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  June 30th, 2006  

Vector Prime

The official site didn't update again. But nobody noticed, because they were all hypnotised by this. Checking the boards, fan response seems mostly positive except for a few who think that the Transformers will be native to Mars.

( Picture lifted from the Japanese Image Board. )

Q: So, does Safeguard know about you and Sideways's love-child here?
A: No! I mean, he's not mine. He belongs to Sideways and Wing Sabre.

Q: Dear Saint-Seiya-looking Prime,
1) What would I give to live where you are?
2) What would I pay to stay here beside you?
3) What would I do to see you smiling at me?
4) Where would we walk?
5) Where we run?
6) If we could stay all day in the sun ( just you and me )?
7) If I could be part of your world?
The Vok ( we encountered some intriguing organics ( as well as a non-evil 'Tron' ) in our crusade against the Heartless )
P.P.S. Is it just us or is the Kingdom Hearts series the result of a horrible crossover fanfic given life and therefore awesomeness?

A: 1) Space is what you would give up. This apartment is small, even after we scaled ourselves down for the infiltration of the Earth.

2) You could do the dishes. Wayward's always looking for ways to get out of the chore.

3) I don't know. Explode, probably.

4) You can't walk. You hover.

5) And here you hover quickly.

6) My Minicon insists on coming along.

7) You would be shrunk down to perhaps four inches tall and the cat would nibble your tendrils.

P.P.S. I tend to find horrible crossover fanfics given life are just plain horrible. If Kingdom Hearts is good, it must have had some other origin. Yes, I skipped one of your questions. Ask again in a year.

Q: Dear Vector Primesicle,
A) If you're so into the Override/Thunderblast combo, why don't you just use your time/whateverthescrap powers and have them make out with impunity for your enjoyment? You pull pranks on the Insecticons all the time, why not with the lovely ladies? Or are you holding out because Primus will rip you a new one?
B) You should turn human again for a little while. Because humans have food, and food is good. You might be a lot less grumpy if you had a mint-chip milkshake. Maybe even slightly hyper. And imagine the shock to all those you would love to see stop dead in their tracks and gape from said shock.
C) If you need new pickup lines, as Safeguard seems to think you do, I think I can hook you up ... what say you? Like Blinky says, all you need is love!
*runs up, hugs Vector Prime, and runs off*

A: A fangirl! I have a fangirl! Welcome to the exclusive club. If you don't write terrible fanfiction about me, you may stay.

A) Ah, but therein lies the difference. I will bother the Insecticons because I don't like them. Since I am fond of Override and Thunderblast and since I am not a schoolboy with a crush, I will not show my affection with pranks.

B) The state of hyper is not a good one for one with power such as mine. I wouldn't want to disrupt the destiny of a planet simply because I was having a sugar rush.

C) Safeguard also sees no double-standard in flirting with the full-sized lady Transformers I would like to date while throwing fits if I so much look at another Minicon. While he is my partner and I respect his feelings and opinions, there are some things he gets no say in, and one of them is my love-life.

Q: dear silly old man!
alright! i insist that you stop this right now! its silly! it started out as a nice idea about an old transformer answering questions from people, but now its just got silly!

A: And now for something completely different ...

Q: 1. Why did Wayward begin the Insecticomics?
2. Where does she get her inspiration?
3. What is the appeal of the Minicons?
4. Why has Dreadmoon not simply put a few dozen in a sack and tossed them in a toilet, in order to decrease the surplus population?
5. Are Minicons edible?

A: 1) Because she felt like it. That's the answer for why Wayward does anything, really.

2) Generally from just playing with the toys. Once in a while a bit of real life will come in, but it's the part of her life that has to do with collecting Transformers toys.

3) Collectability. You can have twice as many Minicons as full-sizers and they still take up less space.

4) It would clog the plumbing.

5) They claim not, though sometimes the cat tries to chew them a bit.

Q: Ok, here are some more questions for Vector Prime.
1. I have got to ask, what is G1 Megatron thinking when it comes to his choice in new recruits? When a human with anger control issues gets his brain put into a non-transforming mix-and-match Autobot body, Megatron jumps at the chance to make him a member. When 4/5ths of a gestalt team wants to join the Decepticons in a move that would tip both air superiority and giant robot superiority in his favor, he turns it down and sends them back in time instead. What was he thinking?
2. Do Bombshell and Skywarp ever get into arguments over who will become Cyclonus or do they just save that for the crazy fans?
3. BW Megatron didn't seem to like his Predacons too much but he likes his rubber duckie. Would he like his Predacons better if they had a duck for their beast mode?

A: 1) I think he flips a coin. He can't be using a magic eight-ball, or he would have won a long time ago.

2) Bombshell and Skywarp don't really care, given that they won't be around to enjoy it. Generally, the Cyclonus Must Be Skywarp people claim that Unicron is listing them from right to left for no adequately explored reason. By that logic, Sharpnel is Scourge, which actually can be argued makes sense if Scourge clones off new Sweeps. However, when you come right down to it, since Cyclonus and Scourge are nothing like any of the ones they could have been made from, who cares? People only argue passionately that Cyclonus Must Be Skywarp because they can't stand the thought of an Insecticon becoming anyone important.

3) I think he should have cloned Duckie instead of Dinobot in Double Dinobot and he absolutely should have put Duckie in the Transmetal II device in Feral Scream so he would have ended up with Duckiebot instead of that Borg Dinobot person.

And, from the same person as above:

Q: The final question is one a Vehicon wanted me to send in. Don't ask me why he didn't ask you directly, other than the fact you are likely to fight and destroy him ... that or embarrassment over going to an Autobot for help ...
"Hey, this is Thrust here. The cool brooding loner guy. I am looking for relationship advice. I met this crazy spider chick, and at first she seemed to be okay - after all it seemed we both shared a past - and, heck, when the last girl on Cybertron chooses you it has to mean something. But there is a problem: this girl is crazy. She keeps trying to drag me on a painful trip down memory lane and seems to think I am someone I am not. It makes me uncomfortable and she won't take no for an answer. I think she is stalking me. Can you give me advice on how to drop a crazy Maximal chick. Yes, I did try the Vehicon way and shooting at her does NOT dissuade her. - Thrust"

A: Try talking with a twang and calling her 'sugarbot'. You might get slapped, but she'll stop chasing you.

Q: In Find your Fate - what does Duckie think of Megatron being an owl?
A: It pleases Duckie that his master has become a fellow bird, but is upset that Megatron can no longer take baths.

Q: Are there plans to go to BotCon '06?
A: Wayward will certainly be there, spending most of her time behind a dealer table.

Q: In the last panel of Insecticomics #121, who's the mech next to Tarantulas, behind Meg's weapon?
A: That would be Scourge the locust, who lives here but tends to stay out of sight.

Q: Also, where can I find what happened in G2 as referenced by Evac?
A: You can find it in the Transformers G2 comic, specifically issue #11, page 21.


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