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  August 11th, 2006  

Vector Prime

The official page hasn't updated. As if you needed a magic eight-ball to tell you that.

Q: vector prime,
I know why the liege fabulo is evil.
i was working on liege phenomono when i left. then, through the security camera i saw alternators shockblast come in to the working room. he changed phenomono's coding but could not alter it to decepticon coding.
now i am leaving to get revenge on galvatron.
i will termenate him!!

Q: dear vector prime,
if you would like to get more information about different ways to defeat the legascions, you can come to Room 312 unicron's head hotel (i have a special override suite for her and you) orbit, earth 76028
p.s. I own the unicron's head hotel. Your stay is on the house.

A: While the locals are flattered that you take such an interest in them, they are feeling a bit stalked and uncomfortable. Why don't you write yourself some fanfiction?

Q: Couple of Questions for you Vector Prime.
1. I know I was at Point Omega, But I did not see you there. Did I simply miss you in the merger of all the timelines for the event?
2. How many of the other Firstforged were in the fight at Point Omega?
3. How exactly did you and Safeguard meet the first time?
Apelinq, Squad Commander of The Wreckers

A: 1) I wasn't there. With the Chronarchitect in attendance, my presence would have been redundant. That and I haven't got the power to merge all timelines. Skyfire would only have one origin if I could.

2) None of us were. The Covenant are kin to us, but they are not the Thirteen Firstforged.

3) I created him.

Q: Vector Prime -
I am attempting to settle a bet with Sideways. Do you think I would make a capable Decepticon leader?
- Armada Thrust
P.S: How do I make the Squidhead jokes go away?

A: You as leader? Not really. Temporarily, perhaps. You would do better in a second-in-command or advisor position. Preferably far away from Sideways, because your anti-virus protection isn't quite up to dealing with him. As to 'squidhead', you are doomed forever. Even if you got an upgrade with a different helm, you would be stuck with it. Such is the power of fangirls.

Q: What would happen if Blinky encountered 'suggestive materials'? Would he faint or would he simply not understand what was going on?
A: He understands, but his reaction depends on how suggestive the materials are. Innuendo makes him go all prim and huffy and insist that he doesn't understand and doesn't want to. Something truly raunchy would make him faint. He's rather like a stereotypical maiden aunt in some ways.

Q: So ... why DOES Cybertron Soundwave say things like "He got served," and "Peace out, bots"?
A: If Blinky is like your elderly maiden aunt, Soundwave is like your father trying too hard to be cool. Come to think of it, someone's father trying too hard to be cool would explain those places where song lyrics were painfully shoehorned into the dialogue. But not Wayward's father, who thought the shoehorned song lyrics were lame.

Q: Vector Prime,
Why are you always so defensive about your age? With as old as you claim to be, you still look rather cute. Why worry about age? I, as many women do ( femme bots probably do too! ) find older men quite attractive.
Now on to my real question!
How many types of knockoffs of Transformer bots are actually out there and how do you spot them?
With as many trips as I've made to Mexico, I'd rather not waste my money on a cheap imitation!
Much love to you, you cranky ( cute ) old geezer :)

A: I'm not defensive about my age. It's that people kept asking it on the official site despite the question being answered a few times already. Also, it's a rather complicated question to answer. Since I spend most of my life time-travelling, the actual number of years I have spent in existence exceeds the number that Cybertron itself has existed, despite the fact that Cybertron was created long before I was.

It would likely take that amount of time again to list all the Transformers knock-offs out there. The easiest way to tell at a glance is by packaging - knock-offs are generally found on sloppy-looking blister cards with art that doesn't match the toy, bad translations on the back if there's any writing at all, and the name will be 'TransFormables' or 'Transform Robot' or 'Robo Changer' or some other variation on the word 'Transformers'. Out of package, knock-offs are generally made of flimsier plastic and their joints and such are poorly put together. They also tend to lack Hasbro/Takara trademark stamps. However, these are not guarenteed ways of spotting fakes.

Not to say that all knock-offs are poorly done. Four Star did some quite nice ones. While by no means a definitive list, you might enjoy looking through the Generation One knock-offs page at the Super Toy Archive.


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