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  June 9th, 2006  

Vector Prime

The official site didn't update again, but nobody noticed. This is because Transfandom Assembled has been looking at this. Despite the fact that this is nothing more than a poster with some canned music, the How Dare Anything Change Ever Fanwank Contingient is out in force, certain that this movie will be the Worst Thing Ever. Based on a poster. I say, if you have such excellent precognitive powers, why don't you use them to win the lottery?

Q: Dear Vector Prime
It's Hot Rod, Just asking, why can't the humans accept I got in the way trying to help, Optimus died and Galvatron was created? Actually, for that matter, WHAT THE HELL IS WITH MY NEW INCARNATIONS' NAMES?! Hot Shot?! Can't they call me my Japanese name, Hot Rodimus? And for that, why are Takara and Hasbro so cheap not to make Galvatron a new mould anymore? I think that horrendous saga that was Energon would have been made better if that fat Prime died and Hot Shot ( shudders at the name ) became Rodimus, oh, and Rodimus was a ... what do they call them in that Cybertron line ... Leader Class? Also Cheetor should have become Rodimus Primal at the end of Beast Machines ... I do have fans and need these homages you know. Also, what do you think of my sexy new Classics look? 'Cept my Autobot insignia is gone, I adore it, as Cheetor would say, "Spot on smooth". Please excuse my rant ... just going into limbo besides one excellent original mould, one crap leader mould, four crap homages and a kitty to your name does upset you ... also ... I need a girlfriend ... Arcee is like a sister ... heh, maybe I should dress as Galvatron to get Thunderblast, How would that go do you think?
Bye, Hot Rodimus ... Rodimus Prime, Hot Rod whoever, out.

A: I need to start an FAQ. It will consist of one entry, repeated fifty times: names are reused so that Hasbro doesn't lose the trademark. If Hasbro lost the trademark, they have to use a new name. Deal with it. As to wanting to be called Hot Rodimus ... either you are too unworldly to realise that it sounds like a porn star name, or that's what you're hoping for.

As to wanting Beast Machines Cheetor to become Rodimus Primal or Competant Hot Shot from Energon to take Optimus Prime's place ... you know, people complain bitterly about mould reuse and name reuse, and here you are suggesting story reuse. Isn't it bad enough that we know that, no matter what else happens, Megatron will upgrade into Galvatron? Do we really need to make everything that predictable?

You do have an Autobot symbol in the Classics line. It is called a 'rub sign'.

Those aren't really new incarnations of you. People like Cheetor, Armada Hot Shot, and Cybertron Hot Shot are merely incarnations of the Brash Young Hothead archetype, which you happened to share. You may as well claim that you're an incarnation of Luke Skywalker. Rodimus from Energon was a visual homage - while a leader, he was of a different sort than you. I know you're young and may not be able to grasp this, but you are not everybody and the universe does not revolve around you.

You think you're going into limbo? You want limbo, talk to a Pretender Monster or a member of the Rotor Force ... or anyone who never appeared in a cartoon. You've had how many toys and how many homages? You were the star of what movie? You have how many fans? Please. Cry me a river.

Also, you are not nearly powerful nor evil enough for Thunderblast to look at you twice.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Safeguard sent the Street Speed Minicon Team back in time again, and they're threatening legal action. We'll also be sending him a bill for 100 Energon cubes for the time it took my team to find and retrieve the Street Speed Team.
Sincerely, Jolt

A: Safeguard happens. This is why I keep a stash around to cover damages, expenses, and bail.

Q: It was revealed on Family Guy, and then confirmed by no less of a reputable source that Twisted Toyfare Theatre that Optimus Prime is Jewish. Being a Jew myself, I was wondering, where did he have his Bar Mitzvah? Are there any Synagogues on Cybertron?
P.S. During that period where you took on a human form, did you meet the Patrician? If so, did you find out just how he manages to know pretty much everything?

A: Judaism is a human religion and thus does not exist on Cybertron. Optimus Prime converted while on Earth. Frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing a Purim fanfiction or somesuch to balance out all those idiot Christmas fanfics that seem to plague us.

I didn't meet the ruler of the city. My time was spent dealing with overlarge fellows in dresses and pointy hats. One tried to hit Safeguard with an iron frying pan until I convinced him that my partner was a renegade pixie and not an elf.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
What do you think of the Homestar Runner. We hope he has not apperd in the Time Steam to cause chaos also can Brittany Murphy Sing and we need to talk you about changing history just so you can win a poker game thanks to you we now have to deal with the Heartless.
Thanks The Vok

A: It is a good thing that I don't breathe, because reading that run-on sentence would put me out of breath otherwise. Here, courtesy of Shrapnel's editing skills, is the non-confusing version:

Dear Vector Prime,
Two questions and one point for your consideration:
1) What do you think of the Homestar Runner? We hope he has not appeared in the timesteam to cause chaos.
2) Can Brittany Murphy sing?
3) We need to talk you about changing history just so you can win a poker game. Thanks to you we now have to deal with the Heartless.
The Vok

1) We're still trying to figure out if his arms are invisible, he's telekinetic, or his ability to pick things up without arms is just one of those things we're better off not trying to figure out. At the very least, he exists in his universe and doesn't seem to have left it.

2) Apparently, Brittany Murphy can sing, or at least has done so professionally on several occasions. Whether she's any good is a matter of personal taste.

3) The Heartless are nothing compared to some editors I've known. Also, you lot deserve anything bad that happens to you, the way you dabble with the destinies of planets.


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