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  June 16th, 2006  

Vector Prime

The official site didn't update again, which is probably Wayward's fault with all her, "Classics Monstructor - do it!" e-mails.

Oh, all right, she only did that once.

Q: Have you become the new Strong Bad?
A: No. You will note the lack of boxing gloves and fans.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
A while ago, on Dutch television, there was a commercial where a company specialised in desserts had people from all over the world praise its various puddings, basically claiming it was the best pudding on Earth. How long before the Netherlands can expect, well, a plague of Insecticons*? _ And in such an event, what can be done about it?
( *Not the episode, but an actual plague of Insecticons. )

A: Well, now that you've told them about it, they'll be there in about twenty minutes. I suggest you call the Autobots and tell them that Megatron is trying a plan to make energon out of desserts.

Q: 1. Is the TF movie coming out this year or next because I was confused when the days being counted down was 23 but the year said 2007. 2. Where is BotCon located at and can you drive me there?
A: 1) The current countdown is the countdown until they show the first trailer.

2) BotCon is being held in Lexington, Kentucky this year. I cannot give you a lift unless you are less than ten centimetres tall.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
A few questions for you:
1) In the Insecticomics comics why are The G1 Autobots are on strike?
2) Do any of the Transformers have ADD?
And question 3) If Wayward had to do a soundtrack for the comics what songs would go on it?
Thanks, the Quintesson Imperial Magistrates
P.S. Please do not change the time line just so you can win a poker game you know the rules if one of us does as we agreed in the rules you must give us the money and dress up like a girl if you do not do this Shrapnel and the other Insecticons get to play one and only one prank and the bot or Vok or Quintesson that is one the reciveing end must not try and get them back for seven days if you keep doing this you will be band from the game for six weeks Thank You

A: 1) Because Starscream tricked Hot Rod into giving him the Matrix. Because he has the Matrix, Starscream is the official leader of the G1 Autobots. They refuse to work for him, so they went on strike.

2) Not offhand. Some are easily distracted.

3) She's actually already done this for her own amusement. You probably wouldn't recognise anything on it if youre not a goth/industrial fan. To give you an example, for you Quintessons, she had Simulated by Icon of Coil.

P.S. Use full stops before you pass out trying to say that run-on sentence.

Q: Your repaint - beige or gold?
A: In the cartoon - beige. In the comic - gold.

All right, all right. I, at least, am hoping that the beige photos are just a prototype or test shot or something, because I like the gold better. Neither, however, has nearly enough paint apps.

Q: 1. Dear Vector Prime:
Can you please settle something for us? Nightbird says that is an authority on the subject but Cannonball is a Pastafarian follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, so maybe you can settle this once and for all: who is better, ninjas or pirates?
Cannonball and Nightbird

A: Ninjas flip out and kill people. Pirates are the chosen people of a god made out of noodles. Pirates win.

Q: 3. Dear Vector Prime:
You like supermodels, but I don't. In fact I rather like a certain other guy in my squadron. I feel about wax-and-polish day the same way you feel about hot tubs. But I don't know if he feels the same way about me. I'm afraid to ask because I'm afraid the rest of the squadron will make fun of me if they find out - and don't even get me started on what the Autobots would say. Help!
If you don't say anything about this to anyone, I will send you all the phone numbers I collected from girls who dig jets.
Sincerely yours,
Lonely anonymous Seeker

A: Too late - your letter is now posted on a public site. But that doesn't matter, because I'm not a jet anyway.

As to your problem, you're a Decepticon. You can just shoot anyone who laughs at you. The worst that can happen is that he does not feel the same way about you, and your admission makes your group dynamic uncomfortable and therefore less effective. Since I am an Autobot, I am all for making you less effective. I say tell him while down on one knee, presenting a bouquet of flowers.

Q: 4. Dear Vector Prime,
I heard that in Japan, Transformers get additional power if human girls kiss them. I'd like some of that action. Can you hook us up?
Springer and Hot Rod

A: I don't see why Arcee puts up with either of you.

Q: 5. Dear Vector Prime:
There is a Scrapmetal in my pudding. What can I do about it?

A: Give him a spoon.

Alert readers will notice that we skipped question number two in this series. That is because we were interrupted while working on it ...


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