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  February 25th, 2007 

More Bonecrusher than you can handle

Bother. Not only does Kickback end up in the upcoming chess set, Shrapnel gets a new toy as well. This is just 'Robot Heroes', not 'Transformers: Heroes', thankfully. I do not think I could stand a half hour of this type of thing. One can overdose on cute.

It does seem, however, that the trademark on Shrapnel's name ran out.

Q: Have you seen any pictures of the Transformers Classics Optimus Prime(Voyager class)? Beastbot, who does reviews on his site, mentioned the following good things in his review:
The only flaw in his vehicle mode is that his feet are visible.
One of the best robot modes he's ever seen.
Improved color scheme.
The fact that he has two guns.
I didn't see anything that could really be called a negative comment.
His level of reccomendation was: GET IT NOW.
Is Wayward planning on buying one? It looks freaking awesome.

A: I've seen them both in pictures on the Internet and in store. It is a very good mould. However, Wayward intends on upholding her 'only person in the fandom without an Optimus Prime' record. She does, however, like Ultra Magnus, and will end up with one of those.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
My Minicons have somehow managed to take my Alternators and Classics at gunpoint and are threatening to do unspeakable things to them unless I give you this message for Safeguard: "Beep weep eep beep weedle weep!" I have no idea what it means, but I'm not risking it. Now, with that out of the way, I shall ask my questions:
1: Of all the Transformers continuities you've visited, which is your favorite, or which annoyed you the least? And no fair using the open-minded supermodels continuity either.
2: Given the situation I described above, is there any way for me to properly punish the said Minicons? Or should I just let it go and not risk the wrath of a million tiny bite-marks?

A: 1) My favourite continuity is the Ladybird Book continuity. Possibly because Ultra Magnus is obviously a zombie in Decepticon Hideout and no one seems to notice, but mostly because no one writes fanfiction or argues about it.

2) Most of them don't bite. They have other ways to make people miserable. I suppose you could lock them in their panel-forms. It's sort of like sending them to their room.

Safeguard says, "Eedle-beedle wheep-beep whee." No, you're better off not knowing.

Q: Dear Master of the Time Stream,
I have observed you recently attacking Skyfire/Jetfire in his most recent incarnation. And a thought has popped to mind. With you traveling through multiple time streams, has there been a certain continuity that has just driven you mad to the point of almost destroying that time line? Also, do you span and deal with problems outside of the Transformers continuities? (Star Trek seems to pop into mind)
Thank you for this blip in time.

A: Generally G1 gives me the most trouble. I've never done anything to deliberately harm it, though. ( For those of you worried about Skyfire, all I did was pick him up, shake him a bit, and tell him that if he could find a way to synchronise his personal timeline, I'd stop complaining about him. All right, and Safeguard bit him, but he was just caught up in the moment. )

I do not deal with non-Transformer continuities, as I have enough trouble with what I've got. Sometimes I visit universes outside the Transformer Mythos, but I don't try to repair them.

Q: Hmm. I've noticed that you recently burst into flames over a matter with an autobot known as SkyFire. Is this a medical condition I should know about, or is this the first time this has happened? Also, I am inclined to ask what specific stimulant it was that caused this combustion.
Reaching for his tools,
Ratchet (before the freaking copyright ran out)

A: That was a special effect metaphor rather than actual combustion. The Fire filter is more orange and the manifestations of my powers are green.

Q: Veccy! Why do you hate Hotshot so much? I've asked myself that too many times to not know why.
-a very curious human

A: This is going to get added to the FAQ if I hear it too many more times. The reason is this: I, the In Space incarnation of Vector Prime, have a crush on Override, because I like women with tires. Override was not interested in anybody romantically during the Cybertron show. However, every Cybertron fanfiction writer ever insists on pairing up Override and Hot Shot even though they had zero chemistry and their relationship was one of friendly competition. They had even less chemistry in Galaxy Force, so don't try to pull that on me. Hot Shot taught Override about altruism, which caused Override to realise that helping others was more important than racing. That's as deep as it went. But because of fanfic writers and their determination to stick with the unconvincing and utterly conventional, I find I cannot like Hot Shot.

That, and 'inexperienced young warrior who is said to show leadership abilities, really, we mean it, even though said abilities are never shown in action' types annoy me. Sometimes it works out in the end and you get Rodimus Prime in G1. Sometimes it fails miserably and you get Hot Shot in Armada.

Q: Dear Guardian of time,
Despite having a martial arts style that allows me to reflexively counter attacks, I still get beaten up every time I fight someone. Is this the way that my creator tries to compensate for my talents?
Shatterfire, Transformers: Forever
P.S.Where do I find and Autobot Mary-Sue test to take?

A: The fact that you lose your fights comes down to the following possibilities: a) your martial art isn't any good and you should find a new one, b) you've simply had the bad luck to be outclassed in every fight you've been in, or c) your writer is overcompensating in silly ways to try to avoid the dreaded label of Mary-Sue. If your job is that you're a warrior, you shouldn't be hopeless at it. You shouldn't be the Best Warrior Ever and always win, but if you find that you're losing every time, you should either get more combat training or find a job you're more suited to. In characters meant to be seen as sympathetic, weaknesses should exist to give them a challenge and thus make the story more interesting. It shouldn't paint them as incompetant.

PS: You don't. There isn't an Autobot-specific one, and people rely on litmus tests instead of common sense far too much as it is. If the point of every story you're in is 'Look how wonderful my character is! Love her!' then you're a Mary-Sue. Eye colour hasn't got much to do with it.

Q: I have a few questions on transformers and how they name themselves.
Their names seem to be usually based off traits of their personalities or alt modes. Yet it is rare for two transformers to have the same name. Why is this? Are they somehow created with the knowledge of each transformer ever named? Is each spark somehow attuned to a different name? Do transformers occaqsionally end up named alike? if so do they fight over it, or just change their names? Transformers seem fairly calm and accepting of changes of physical bodies and alt modes, are they just as accepting of name changes? And why is their both a Decepticon and a Minicon named Thunderblast in transformers Cybertron? This seems to be one of the few exceptions to this rule. (yes, I know beastwars/machines had namesake characters but it is assumed that the ones they are named after are no longer active (possibly no longer functioning) so the name is free).

A: It's rare for two Transformers to have the same name? Tell that to Jetstorm, But you mean that it's rare within a continuity. Jetstorm the Vehicon will never encounter Jetstorm the Minicon, at least outside of the Insecticomics. That, of course, is to keep things less confusing for the kiddies. Thunderblast and Thunderblast was likely a mistake.

There is precedent in the Marvel comics for Transformers to steal names from one another. Swoop was originally named Divebomb, until the Predacon defeated him in battle, took his name, and forced him to get a new one. I found it a bit confusing, myself.

We are not born with the knowledge of what names are taken. However, since we name ourselves based on a combination of physical and mental traits, the names tend to be as indivudual as we are. Even then, sometimes things are lost in translation. Thrust from G1 is named for his ability to put on short bursts of speed and his brash way of barging into battle in hopes that he can indimidate his foes. Thrust from Armada is named for his tactical skill and ambition. In Cybertronian, there would be no confusion to their names, but the closest translation into English for both is 'Thrust'. And because our names are tied to our forms and personalities, we often change them after a major upgrade.


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