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  June 23rd, 2006  

Vector Prime

The official site didn't update again. Hrm, is there other news to share this week? The most exciting things seem to be my not hardly shiny enough repaint and the hope of beast Minicon moulds. If Terrorsaur does turn out to be a miniature pterodactyl, that sound you hear will be Wayward squeeing.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Nebulon Rebel Leader Gort = Pure Awesome
Agree or disagree?

A: He loses some awesome points for having a name like something the Swedish Chef would say.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I have a few questions that really puzzle me.
1) Who would win in a fight, you or Mecha Godzilla?
2) Will I ever find a complete Fortress Maximus Figure that goes for less than $500US?
3) Why haven't any transformers been included in any Super Robot Wars Games?
Thank you for your time and patience,
from a new fan

A: 1) Me. Because I have time powers, and because it's me answering the question. Unless it is my cartoon counterpart, who could be defeated by, oh, a determined muskrat with a water pistol.

2) Not in this lifetime. Hope for reincarnation.

3) Because a division of Bandai makes the games, and Bandai is HasTak's mortal enemy.

Q: Yo there, Ancient One!
Due to heavy offense those Transglobal people have been throwing at us I wasn't able to write you for a while.
So, after reading "In Space ..." yesterday I started to wonder - how many Minicons are there in your apartament and how many of them are bootlegs/knock-offs?

A: At time of writing, there are eighty-four Minicons in the apartment. Only six of them are bootlegs and seven are custom repaints.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Seeing as you are the Guardian of Time, have you ever met the hero of time, Link from the Legend of Zelda series?

A: Oh, yes. Odd pluralistic entities like him always come to my attention eventually.

Q: Dear Venerable One,
Why does almost EVERYONE enjoy taking potshots at me?
- Optimus Prime

A: As a faction commander and a Leader class figure, you make a nice, big target.

If you are referring to the time I, ahem, knocked you out of a self-pity jag, take off - people cheered.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Theoretically, would it not be possible to reverse engineer Transformers like, say, Skywarp, and discover the secrets behind thier special abilities? Think of the benefits to the Decepticon armada if we were to apply these abilites to ALL our warriors! True, we would lose some very fine soldiers, but you can't make and omelette without breaking a few eggs, right? Does my theory hold any ground?
- Ambitious Young Decepticon

A: The fact that nobody's done this probably means it can't happen. Reference Heavy Metal War - the Decepticons didn't duplicate their power chip rectifiers, they gave them up. Presumeably this means they cannot be mass-produced. Possibly only Vector Sigma can create the things, and it doesn't want to.

Q: Recently, my domain has come under several attempted raids by Decepticons. At first it was humorous to send them scattering, but now it has become an annoyance. What is the best method for keeping them away permenantly? Killing them outright, or doing something completly unspeakable to one, as a message to the others?
- Dr. Doom

A: I hear that fire retardant foam works wonders. Spray some at them next time and see what happens.

Q: Why do the words "Trademark Retention" mean nothing to some people?
A: Because people like to complain and hauling out the old, "How dare they reuse this name?" or "How dare they change that name?" takes minimal effort.

Q: Why does my life suck so much?
- Cybertron Thundercracker

A: The writers don't like you. Or because your life hasn't got enough spotlights in it. You seemed to do unnervingly well when given a spotlight to play with.

Q: Please do not change the time line just so you can win a poker game. You know the rules if one of us does does so he will be delt with as we agreed in the rules. You must give us the money and dress up like a girl. If you do not do this Shrapnel and the other Insecticons get to play one and only one prank and the bot or Vok or Quintesson that is one the reciveing end must not try and get them back for at lest seven days. If you keep doing this you will be banded from the game for six weeks and made to dance in said dress Thank You.
Also a quick few Questions have you ever met Dogbert or have you met Strong Bad
Thanks your Fellow Poker Players

A: Please refrain from sending the same rant every week. If you're hoping for a free Insecticomic, it doesn't work like that. And hasn't it occurred to you lot that if I changed time, you'd never know I did it?

As to the questions, no and no.

Q: What would the Autobots think if Dead End was in scale to Unicron, as Safeguard is to you?
A: "Aaagh! It is a moon-sized hairdryer!" Unless he was scaled to that new Deluxe-class tank Unicron, whereupon he's just a normal-sized hairdryer. Presumeably for use on people with furry beast-modes.

Q: What would Primus' Minicon be?
A: I suppose 'a moon' would be cheating, as that's what Dead End is, and because Primus would stick an energy chain to his aft and use him to smash Decepticons. All the characters I can think of who would make a suitible sidekick to Primus - such as Prima or Xaaron - deserve a full-sized toy, not just a Minicon. If Hasbro wanted to cheat, I'd say they ought do a repaint of Dead End in translucent orange plastic and declare him to be Vector Sigma. Or, better yet, cover him in mirrors and call him Groovinator. ( On that note, Wayward was unable to find a loose Dead End for that purpose at TFCon. We shall see what BotCon brings. )

Q: Are the pics in your window on your page only changed once when they go to history or changed several times?
A: The archived pages get a picture when they're first archived and then stay that way forever. My 'hand me those letters' picture on my main page was only updated once so far, and it changes if someone else answers the questions that week.

Q: Would Wayward mind if I reference her in a Psychiatrist segment?
A: Probably not. What's a Psychiatrist segment and why don't you ask her?


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