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  February 9th, 2007 

Vector Prime

I have a headache. I'm going to skip the banter and go right to the questions.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Which one of these Transformers: Forever couples do you think would work out best?
Optimus (Forever)/ Magnus (Forever)
Optimus (Forever)/ Megatron (Forever)
Optimus (Forever)/ Shatterfire
Personally, I like Optimus/Magnus...

A: None of them, actually. One of the things Wayward set out to do with Forever was avoid pairings, because as a kid, she didn't like romance getting in the way of the story. That said, the two she saw as most likely to hook up were Den Alpha and Thunderclash.

Q: Hey this is Rippersnapper of the Terrorcons. Yep the one with the cool alt mode. I become a shark with arms and legs. A walking, talking, shark. I thought this was unique and creative, then those seacons show up. That Overbite ends up coming the SAME thing. Is their anything I can do about this that is more clever than the typical decepticon answer of destroying him to ensure I am the only landshark around?
A: You could write 'Not A Shark' on him in big letters, I suppose. Or you could stick wheels on your feet so that you'd be the only landshark on rollerskates around.

Q: Blinky seems to think hugs will solve all the worlds problems and maybe he is right. But does Blinky think his hugs will be able to calm psychotic old Beast Wars Rampage or does even he have the limits (and survival instincts) to doubt that?
A: You don't read fanfiction, it seems. Being friendly to or falling in love with Rampage immediately turns him into your bestest friend forever. Turns out all he needed was for someone to say, "Yes, I understand," to turn him into a trained puppy.

Q: This unit designated Exactor (see file 15327 alpha) will posit a query for Vector Prime.
Situation Anlysis: The autobot unit designated optimus prime (see file 11101) is now defunct. Said unit has passed on an object to be designated the Matrix of Leadership (see file 33241) to me stating my literal calculation of my incredible computational intellect will be able to use it to "light our darkest hour". Initial studies do indicate that this object indeed sheds a faint illumination even in the duration of an hour (60 earth minutes) with the least ambient illumination proving primes theory. A new situation however has arisen. A entity designated Unicron (see files 11273-11304) has arisen and assaulted cybertron. My tactical analysis indicated that the impact for of a large ship collision or a strike by a unit with the typical strength of said gestalt units (see individual data files for more info) may inflict substantial damage upon Unicron. The post combat analysis showed the impact of the colliding fleet and attack by powerful units has left several holes in unicrons hide and taken out vulnerable areas such as eyes. However the world designated cybertron (see file 00001) is now destoryed and the unit designated unicron is now heading on a vector course towards the world designated earth (see file 1192929), So I will posit this query. Does the unit known as Vector Prime know of any object or weapon which may help neutralize the entity designated Unicron?

A: You've already got the Matrix. Just go inside Unicron and open it up ( remember to use the finger holes. ) And if your 'incredible computational intellect' has already rejected that idea on the grounds that it sounds too much like a myth, remember who you came to for advice.

Q: Dear Shiny but not Helpful Old Guy
Well, we took your advice and distracted Mirage with a larger and more powerful mech than Megatron. Worked great. This brings me to the next problem.
How do we get Mirage to stop mooning over Unicron?
P.S. Heck, is Unicron even sentient? We can't tell half the time.

A: Why did I know that was going to happen? Oh, right - I'm somewhat precogniscient. Given that Megatron is the one who will destroy Unicron ( thus turning Unicron into te Grand Black Hole and ruining my vacation, ) perhaps Mirage will be annoyed enough to swear off unattainably powerful mechs and start dating someone his own size. Don't even look at me.

At your point in time, Unicron is running more on stimulus-response than thinking.


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