviantArt
Q1: What would be the brigade's general opinion on my sign-up?
Q2: The fliers' opinions in particular?
Q3: If I promised to baby-sit the minicon jets, would Dreadmoon have no grudges on letting me join? ...or is this a rhetorical question?
Q4: Should I be worried of ice cubes ever, by any means, appearing in the bathtub?
Q5: Judging from my Tech Specs, would I ever qualify for an on-screen cameo in the Insecticomics? (If I were a custom job/kitbash project sent to her apartment from overseas)
Q6: Would Wayward even consider letting me into the apartment in the first place?

A: 1) Starscream has a very specific agenda in mind, and his hiring practices echo that. Your tech specs don't mention the points that Starscream is looking for, which presumeably means that you do not qualify.

2) Thrust approves of battleships. Skyfire is a bit annoyed that everyone is larger than he is. Starscream says he's got enough trouble already with one oversized boat. In general, the Minicons like anyone who spoils them rotten.

3) Dreadmoon doesn't particularly care who joins the Brigade, so long as they don't get in his way or bother him. So far, he's disliked most of Starscream's choices.

4) Ice cubes aren't a big deal. It's when you find fish or soup seasonings that you should worry.

5) Mm. The problem is that while Wayward will do obscure toy jokes that maybe six people on Earth will get, doing a fancharacter joke is one that even fewer will get, unless that joke is so general that anyone could fill in on it. The other times that outside characters have appeared, they've brought their own audiences.

6) Would you even fit? We're running low on space. The sole reason that Micron Legend Shockwave hasn't been purchased is because Wayward hasn't got any place to put him.

Q: A follow up to someone else’s question:
Is it possible that two sparks can undergo dumb luck and randomize the same code, or nearly the same code, resulting in two similar or identical mechs?
What side is Skyfire on?

A: 1) Absolutely. It's a several billion to one chance, but taking into account every Cybertronian who ever lived, it is within the realms of the possible.

2) Which symbols are on his wings? Skyfire is an Autobot, he's just hanging around with the Decepticons.

Q: Dear Vector Prime.
1:Reading the Insecticomics lately, I wondered if you and Dreadmoon are going to conspire to wipe Skyfire/Jetfire from existence for the sake of your own personal goals. (You, because then he wouldn't have so many origins, and Dreadmoon, so he/she/whatever can win Starscream) Is my guess into the future correct, or merely an assumption?
2:Last week I noticed you answered one person's question about Classics Optimus Prime stating that Wayward has a record of being the only person in fandom without an Optimus Prime. What about Pepsi Prime? Or does he "Not" count as an official Prime?

A: 1) No, no, I try to reconcile timelines, not erase inconveniant people, even though it is often tempting. Dreadmoon can threaten Skyfire, but can't actually do anything permanent to him. Part of this is due to his own twisty psyche getting in the way, but also because Skyfire is required for Starscream's plan.

2) Pepsi Prime is an official Prime, though a rather silly one. However, he belongs to Wayward's husband, not Wayward.


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