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  September 22nd, 2006  

Vector Prime

Attention readers of this feature: I am hereby on sabbatical until the new year. Please don't send me questions until January. Any questions received between September 23rd and December 31st of 2006 will be deleted without being read. I will be back on January 5th of 2007 to answer your questions or complain about you as the situation demands. I may also have to start picking and choosing what questions to answer if I keep getting floods like I did this week.

Q: To clarify my last question on Silverbolt: Why does he act strangely and honorably around Blackarachnia and cite her female-ness as the reason as opposed to, say, her lack of hands? Why the chivalry?
A: His mind was likely damaged by the energon radiation of his pod - Quickstrike had a similar mindset. Even Rattrap knew better, and he has a torso-plate fetish.

Q: Heya veccy...kina read to late on the who wins this rule on the FAQ, sorry bout that. That and with the Getters about to save the universe once more I can get to bugging you normally.
Onto the question! Just how you put up with some of the more unscroupulous members of the apartment, excluding the insecticons that is?
PS. Why do I get the feeling that Liege Maximo and Kaiser Elphes are one and the same?!
PPS. You might wanna let know the General of Darkness about the Balmer Empire or the Zentraedi Conclave..they might be of SOME help to tare apart Mazinkaiser!

A: I find drinking helps. But it only helps briefly. If one passes out around here, he tends to wake up painted, dressed up, or in the refridgerator.

PS: Whereas I have a feeling that there's a spelling error in there, as 'Kaiser Elphes' doesn't get a single hit on Google.

PPS: Nor does the Balmer Empire. Also, why would I help someone with a name like 'Emperor of Darkness'?

Q: Autobot!
Why hasn't Hasbro reused my name?

A: Unfortunately, the characters that appeared only in the Marvel comics are most likely owned by Marvel. There has been at least one exception, so I may be wrong.

Q: Vector Prime, I have seen Transformers Kiss. I have seen Legion. I cannot show my face in public. Starscream will not stop making slobbering noises every time I open my mouth to speak. Who do I have to shoot to get revenge for this slander? Megatron, G1
A: Some Japanese fellow, I believe. I'm uncertain which one. No, you may not shoot everyone in Japan just to get at one toy designer.

Q: Autobot!
Why hasn't Hasbro reused my name?

A: Ah, but they have. In 2003, your name was used on a KB store exclusive orange Jetstorm repaint. Because we needed another Jetstorm repaint, I suppose.

Q: Vector Prime,
Do you know where I can get an imitation giant tentacle-tongue? I want to mock Megatron until his boron compressor implodes.
Starscream, G1

A: ... I haven't the faintest idea where to purchase such an item. However, if I had to find one, I would start my search in Japan.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Is there any hope for me? I know I'm manga-and-radio-in-Japanese-only, but will is there anything I can do to gain some scant measure of respect amongst my fellow Decepticons? Perhaps if I ate Daniel Witwicky ... ?
Legion, TF KISS

A: You would get indigestion. Seek out Andrew Wildman. Perhaps he will find a place for you to fit in.

Q: Respected Elder,
Why hasn't Hasbro reused my name? Or even acknowledged my existence for the last 20 years?
Emirate Xaaron

A: It may be because they simply couldn't make a toy for you. You missed the Actionmaster wave. Or Hasbro just doesn't like the idea of an effective and manipulative Autobot.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Who would win in a fight, you or Safeguard?
Carlos, Armada

A: Mph. You've found the one combination I can't answer with my usual sarcasm, or Safeguard will make my life miserable.

Q: Guardian of Time,
You want rid of repeat questions, yes? Can arrange this for a price.
Death's Head

A: It's bad when I'm considering taking up an offer like this. I think my vacation came just in time.

Q: Hey, you,
I really hate the new Transformers series. It's got transforming robots! It's got a planet called Cybertron! It's about a war! This sucks!
Not A Gobot, No, Really, Not From Gobotron At All

A: There is only one way to answer such a missive: by letting Safeguard at it.

Safeguard says:Beep WHEE bip! Beep!

Q: Old Man,
Why hasn't Hasbro reused my name?

A: In your case, I can't think of a good reason why they never used it on a toy. It isn't as if your name is alien, like Xaaron's is.

Q: Hey, VP!
What did I ever do to you?
Hot Shot

A: It depends on which one you are. If you are from Armada, I have no interest in you. If you are from Energon, I rather like you. If you are from Cybertron, blame your fangirls.

Q: Answerer Of Missives,
Are you in any way connected with our horribly convoluted origin stories?
The Constructicons, G1

A: No, thank goodness. I have tried fixing them once or twice, but to no avail.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Why are people asking you questions about the Legascions? I'm the one with a big chunk of my website devoted to them.
Koi Lungfish.
PS. Cancel that, I've seen some of the letters from "Phenonomo's" creator.

A: It's easier to ask me than read through your files, perhaps. But, in the hopes of saving myself work, the Encyclopaedia of Koiverse Fanon - scoll down to the second block.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
There is a Planet of Open-Minded Supermodels. According to Superlink/Energon, each planet has a spark. If a planet has a spark, it must be alive. If it's cyberformed, it could transform.
Does this mean that the Planet of Open-Minded Supermodels could conceivably transform into Supermodelcron?
A Very Worried Planetary Geologist.

A: ... With Primus as my witness, I don't know if that would be terrible or if it would be the best thing ever.

Kickback says: Insert your own, 'eats planets, then throws them up again,' joke.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
After putting our heads together over this one, we have decided to ask some new questions. We'll send them in as soon as we can think of some. In the meantime, thanks for answering all these questions, we sure wouldn't want to get lumbered with your job. Please find enclosed one picture of Arcee in the carwash.
Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime, G1

A: Well, at least some people around here know how to treat their elders. The rest of you take notes.

Q: Vector Prime,
What have you got against cabbages?
Cabbagetron, of the little-known Japanese-only "Vegetable Wars" series [cancelled after three episodes, but we were FANTASTIC dangnabbit!].

A: I'm told they smell bad when they rot. I'm not wired to process organic odours like that. If you have any photographs of Botanica, send them my way.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
We've been hearing rumors that our Targetmaster partners have been moonlighting as Decepticon Targetmasters. Is there any truth to this?
Ricochet and Autofire

A: Hrm. Nightstick gets around, it seems. I find that in your original Japanse release as Stepper, Ricochet, your Targetmaster partner was renamed 'Nebulan'. However, given that Nightstick is a criminal, he might have easily changed names.

Q: May I come in? It's Tukhachevsky the Marshall again!
First of all, I want to explain my previous letter as you asked who am I. What's "October Guard"? If it means RED Guard, then my answer is YES. We are Reds and we are similar to Autobots in many things.
I have NO RELATION with G.I.Joe universe. I lived in real history. Time I lived was quite hard for our country (after WWI, Revolutions, Civil War...) so we needed to buy external technologies from Germany, GB, USA... So you Transformers are not an exception as we want to deal with you too.
And the main thing was that time between WWs was a time of production and practical usage of transforming war machines. USSR used such technologies more widely because of its specific industrial and geographical conditions of that age. As a weaponry chief, I was responsible for choosing such way of development.
And my new question now:
Imagine a weird Autobot who suddenly starts to scream that Decepticons' aggression against Autobots were preventive as Autobots tried to attack Decepticons first. I want to know if such occasions took place in Cybertronean history. And what Autobots do to such persons.
=With my respects, mal. Tukhachevsky M.N.
P.S.: Sorry for such a long letter.

A: The Autobots tend to deal with such people in debate, which while less efficient than just shooting the fellow, is rather more civilised. It could be argued that the Autobots were stifling the Decepticons, but it was through political means rather than an attack.

Q: Dear Vector Prime.
Please help me; I think I'm going insane but I wanted a second opinion; it seems that everyone keeps mistaking me for someone else, and I'm quite convinced that someone is trying to kill me!
- Megaplex.

A: Your problem is that you were designed to be Megatron's body-double so as to confuse his enemies. I thought that such a strategy would be below Megatron's ego, but if you're from Machine Wars, I don't really blame him. He's tiny.

Q: Transformers club is making a repaint of Armada Jet fire as Astrotrain. So, what would you think of Octane being Armada Optimus Prime? And the combined form being Blitzwing? ( The second part is speculation, I promise. )
A: That could be really quite interesting. However, I don't see an Optimus Prime mould painted as anything but Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, or Nemesis Prime.

Q: I have been attempting to compile data on Cybertron's distant past, since Optimus Prime had to unleash the knowledge contained within the Matrix to stop the Hate Plague. Unfortunately, quite a lot of information is contradictory, thus compelling me to get in touch with you. One of the most puzzling things is the precise ranking of the Last Autobot. Is he truly one of the original 13 Firstforged alongside you yourself, Prima and the Liege Maximo?

A: The Last Autobot wasn't identified in the Ultimate Guide as one of the Thirteen, though some believe him to be so. In short, only Furman knows for sure, and even then, I'd bet he doesn't.

Q: Our molds haven't degraded? Is that why I haven't seen any rereleased Stunticons, Predacons or Terrorcons? Come to think of it, I've only ever seen repainted versions of the Seacons and Monster Pretenders. Hm hm. Obviously our design is superior.
Incidentally, thank you for your suggestion concerning Swindle. We uncovered a contract with an organisation called Takara, as well as enough money to take a nice, long vacation. I must remember to shake him down more often. Blast-Off insists he happened to run into an interesting planet populated solely by supermodels or something, so we're off to have a look.
Combaticon Commander Onslaught

A: Come up with a better reason, then. The Stunticons were repainted, but never released except for Breakdown. A set of them was sold on eBay recently in individual auctions for prices that could be best described as 'obscene'. I would rather have a hot tub made of gold-plated money.

Q: Have there ever been any pleasant or noble Decepticons? Seriously pleasant or noble, I mean, not the guys who turn on their bosses because they were betrayed. Sixshot was a nice guy at the end, but I get the feeling if Zarak hadn't tried to blow him up he would've let Menasor squash me.
Daniel Witwicky

A: Given how many Decepticons there have been over the millennia, I'm certain there have been some that are. More often they have 'honour', which in Decepticon terms means they disagree with their leader and go off and do their own things. Some certainly argue that they're noble, but Decepticons see things a little differently than you and I.

Q: Autobot. I'm told you quite obligingly let Motormaster know the way to a planet where he and the Stunticons thrive. If there is one where we Predacons could be just as happy, I might be inclined to not lop off your head if you tell us where it is.

A: I think you would be happiest on Blizzard Planet from the Energon series.

No, wait, putting you there would make me happy.

Q: Hello, Vector Prime. It's been awhile since our last meeting. I've had to change appearance again, but I'm sure you remember my TARDIS.
On a few occasions, I've travelled to worlds where technology has advanced to an extent that humans have given certain robots something called 'Super-AI'. For all intents and purposes, they seem perfectly sentient. They cheer, laugh, mourn, even cry out in pain in combat. One example that comes to mind is a train robot that acted as some sort of super hero ... Might Gaine, I believe. I wonder if you would consider such robots Transformers? Your old friend,
The Doctor

A: They might be transforming robots, but one needs Cybertronian origins to be a Transformer. This also excludes beings such as Diaclones or Beetras and the like.

Q: In some cultures, battle scars are highly regarded as symbols of courage. Does the same apply to Transformers?
Xiahou Dun

A: Scars to a Transformer tend to be a symbol of not keeping up on one's maintenence. Rarely will anyone deliberately keep an injury if there are resources to repair it. It's just common sense to fix any weak points.

Q: I'm puzzled. Not too long ago, I challenged Ultra Magnus to a duel and killed him. I was chased off by the four Cybertron Headmasters, but I could swear I heard him mutter to himself, "This time, they can't blame me for not being able to deal with it now ..." Is this some sort of Autobot death curse?

A: When it comes to Ultra Magnus, it's less a curse and more like swearing.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Short time reader, first time asker. I'm a fan character. I acknowledge this. I am little more than an extention of this person's semi-fractured psyche. I can live with that as well. I, however, am not exactly the biggest fan of being controlled ( or 'directed' as he puts it ) by a human. So I gotta ask ... why would someone canon, such as yourself, allow yourself to work for someone like Wayward? Seriously, there must be SOMETHING you can do to get out of your particular predicament ...
Wolfbane, Autobot field commander.

A: The Autobots from the Cybertron series were all badly human-whipped. Though in my specific case here, Wayward provides maintenance, paint applications, and fan-worship. Those few times I've seen myself in fanfiction, I'm invariably reduced to a poor, confused old man swept along by Very Important Events set in motion by some fan character. I don't even get to provide exposition - I have to ask for it, because obviously, as the Forever Watcher Over Space-Time, I don't know anything. I'm allowed to be powerful and knowledgeable over here. It counts for something.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Have there ever been any serious incidents involving wayward's cat?

A: Sometimes he chews on us ( he prefers Predacon insects ) or tries to kidnap Minicons.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Care to point me in the direction the of Velocitron?
- The Flash (Wally West)

A: That way. Watch out for the big, black truck.

Q: Vector Prime,
Well, I've done it. At great personal risk, I've been able to succesfully capture, on film, the femme's stall at the Oil Bath house involving both Thunderblast and Override, including the wild "incident" that most believe to be rumor, as per your wishes. I trust that the rest of my money shall await me upon delivery of this tape. It has been a pleasure doing bussiness with you.
- Zartan

A: All right, so crossovers with GI Joe don't always end badly for the Transformers.

Q: Shrapnel,
[Having seen a video of Shrapnel's "Victory Dance"]
...Your real friggen' mature, you know that? I mean, seriously, with such an example of rapier-like wit and cultured sophistication, who needs friggen' Spider-man?! Let's just call you up if ever some show of demeaning jackassery is needed!
Still Hating you,
Electro (Earth 616)

A: ... You do realise that Shrapnel takes that all as a compliment, right?

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
How long would the series last if the writers allowed you to get creative with your time control powers?

A: The series would still be fifty-two episodes long. However, it would be fifty-two episodes of me sitting in a hot oil bath, getting a foot massage by a new attractive femmebot every episode. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be would complain that female characters don't sell. This doesn't quite line up with my observations, but perhaps Toronto is special.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I'm Sideswipe, and I'm from the same possible future that Pursuit is from. In case you haven't noticed, me and my sister Sunstreaker are named after two of the Great War Autobots. (Our creator was a history buff.) Anyway, according to the historical records I read, all of the Autobots and Decepticons on Gaea were killed, including the one named Blinky. How did he come back?
PS. Has Ratchet ever threatened to turn any Autobot into a pink hummer? (Smokerider said she'd do that to me once.) Is Ratchet ever polite and over-protective? Also, I don't know about open-minded, but my big sister Sunny is a supermodel. If you answer my questions nicely, I could introduce you to her. Oh yeah, Dreadmoon's cute. If he has some spare time, both me and my sister can go out with him.

A: Blinky claims that love conquers all. So far it seems to work.

PS: Ratchet might have, and he can personable on rare occasions. Dreadmoon, I fear, isn't into your type. He seems to be exclusively into flight-mode Transformers.

Q: Questions for Wayward
1. How can I get a fanfic posted on your site?
2. Do you post sound files? I have a few files of the insecticons and the constructicons speaking Japanese if you do.

A: Wayward says: 1) It has to somehow relate to something I've done. It sounds egotistical, except that I'm the one paying and doing all the work for the site and there's plenty of places to post your stuff for free. Second, I have to really, really like it. This goes beyond not needing to correct any spelling errors. I have to wish I'd done the story first.

2) I don't. I don't know how yet, for one. If I do, it'll be things I found myself. See previous note on 'I pay for the site'.

Q: So, who of the Cybertron series “extras” would you have liked to have seen as figures?
A: Some of the Jungle Planet incidentals looked rather interesting. And, of course, Signal Lancer.

Q: So, with Cybertron coming down, will you still be doing questions? Or will someone from Classics be mugged into it? If so, whom?
A: I'll still be doing questions, with occassional fill-ins whenever I am otherwise unavailable.

Q: Who's going to BotCon for this year's report?
A: Thunderblast. May Primus have mercy on us all.


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