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  August 25th, 2006  

Vector Prime

Watching the forums these days is like riding a roller coaster. One bit of news makes you all positive, the next makes you negative. Lately the drift seems to be more negative than positive, and even this depends on which board one visits. We will see what the next week brings, hm?

The official page hasn't updated.

Q: Fort Max here. I just wanted to ask, how come I've been so neglected in the modern continuities? I mean, I haven't gotten any homage, in body or name, yet we keep seeing more Primes you can shake a dead Unicron head at. Even that pesky Star Saber got a homage, if in name only. Surely being the biggest Transformer toy ever should count for *something*.
Also, why do humans have to sell toys of myself for such insane prices? Surely they'd be happier with a very large widescreen TV instead, which is probably going to cost LESS than a plastic replica of yours truly. Personally I think every Transformer fan should have the right to have representation of myself to stand out in their collection, not just fanboys with way too much income.
And no, I don't have Spike Witwicky stuck in my body somewhere. I don't know what my crazy western counterpart did, but I never binary bonded with a human or even a nebulon. I mean, he ( that other Fort Max, not Spike ) didn't even have a huge sword like I did. Also, what's this thing about 'Church of Primus is a Bastard'? Considering he only GAVE US ALL LIFE and all that jazz, I really can't see how he can be a bastard ...

A: The start and end of all your problems can be summed up in three words: you are huge. This makes it prohibitive to create homages to you - even Cybertron's Metroplex was Leader Class rather than Supreme Class. This is also why you are in demand - for the novelty value of owning a really huge Transformer.

Primus' parents weren't married, were they? No, the 'Primus Is A Bastard' bit refers exclusively to G1 and came about because of the way he acted in the old Marvel series. He claims that he took up residence in an uninhabited asteroid, except that there are survivors of the planet's previous race still existing in the depths of Cybertron. While this is all very well for Transformers, it wasn't so nice to the race he committed genocide on. As well, when Emirate Xaaron asked Primus for help, Primus possessed him, destroying Xaaron's mind. And then his tactics were selfish. But then, Primus created our species for selfish reasons - to protect him from Unicron.

I am grateful for my own existence at Primus' hand, and I pay that by performing my function - protecting his physical form. However, I don't have to pretend that he's nice. Yes, possibly Primus was in a repair cycle of some sort and fully intended to hunt down Unicron later, but from the point of view of anything smaller than a universe, Primus is a bastard that uses is own creations like pawns. The Primus from Transformers: Cybertron, however, is a pleasant enough fellow, and I have no quarrel with him.

Q: Some questions for Kickback.
1. What's the deal with Shrapnel repeating the last word of every sentence, does he do it automatically, or just to be annoying?
2. In G1, during season 2 episode's Dinobot Island parts 1 + 2, why did you eat that fleshlings car, I thought Insecticons ate any/everything.

A: Kickback says: 1) Shrap's got a glitch in his vocaliser. However, he likes it, so he won't let anyone repair it.

2) We weren't in the Dinobot Island episodes. Possibly you're thinking of The Revenge of Bruticus. Anyway, we can eat anything, but we prefer metal and vegetation.

Q: One for Safeguard:
Would you be able to beat Unicrons mini-mini-con, without the aid of biting?

A: Safeguard says: Beedle. Eep beep wheedle bee beep-beep whee. Eedle-beedle wheep wheep bee beedle bip beep bip whee eedle biddle bip beep whee.

Q: And lastly, to Thunderblast:
All the way through Cybertron, did you not notice Ransack taking periodic breaks, using his short stature to his advantage, to stare up the gaps in your chest plate, as does it seem the cameraman did too.

A: Thunderblast says: Of course I noticed. I mean, when you got it, why not flaunt it? At least Ransack understood that while he could look all he wanted, touching wasn't allowed. We lost two cameramen that way, tch.

Q: Hey, Veccy, got some more questions for ya!
1. Thoughts on the new released pics of Megatron?
2. Has Wayward seen Snakes On A Plane yet?
3. Including minicons, how many transformers does Knave have?
4. I'm still missing my Getter figures due to the timestream!!!
PS: Is there any chance Blinky is gonna come back for another go?

A: 1) He looks frightening enough, but a bit generic. It sounds as if this is an early form and that he will become more unique as time passes, however.

2) She hasn't and doesn't plan to. Se reads a lot of horror, but isn't fond of scary movies.

3) A quick count of his shelves comes up to about thirty, not including the Combaticon and Aerialbot knock-offs. However, he has no Minicons at all.

4) Onslaught is being stubborn. But when he finally returns them, you'll never notice they were missing.

PS: On the column? Probably. Blinky cannot be predicted, merely endured.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
As new photos and images have been revealed for the designs of the Transformers in the upcoming movie, what is you're opinion of them, as a senior Transformer? Yay? Nay? Don't care? Too busy fortifying the website against any enraged fans who decide to use the forum as a medium for thier complaints to answer the question at the time?

A: Some of the warbreed from the earliest days when demons still roamed freely looked rather like Megatron does. More spikes, though. So these transtechnorganic designs that are new to you aren't particularly new to me. In general, I can't bring myself to get terribly emotional about the new movie - I live my life in epochs, not years, and this barely registers. Besides, I won't be in it.

Q: Vector Prime,
Transformers KISS ...
.... why, just ... why?

A: Because someone thinks it will make money.

Q: Vector Prime,
We are willing to negotiate the terms of your banishment. Give us Safeguard for but a few nights, and all will be forgiven.
The High Council of the Planet of Open-Minded Supermodels

A: ... Grumble, Safeguard always gets more play than I do, grumble, mutter ...

Q: Vector Prime,
How did the rest of the Autobots take Prime's conversion to Judaism?

A: They generally shrugged and accepted it. People don't tend to question Optimus Prime.

Q: Why do there exist people who use bad spelling and punctuation?
A: Because there exist people who can't spell and/or don't proofread.

Q: Hey, old coot.
What's dis thang we've been hearin' 'bout Devastator makin' buildin' foundations outta us? Are you da one who told Pursuit 'bout da honey and packin' peanuts? Cuz if you are, expect ta be squashed by a giant gestalt.
Gravedigger, leader of the Buildbots.

A: I don't rearrange the order of e-mails I get, save when we do a comic for it. I have nothing to do with this message appearing right after the one about spelling. To continue with the previous, sometimes people like to write out their accents.


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