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  May 19th, 2006  

Blinky.  That's his tail, people.

It's great to see so many questions. Questions means you like us! Yay! I'm working on the responses because responses mean I like you. Yay!

My name is Blinky, and I've existed since 2002. I was created by Wayward's sister when Wayward gave her a Powerhug toy that she didn't know the name of at the time and decided should be named 'Blinky'. I am the loviest pillbug in the universe and I travel in a giant flying wallet. In robot-mode I can give one big hug and in insect-mode I can give lots of little ones. Squee!

Vector Prime's been kidnapped by Decepticons and Shrapnel and Safeguard are busy rescuing him, so answering questions is up to Blinky!

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
With the announcement of the latest Super Smash Brothers game at E3, there's been some shock that the star of Konami's Metal Gear Solid games is appearing in it as a playable character. Have you considered applying to Nintendo about a role? You've certainly got the gear, and I imagine you have the moves.
Yours sincerely, Exit Wound, Decepticon Interrogator

A: Vector Prime also has the touch and the power, but he throws things at us if we sing it.

Q: Greetings, oh ancient and honorable tin can of the spaceways,
I have a question that none have been able to answer, and I hope that you can help. Omnicons can process energon. In the Energon series, large parts of the Decepticons were made of the stuff. So, why didn't the Omnicons just absorb the energon from the Decepticons, leaving them disarmed, ( in some cases dismembered ) and helpless? Your insight would be much appreciated.
- A small and squishy bystander who hopefully won't end up paired off with a Transformer

A: The energon had to be refined in a special way for the Omnicons to absorb it - they showed it in Energon Stars. They couldn't just pick up the ore or cut it off a Decepticon ( icky! ) Terrorcons, however, were able to eat the ore and turn it into a type of unstable energon star that could be used by Unicron but not by other Transformers. Other Transformers got big shocks when they tried to pick up yellow energon stars! One even knocked Tidal Wave down!

Q: Vector Prime, you seem knowledgeable on all sorts of questions ( mainly dealing with Insecticons and femmebots ) can you please answer these for me? Sorry if I have alot of questions, this is my first time asking them.
A: Blinky is also knowledgeable, but not as knowledgeable as Vector Prime.

1. The Insecticons are always hungry and love to eat. Do they eat in both insect and robot mode? If so how does Bombshell eat in robot mode without a mouth?
A: They can eat in both modes, though they're not often shown eating in robot-mode. Since he's a weevil, the end of Bombshell's snout is really his mouth, so he eats with his cannon when the cartoon gets it right. Usually they get it wrong, though.

2. What is the name of the female Junkion from The Big Broadcast of 2006? Was it ever given?
A: Nobody ever said her name. She probably knows what it is, but maybe not. Junkions confuse pillbugs.

3. So in the comics the demons are a race of ancient organic creatures trapped in a chamber under Cybertron, and in the cartoon the transorganics are a group of ancient organic ( with mechanical parts ) creatures trapped in a chamber under Cybertron? Wouldn't trapping both in the same chamber make things easier as they fight each other ( assuming the Dweller doesn't take control of all the demons ) limiting the problem.
A: Cybertron is really, really big. The transorganics were all just in one small chamber near the centre of Cybertron, while the demons would be deep in Cybertron, but nowhere near the centre. Or you can take the easy way and say they're from different universes - the transorganics were from the cartoon and the demons were from the comic. Either way, Blinky does not want to be anywhere near them. They're scary!

4. I recently watched Beast Machines and it raises some questions in my mind. Megatron, after his giant head form was destroyed, was a free floating spart that raised broken Transformers to be his new body. Uhm, maybe I am wrong but isn't a free floating spark that inhabits free bodies a ghost thus immortal? I thought the only immortals were Starscream and Rampage, how did Megatron become immortal? Also on the question of Megatron's spark, before he was uploaded into his giant head mode Megatron's spark was in Savage Noble. After his spark left, Savage Noble was reduced to a mindless beast. But when Megatron killed Savage Noble, Primal said he felt his spark pass on. Was Primal lying to comfort Nightscream, or did a tiny part of Megatron's spark remain behind in Savage Noble ( maybe a tiny part of long repressed decency ) without which Megatron no longer had any inhibitions against feeding on the souls of the departed?
A: It seems like Transformer sparks can exist for a little while outside their bodies. Blackarachnia had a run-in with a spark extractor one time and her spark was flying all over the place! The immortal ones like Starscream could be a flying spark forever, but ones like Blackarachnia or Megatron would need to get a body pretty quickly.

As for Savage Noble, you might be right and Megatron left a bit of himself in the Savage Noble body. Or maybe his spark in Savage Noble's unused lasercore caused the lasercore to ignite and give Savage Noble a spark. Or it's like The Velveteen Rabbit and Nightscream's friendship with Savage Noble gave him a spark. Love! Squee!

5. In Beast Machines they couldn't cure the Hate Plague and instead acted in a way to rewire their brains to avoid the effect. Does this mean they all are contagious and carry a nasty virus and every revived transformer at the end of Beast Machines will get infected?
A: Oh, I hope not! I'll have to go there to make sure it's all gone. I will cure them all with hugs! Squee!

6. Robots have no gender and femmebots are more an aspect of personal identity and body construction then gender. Beast Wars Inferno becomes a worker ant and those tend to be female. Does that make him a femmebot?
A: Worker ants are always female. In some species the drones do work, but they're still drones. The way it was explained to me, Inferno's personality comes across more like a human male's, so when they translated it, they called Inferno a guy, even though his beast mode was scanned from a girl ant.

7. So you dream on relaxing on the planet of open minded supermodels? Does this mean you long for a blonde bombshell? If so how does he fit the wig over his cerebro-shell launcher? :)
A: He kind of arranges the wig around the launcher.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
A few things to ask you -
Who would win in a fight: the Power Rangers Zords or the G1 gestalt teams?
And what do you know of the being known as Stormbringer ( who strangely enght is not with Unicron. ) Plus we need to talk you about changing history just so you can win a poker game - it's not in the rules we agreed to.
The Vok
P.S. Something you shoud know is that the Daleks can now hover thus thay can go up the stairs.

A: Dalaks can hover now? Oh, no! Hide the Minicons!

I think the Zords and the gestalts should have a picnic and talk over their differences instead of fighting.

I can think of two Stormbringers. One was a throwaway character in War Within: Volume II who worked for Starscream and was implied to have been killed by Dinobots. Second is the IDW miniseries coming out soon. The guy on fire on the covers is Thunderwing. He's scary! The Fallen has been complaining that Thunderwing stole his style.

Vector Prime cheats? That's not very nice of him.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
In my last question regarding Decepticons and thier abilities as conquerers, I made a boo boo. What I meant to ask was, "How can the Decepticons organise themselves to conquer anything more important than a shopping mall?" Terribly sorry for the misinformation.

A: I think it involves a lot of yelling and hitting. But this doesn't last very long. I bet if the Decepticon commanders were nicer to their people and threw them appriciation parties, they'd get a lot more done!

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
How is it possible that a juvenile human is able to fix Cybertronian technology, even better than the Cybertronians themselves? It makes little to no sense, and insults the competance and intelligence of Cybertronians everywhere.

A: If Coby couldn't do that, he'd have no purpose in the series, and the writers felt that at least one of the humans should be useful. So all the Cybertronians had to get hit on the head before the series to make them less smart to make Coby seem smarter. At least, that's what Vector Prime says.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Would my namesake approve of me?
BW Megatron

A: I don't know. G1 Megatron didn't seem to like anything. He'd probably say you didn't yell enough. He's so mean!

Q: Dear Old Mechanical Fart,
You hearing this, ya big relic? All right, this is the deal. I've been hearing talk about some idiotic robo-bug horning in on MY gimmick! Who does this robotic punk think he is?! I'M the master of electricity, not some loser machine with an unnatural bug fetish! So tell me, do you know where this Shrapnel character is lurking around? I have every intention of showing him just who wrote the book on electric manipulation! Oh, and if his two buddies decide to "interfere", I got a couple of "associates" who are more than capable of turning a couple of tin-cans to scrap! Get the message out to Shrapnel: YOU ARE DEAD!!!
- Electro, of Earth 616

A: That's not very love. I think you should be hugged until you're no longer all mean and angry.

Q: Just to clear one thing up: as far as I know, it isn't in the comic. It was merely a plot device of my own design to explain the Gold Vector Prime and two white ones. But I can't wait to see more. A tip for ya, If you wind up with two Vector Primes, take a black Sharpie to his chest crystal. Not a solid black, just a light covering. The result being a corrupted spark. Pretty cool.
A: Vector Prime has been claiming he's the Last Autobot ever since he saw the gold repaint, but Vector Prime claims a lot of things. We've already got a second Vector Prime, but he's already green.

Ooh, so this didn't really happen? I'll have to tell him that! Blinky, away!


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