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  August 4th, 2006  

Vector Prime

The official page hasn't updated. Given the kinds of questions I get, I'm not surprised. But then, this is the fellow who thinks that "How many Transformers were there in Transformers Cybertron?" is a good question. Take off your socks and count them yourself!

Q: Something about Beast Machines bothered me, besides the obvious. At least in some of the Transformers continuities Cybertron was the alt mode of Primus, who could still transform, like Unicron, if he felt so inclined. So now that he's reformatted is he still able to transform? I'm assuming not due to the fact that a noticeable portion of him is likely garden variety dirt that would crumble off and drift away on the solar winds. If nothing else the loss of atmosphere that would result would kill the Cybertronians that dwell on him. Also, it was the will of the Matrix to do this, not Primus, is the Matrix working against him or did he just do something to really piss it/them off?
A: A 'noticeable portion'? Were your Earth itself to be melted down, one would end up with a ball of slightly impure iron. Cybertron, even technorganic Cybertron, would have so little dirt as to be negligable. As well, Cybertron's structure is odd compared to other planets, because it was built up on itself. When one comes right down to it, Cybertron is mostly empty space, layers of dead cities built up over one another. Cybertron's relatively minute natural gravity is augmented with generators - these also serve to keep the inner layers from collapsing in on themselves. Since even techorganic Cybertron is an unnatural planet, the gravity and atmosphere would be maintained even if Primus transformed.

As well, it was not the will of the Matrix, but that of the Oracle.

Q: Oy, Veccy! Got some questions for ya!
1. How many Transformers are there in Waywards apartment? Including Minicons?
2. If there was corporate advetising on the new movie *The Xbox Transformer rumor comes to mind* how would you react? How would Safeguard react? How would Wayward react?
3. Does Wayward have anymore plans with the Toxic Pirate Crew of NMI?
PS: I think there maybe something wrong with the timestream ... I'm missing my Getter figures.
PPS: Tell Safeguard that the guy that went "Boop" in his LJ was a Metool looking for a friend.

A: 1) At last count, Wayward's collection, including Minicons and custom repaints, was 224. This doesn't include Knave's collection or knock-offs.

2) Wayward is all for corporate advertising if it puts really weird products on the market, such as the legendary Optimus Prime Oral Care Station. She won't buy most of it, but she likes it to exist. Mostly she's hoping for more colouring books, the more lunatic the better. We're talking 'Gears selling potatoes' levels of strange. Me, I will simply continue to report on it. Safeguard is hoping they will do underoos in Size Robot.

3) The Insecticomics/Twisted Kaiju Theatre crossover started yesterday and will run until Tuesday. Aside from stopping by the message boards every so often, that's all she's got planned with that crew.

PS) I'll have a talk with Onslaught.

PPS) All right.

Q: Vector Prime!
What is this I hear about a Church Of I Am A Bastard?

A: Erm ... nothing, Creator.

Q: Hey, old coot,
When's there gonna be a Beast Wars Kiss series?
Quickstrike, BW

A: Given that Kiss is a part of the Binaltech line, it is about giving real-world alt-forms to Transformers. A snake/scorpion hybrid doesn't quite rate.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
Does Pepsi Prime really run on Pepsi instead of energon? If so, could this be the secret method the Quintessons used to resurrected him in my time?
Rodimus Prime, G1
P.S. Why does everyone think I'm an incompetent whiner?

A: Pepsi Prime is a strange, strange person. But then, the Insecticons live on pudding and candy wrappers and Blinky claims to live on love, so things could be stranger. I have heard that Pepsi brings back dead ancestors, but I think that was a mistranslation.

PS: Didn't you ask this already?

Q: Autobot!
Re: Nerf Guns, etc.
But my new altmode is sheer brilliance! In this era of paranoid security, I'd have no chance at all of sneaking anywhere in gun-mode, but with this safe, anodyne Nerfoid mode, I'll be the very model of conspicuous harmlessness! Nobody will think I'm a threat until far too late! My enemies will constantly underestimate me! This is utter genius!
Classics Megatron

A: I'm glad that someone appreciates this. I just wish it wasn't you.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Ever since that parcel from you arrived, Override has been hiding in his room, singing "I Feel Pretty" and other such songs. What's the deal?
Backstreet, G1

A: It means that the cross-dimensional postal system has some explaining to do and you have a very strange friend.

Q: You! Autobot!
How do we get to Speed Planet? We're bored.
Stunticons, G1

A: ... That could possibly be the best intramythos crossover ever. I demand someone write this. And by 'write this', I mean 'write this well.'

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Your speech last week was excellent, but we feel we must request recompense for the, ah, small trouble. Please find enclosed one bill for the damages caused by your Minicon. Please do not bring him again.
Yours sincerely, BW Scourge

A: ... I can't take him anywhere.

Q: Autobot!
What is this lunacy suggesting I ally myself with that snivelling fop, Liege Fabulo? Isn't he dead?
Galvatron, G1

A: In your continuity, he's dead. I'm surprised you've even heard of him. The local version is alive, but seems happy to stay on his shelf and pose.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Why do only the boatcons these days have great legs?
Yours unhappily, Hot Shot
P.S. Please don't mention my twin brother again. I'm don't want the others to find out about him and his bikini thing. It's embarassing.

A: 'Yours'? What if I don't want you?

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
If you won't go forward in time and tell us about the movie, will you go forward in time and tell us what the fanboys are going to say about it? I want to set up the base's anti-whining defences in advance.
Red Alert, G1

A: It won't be a live-action adaptation of More Than Meets The Eye, reproduced exactly right down to the animation errors. Prepare for the worst.

Q: Vector Prime,
Please ask Skyfire to stop calling Starscream. The sneaky git swapped his comm frequency with mine, I can't sleep for the phone going, and if I have to listen to another of Skyfire's answering-phone messages I may develop diabetes.
Oiler, G1

A: You could take up blackmail.

Q: So, your ruler of all space and time, right? So, why can't you create another time that you control, and is in no other way tied to this universe other than you?
A: No, no, I'm not the ruler of all space and time, just the Guardian of Time. I shout at Vok and try to sort out continuities. I cannot create time, only bend it a little.

Q: Why did Shin-Goji, and come to think of it, Airazor, come in such huge boxes?
A: The box shown in Insecticomic #136 wasn't the one Shin-Goji actually arrived in, it was just the only one we happened to have on-hand at the time of filming. In terms of visuals, it was to make the reader expect a large Godzilla to come stomping out. The box Airazor and Rattrap are shown to have arrived in was the actual box they arrived in. Presumeably the seller just wanted plenty of space for packing peanuts, or merely had nothing smaller available.

Q: Why is Shortround buying off eBay instead of trailing Thunderblast?
A: Shortround, like most people, doesn't spend all his time doing just one thing.

Q: And where are the Insecticomics taunting Shortround's name?
A: If you mean calling him 'Shorty', that will happen in episode #140. If you mean Indiana Jones jokes, they've been done by everybody ever since Shortround was in pre-production, so why bother? Besides, when one lives with someone named 'Shot Hole', 'Shortround' is rather dull by comparison.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
Just saw Shin-Goji with the Insecticomics crew hope he does not drive you all mad with lemon-sours and all that. Now for the questions.
Q1 Crossovers: how do you deal with them?
Q2 Robotech: have you had to deal with that time line?
and Q3 What safety concerns will I have to deal with when opening space-time portals?
General Hawk

A: 1) I generally ignore them. I have enough trouble keeping track of the Transformers to bother with other universes.

2) I haven't yet, beyond noticing that some versions of Jetfire look something like a Robotech ship.

3) Space-time should be left absolutely alone. I wouldn't need to fix things if people would just stop messing with the timestream.

And, one final question:


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