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  July 14th, 2006  

Vector Prime

Life has returned to normal - the official page hasn't updated.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
this is a return message from the Legascion E-mail I hacked:
From Galvatron
To Liege Fabulo
I really think we should join forces to combat the Autobots.
And would you get the Splash Team off my dresser?
Please meat me in Unicron's head.

Q: give this one to Safegaurd
From Accumulator
To Safegaurd
beepbeedlebeepbeepbeepbeepbeepBEEP!!!!sizzle sizzlesizzleBOOM!!! translation: I am overiding my Legascion programming so we can be friends. OH NO! sizzlesizzlesizzle KA-BLEWY!!!!!

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
The reason I am able to keep in contact with the Legascions is because I helped build Liege Phenonomo. but when the Legascions began attacking the Autobots, I defected to the Autobots.I am the only human to be on the Legascion's side, but not any more.

A: Ah, but this calls your entire story into question. You had me going there for a little while with Fabulo's horrible spelling, but now you've erred. The Legascions are based on the Liege from G2. Quite apart from the fact that they have a long history of completely obliterating all organic life they encounter, quite apart from the fact that Phenomeno was created several million years ago, they do not build new troops.

Q: Dear Vector Prime:
1: Will we see that Armada Skywarp ( the one who assisted in kidnapping you ) more often?
2: Does he still have his power over time, or was it removed like a zit or something?
3: Surely you're aware of this silly girl's product known as Friendchips, which resemble Cyber keys only..."Flowery", If a transformer were to use one of these instead of a cyber key, would there be any unusual side effects?

A: 1) Maybe. It depends on if Megatron needs a teleporter again.

2) He's still a teleporter with gate abilities. He never had time powers.

3) They are even sillier than Cyber Keys. For those who don't know, Friendchips are basically a way of passing notes, only it requires a little handheld device and plastic chips instead of the much lighter, faster, and generally more useful pencil and paper. Or, say, just talking to the other person, since they're right there. If a Transformer used one of these instead of a Cyber Key, he would not get a power up, but a message. Possibly he would speak in chat-speak until the chip wore off.

Q: Vector Prime,
1. How do you think the new TF movie will turn out?
2. Where did Plug 'n' Play go after the site came back up? I miss it so!
3. In the Photocomics, doesn't Dreadmoon like Starscream's kids just a little bit? C'mon, they're cute.
4. Would you ever join the Decepticons? Or the Insecticons?
5. I work at Subway and get a sandwich each day. You answer questions all day. What do you get out of it?
A Giant Rubber Ducky of DEWM

A: 1) It will look spectacular and have big explosions. Whether the story will be any good is unknown at this time, but I'm keeping my expectations low.

2) It no longer exists on the Internet. Wayward got tired of people claiming she hated them because she didn't come to them and ask if she could post their story, despite the fact that there was a submission guide right there. However, you might enjoy Transformers Porn I Want To See, which has a better sense of humour and similiar biases. 'Similar biases' meaning, 'generally not stuff you'd count as porn'. ( My next prediction is that this site's hit-count just went up due to the phrase 'Transformers porn'. )

3) Dreadmoon is of the Mega size class and the shape of his chest means he can't see his feet. He finds it hard to like beings he's always tripping over.

4) I used to work with Decepticons, back in the days when all Cybertronians were on the same side. I suppose I could work with them again if the situation called for it. However, I can never be a Decepticon. I only work with the Insecticons because they came with the website.

5) I've answered this. I get a hot tub. Originally I was going to get swimsuit models as well, but that turned out to be the Insecticons in bikinis, so I stuck with just the hot tub.

Q: Dear Most Awesome Transformer Ever To Smack Around Optimus,
I wish to give you intense kudos on your response to A Loyal Fan in last week's installment of your fine column. I think your response perfectly analyzed the depressing ( though by no means hopeless ) circumstances relating to supposedly gender-specific interests as only one with wisdom enduring eons could. In fact, I liked it so much I'm actually going to ask you a question relevant to Transformers!
Is there/can there be any compatibility between the Quintesson creation legends and the Primus creation legends? ( To be more specific, I am wondering things like if Primus permitted the Quintessons to dwell on Cybertron for a time, whether the Quintessons could make living beings by themselves, what the relationship could be between Primus and Vector Sigma, et cetera. )
Sorry if I give you a headache. I have to concern myself with who's going to turn good and fall in love with who and when and it gives me one.

A: It is possible for Primus and Quintessons to coexist. There are various ways to claim it. Claiming that Primus used the Quintessons as his intruments of creation is the way that lets them both count as the creators of the Transformer species. Or one could say that Primus created the Transformers and the Quintessons later invaded. Or one could say that the Quintessons created the Transformers, whose belief then created Primus, if one is in a Discworld mood.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
Q 1 How confusing does it get when travel through the time stream?
Q 2 And have you dealt with Pokemon?
Snake Eyes

A: Why would a ninja care about Pokemon? Anyway, I don't find time travel confusing, per se. I work ... I suppose 'instinctively' is the closest word. I simply know what needs to be done. However, when I sit down and try to think about it, then I get confused. As to Pokemon, Six-Speed and Reverb once snuck off to that universe and caused trouble until I bailed them out.


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