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  February 16th, 2007 

Vector Prime

Merchandising continues apace, as Hasbro threatens us with both Transformers Monopoly and Transformers chess. The Monopoly set interests me somewhat more, if only because it seems blessedly free of Insecticons. As well, the properties are said to be various planets. I can tell you now that the Planet of Open-Minded Supermodels will not be featured.

Q: Dear vector prime,
Why is this wave-crusher ting following me?
Classics bumblebee

A: It likes you.

Q: Have you found anyone from your Christmas Vacation to the Super Model Planet for Valentines Day? Or is it going to be a box of chocolates for Safeguard that the Insecticons will find, raid, and run off with?
A: Safeguard made his own arrangements. I ... seem to have ended up on a date. No, nothing happened. We griped about everyone else making plans without us, and when we got bored of that, I opened a portal to the Nexus and we threw wet sponges at the Vok. His idea, obviously.

Q: Not that you watch them, but the Hasbro Beast Wars showings seem like their skipping parts. Are they cut in places? Or were the originals like that too? Or is it Iím just noticing the reeeaallllyyyyy inconvient commercial breaks?
PS, regarding asking about the BW episodes, Hasbroís website is my best bet for a somewhat in order series. If Iím missing something, Iím sorry.

A: In the interests of research, I had Shrapnel summon up the Hasbro videos site. The place is a nightmare to browse, and we've got high-speed. Also, it will not allow us to watch Season One episodes, despite having them in the menu.

I don't know Season Three so well, but my scan of Deep Metal tells me that it was severely edited. I recall several scenes that are missing. I also remember the episodes being twenty-two minutes long, not eight. Six if you take out the theme song and end credits.

Q: Who's gonna hold back Blinky from becoming the Valentines Day Mascot?
A: It took both Tidal Waves and Cryo Scourge.

Q: Greetings again Vector Prime-san.
Lately I've been thinkind about events of 2005 (commonly refered to as TFTM) and something caught my attention - namely Rodimus Prime opening the Matrix. The question I've beean asking myself after studiing that particular moment - what for are those fingerholes on the hanles of Matrix protective case? Is it some sort of complicated recognition system that analyses users signature or designers of the case just hidden a buttons of mechanical lock that keeps halves of the case together there?
PS. What was the fate of convention exclusive Optimus Primal (Land Bullet repaint one)?
PPS. Question to Shrapnel. About Sideways - sinse I don't know where to get 2Gb of locust porn, will my collection of yiff-art (furry porn) scare him off?
Catoic Neutral Decepticon

A: The fingerholes seem to be something highly important, as neither Ultra Magnus nor Galvatron used them, and you see where that got them. I think the Matrix is just prejudiced against people with large fingers.

PS: He was purchased by another collector. He is presumed happy, as he never tried to come back.

PPS: Possibly. But it's rather more common than locust porn, so he might have a bit of an immunity to ... Google just gave me seventy-four results for "locust porn", with no hits from this site. That's seventy-four more hits than I expected. I don't understand humans at all ...

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
How can I meet that adorable cricketmobile babe?
- Shot Hole

A: Step one: Go to the Planet of Open Minded Supermodels.

Step two: Argue with Kickback.

Q: Why do you sound like Rhinox/Tankor or Energon Megatron when he is making comets?
A: For the same reason that I developed an accent a dozen episodes into the Cybertron series: magic.

Q: Vector Prime,
How do we eat?
Why do we eat?
Where shall we have lunch?

A: It depends on who is asking. If you are, say, an Insecticon, the answers are, 'With your mouths', 'Because it's there', and 'Anywhere you please'. If you are, say, a Vrobian, the answers are rather different.

Q: Deer vecter prim,
Me Slag have question. When him Starscream try to kill Megatron and take over Decepticons, fangirls cheer. When me Slag try to take over Dinobots, fangirls boo. When him Starscream get beat up by Megatron (loser), fangirls cry. When me Slag get beat up by him Grimlock, fangirls laugh. Why me slag never get no respect?
Slag (G1)

A: When you Slag squashed a Quintesson, fangirls cheered. So you're not at the bottom of the list. Try being, say, Wheelie. Wheelie could spend the day watching an Iron Chef marathon and fangirls would boo.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
In your opinion, which Megatron is the most dangerous? This is NOT a "who's the best" or "who's the most powerful" question, merely one asking which of the various Megatrons is the most dangerous.

A: The new one for the 2007 movie. He's caused the most fights.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I have read Insecticomics 220. I must say, that was remarkably sweet of you to do that, and with someone who probably ranks fairly high in your "hit list" (not that I know if you are in possession of such a thing, mind you). I congradulate you for your act of kindness, and wish you future happiness.

A: That had better not be wishing me future happiness with Kickback. Fortunately, he feels even sillier about it than I do, and claims that Valentine's Day has been officially retconned. He's been claiming that he spent the day playing 'Dark Jedi versus the Mailboxes'.

Q: Dear Nephew,
Quit stealing my thunder!
- The Chronarchitect

A: You weren't using it. I didn't think you'd notice.

Q: Vector Prime,
I must be brief... I'm writing this from a secluded alleyway in North America. They found out about me... Thunderblast and Override found out about what I did! You've got to help me! I've evaded them so far, but it's only a matter of time until they find me. And once they're done obliterating me, they'll start in on you! Please, I'm begging you, save me!!!

A: Mmph. Helping an evil human versus the fact that said evil human has his uses. I'll send Safeguard down.


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