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  May 26th, 2006  

Vector Prime

There's no questions update at the official site, but I think you may be mollified by this.

Q: Okay ... does Optimus Prime have ADD or something, because every time the Decepticons show up in Energon, Megatron would say something to the effect of "Optimus Prime, we meet again." And then Optimus would turn around, looking sort of dazed, and say either, "Huh?" or, "What?" ... And then he'd pause and about four seconds later he'd say "You!" I mean ... you'd think after a few millennia he'd recognise his arch-enemy's voice ...
A: Well, the first few times Optimus Prime might be forgiven - Megatron had been considered dead until that point. After that ... well, Optimus' powerlinking habit started to cause minor glitches in his mind. His recognition software just wasn't up to speed after a while.

Q: Just curious, if you use your powers to cheat at poker, why don't you use them to prevent the Insecticons from taking those pictures?
A: Plot contrivance. The pests, between their powers and abilities, are experts at getting what they want. All right, and they gave me a hot tub. Well, it's more than I ever got from the Autobots.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Are the Insecticons bad? If so, is the site bad?
Mark, leader of the Scrapmetals and Insecticon clones

A: This site is horrible and the Insecticons are worse. I just come here because they gave me a hot tub.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
"You've got the Touch! Yout the POWEERR..."

A: I also have the Spellcheck.

- Satan

A: Pish-tosh. The worst being I've ever made a deal with was the Liege Maximo. Go bother a human. They seem to think you're important.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What are the Autobot and Decepticon faction symbols based on?

A: Both were designed to just look like robot faces. I'm told Soundwave looks like the Decepticon symbol, but it's a stretch, epecially given the G2 Autobot symbol.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What would the Autobots and Decepticons reaction be to the Liege Maximo returning?

A: "AAAAAARGH!" Something like that.

Q: Vector Prime,
Why is Cybertron Megatron and his forces so concerned with obtaining Cyber Planet Keys when thier homeworld is on the verge of being annihilated by a black hole? I realise that Decepticons are powerhungry, but wouldn't the line be drawn at THAT point?

A: It is explained - in fact, I think it was actually covered in a recent episode - though I think it's an easy enough point not to count as a spoiler. Megatron + All the Planet Keys = Godlike power. Godlike power means recreating the universe without a Grand Black Hole in it. Unfortunately, a universe created in Megatron's image would have a poor excuse for a jet-mode and a silly hat, so he must be stopped.

Q: Servile Old Fool,
Why do the Autobots ( G1 ) continue thier war against the Decepticons? Hasn't their string of failures been incentive enough for them to realise that, as the inferior model, they should simply cease to exist? Why bother defending the pitiable humans, when they lost thier own world to a superior model? The strong are destined to crush the weak underfoot, and the Autobots ( insert long speech about dominance and survival of the fittest ... )
- Apocalypse

A: Because crushing the weak underfoot has really worked out for you, the way you've totally conquered the planet and all ... oh, right, that never happened. You keep getting beat up by people who defend the weak. Maybe you should take up residence on Bizarro World, where your logic will be appreciated.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
The Last Time we tried to talk to you we got Blinky, thus we are sending you one old question and two new ones:
1. Who would win in a fight: the Power Rangers Zords or the G1 gestalt teams? 2. While we were looking the world of Final Fantasy VIII we leaned about someting called Time Compression. Do you know what it is?
3. And how does Safeguard bite without a mouth?
Plus we need to talk you about changing history just so you can win a poker game - it's not in the rules we agreed to the Quintesson Imperial Magistrates told us and since the Watcher busy at the moment we will have to ask you to give the money back. ( Also you may want to stay away from the 616 universe for a while. )

A: 1) Blinky happens. My two-sided metal disc of decision making says 'tails - the gestalts win'.

2) 'Time Compression' is a magic spell that causes eras to merge. Presumeably it is a universal effect instead of just effecting one planet, otherwise, why bother? In any case, that's for gamers to deal with, not me.

3) I don't know and I don't want to know.

Q: Dear Vector Prime ...


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