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  September 1st, 2006  

Vector Prime

Movie rumours, leaks, and speculation continue unabated. Nothing new there.

Nothing new on the official page either. It has been a slow week.

Q: Run GRAMMARCHECK.EXE...GRAMMARCHECK failed to initialize.
You Vector Prime,
Me Snarl just looked at tech specs and founded me smarter than Waspinator, Cheetor and Dinobot. What up with that? (Me still too dumb not to use joke that's already been done.) Does that mean me also can do Shakespeare?
Parting is such me Snarl

A: The Beast Wars filecards didn't really line up with the cartoon portrayal of the characters until they got into Transmetal II's. You may do Shakespeare if you wish. It isn't as if anyone can stop a determined Dinobot.

Q: hello, mark here. you know, leader of the scrapmetals and insecticon clones. i am having a big fight with galvatron. i just gave him a full power blast! anyway just tell everyone that i am having a party tonight at unicron's head hotel. let's finish off galvataaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
quick, call red alert and perceptor! i am too wounded to move! power draining. nneeeeeedddd heeellllppp nnnooowwwwwwwwww.
vector prime, good news! after being put in the hospital for 2 days i'll feel better. i am sorry to say you will have to have the party without me.

A: ... How is this a question?

Q: Dear giant alien robot from outer space.
I've heard, that among your kind ( to be more exact - among group called G1 ) there is an individual that claims to be able to exeed speed of sound and to be the fastest of all ground vehicles. And he is also blue. No way I'm going to let it go. Could you pretty please arrange us a race?
Sonic the Hedgehog

A: Ah, yes, that would be Blurr. He seems to be in great demand recently. I will alert him to your interest when he recovers from his jaunt on Velocitron.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What Liege Maximo like before he became a megalomaniac? Or was he always one?

A: He always was one. That used to work in our favour back in the early days, but after he ran out of demons to hunt, Maximo turned his attention to galactic conquest.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Is childhood a state of mind or a state of being for Transformers?

A: It isn't a state we have at all. Some Transformers have additudes and outlooks that seem childlike to humans, though this is no indication of our own life stages. Merely watching G1 tells you that childhoods are something we don't have - the Stunticons and Aerialbots, for example, were created on screen and 'born' adult.

Q: Miscellaneous questions ...
1. How does Shockwave consume energon, if he has no mouth? For that matter, how does Armada Thrust hold things if he has no hands?
2. What was Scorponok's alt-mode back on Cybertron?
3. Can Unicron create a fresh herald, spark and all, from scratch, or does he need to modify an existing spark?
4. Have characters from older continuities ever wanted to smack those who have their name in a newer one?

A: 1) Transformers without mouths, if they lack a mouth under their masks, have fuel ports elsewhere, generally in their sides. And Thrust has hands, they're just unusual. In the cartoon, the cup of the thrusters split into fingers.

2) Which Scorponok? From the question, I'm presuming the Beast Wars version. Wayward thinks he would make a nice backhoe.

3) Unicron has never been shown able to create, only alter. Possibly Sideways from Armada was created from scratch as it was never stated exactly where he came from, but the evidence of other series points towards Unicron lacking powers of spark creation.

4) Given how many counts of name reuse there have been, the odds favour that at least one thinks this way. However, since generally name reuse happens across times or universes instead of at the same time, smackings are rare.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Who the slag’s Gravedigger?
Do you like the new Prime?

A: Gravedigger, if memory serves, was what Scrapper was orginally to be named. In one of the colouring books, Long Haul is called Gravedigger, presumeably because the writer got confused. It also seems to be the name of a fancharacter alternate universe version of Scrapper.

Movie Prime, I'm assuming. I don't know yet - I've only seen pictures of him, not met him.


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