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  July 21st, 2006  

Vector Prime

The official page hasn't updated. None of you noticed, of course. You were all too busy looking at pictures from the San Diego Comic Con and arguing about the pros and cons of the new Titaniums.

Oh, and squealing over that whole 'Peter Cullen confirmed as Optimus Prime in the new movie' thing. I could hear you from up here. Go change your pants.

As for me, this is issue fifty of my answer column. To be honest, the Insecticons never expected it to last this long. Even the magic eight-ball is surprised when new questions come in each week. It's good to know that humans will listen to me, even if my fellow Autobots don't.

At least not until I change time to prove the situation is serious. Bah.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
We are all concerned about our titles as the first gestalts/combiner groups. One of the Technobots had discovered there is an even older mech that predates Transformers AND lays claim to being the first gestalt. All of us are concerned and the fans are learning of this every day!
Would it be wise if we can just ask you to warp us to the late 70's, Earth time and teach this "Getter Robo" a thing or two on combiners?
G1 Onslaught

A: The Getter Robos live in an entirely different universe. Just because humans discovered them first means nothing if we're fourth-walling it - Transformer combiners have been around for the last nine million years or so.

Q: What did Six-Speed and Reverb do in the universe of Pokemon?
And has anyone ever mistaken Dreadmoon ( in the Insecticomics or art, or even in the fics if they were being particulary unobservant ) for a female?

A: 1) They put on human clothing, declared themseves to be 'Team Awesome', and entered a Pokemon fighting competition. They came in last.

2) It had happened at least once early in his existence by someone who had only seen a picture. Also, as an experiment, he was written female in one story just to see how it looked. It has since been taken down and he doesn't like to talk about it.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What is my purpose in life? Will I ever do anything besides being a door into Trypticon? Six-Gun, Scamper, and Slammer are shown seperate from Metroplex, and the first two even got lines, but Brunt and I are only shown as part of Trypticon.

A: Looking through my notes, you seemed to be doomed to a life of being unknown. You're only ever mentioned as 'also included with Typticon', and even then, not often.

Q: Q(1): Even though Transformers may not have 'teeth', would one still need to clean the oral cavity if debris got in there? Or 'bugs'?
Q(2): If so, whould one use some kind of brush for the job?
Q(3): Since Megatron turns into a gun in G1, would his sneeze be a potential weapon?
Q(4): What about Shockwave?
Q(5): Since you are the Guardian of Time, do you know how to set a VCR?
Q(6): Why are energon cubes 'cubes'? What benefits and complications could occour if they were the shape of pyramids or cylinders?

A: 1) Presumeably.

2) Possibly. Or a vacuum of some sort or a kind of acid.

3) Not unless he's in the habit of sneezing through his arm or his back.

4) Given that his gunbarrel vanishes in robot-mode, no.

5) I could if one were scaled to my size. I tend to leave such things to Safeguard and his tiny fingers.

6) Energon containers would be a nuisance to store if they were other shapes. Given that energon can get explosive, one tends to prefer a form that can be stored tightly with little chance of toppling.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
I'm a longtime reader of the Insecticomics from my dimension ( In NZ actually. ) So I'm just wanting to ask a few questions about the characters.
1: Does G1 Starscream in the apartments consider all the Minicons there as his children from the earlier Insecticomics or have they all become troops for his brigade?
2: Out of curiousity, is Wayward ever gonna get Crumplezone for Ransack for the twosome or just leave him with Tidal Wave?
3: How many femmebots actually live in the apartment?
Hope to see more in the future,
Starscream the great of the NZ dimension

A: 1) Not all the Minicons, just the jet and boat ones. And they're both children and troops. Decepticons do that sort of thing.

2) Dark Crumplezone actually moved in a few weeks ago, he just hasn't appeared in the comic yet.

3) Officially, six. Unofficially, eighteen. Six otherwise male characters were declared female, two repaints, and four Insectiknockoffs. This does not include any of the repaints for sale.

Q: Was Red Alert ( G1 ) always a paranoid spaz, or was it a gradual process?
A: It was a gradual process, caused by fans who forget that Red Alert was only being a paranoid spaz in Auto Berserk because he was having circuit problems. Red Alert is an intelligent and competant officer whose job is to expect the worst and prepare for it. People always forget this.

Q: Here's the thing: I have Starscream, bound and gagged, in my garage. I plan to sell him to his fangirls. How much money do you think I can bilk out them ( collectivelly ) for the purchase of Starscream?
A: Which Starscream? G1 Starscream fans are older and thus have jobs and disposeable income. Armada Starscream fangirls are young teenagers who aren't really princesses and thus have no money.

Q: What was the worst incident involving you and another transtemporal entity?
A: It involved three Vok, a beach umbrella, and a can of mixed nuts. I don't care to go into detail.

Q: Mtl Abominatns. Plnet Cyberrtron rightfly OURSS! You interloprs, prtenders to the wrld! Leave, ur perish!
- the demons

A: Go play with the Transorganics.

Q: What do you think of G1 Prime's voice being in the new movie?
A: As much as I rag on G1 and its more rabid fans, I am pleased that Peter Cullen got the role. He's a talented voice actor. Casting him as Optimus Prime might also help bridge the nostalgia gap - the form may be different, but with Cullen's voice, it may be more accepted.


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