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  June 2nd, 2006  

Vector Prime

There's no questions update at the official site, and I don't blame them if they're getting e-mails from people like this:

Q: Just seen the link you posted regarding Hasbros latest toy line. It's moved me to ask you: why does Hasbro hate us? I mean, everything since G1 has sucked ( and Season 3 wasn't exactly great, ) with the possible exception of R.I.D. And despite claims that this new Megs is a "blaster," he's quite clearly a SuperSoaker. Unless the Autobots have developed some sort of water phobia, or the new series will be about a chronic shortage of WD-40, I don't see how this is threatening. Not even the Matrix can light this darkest hour.
A: Hasbro doesn't hate us. However, apparently Hasbro hates you. If Hasbro liked you, they'd still be taking transformable toys from other lines with an average of four points of articulation, repainting them, and calling them Transformers. Because that's what early G1 was. These days, Hasbro has a telepath on staff who looks into your head so they can deliberately make products that you, personally, do not like. You should start wearing a tinfoil hat before things get worse.

In case you weren't paying attention, the More Than Meets The Eye Classics line is Hasbro bending over backwards in an attempt to please the old school fans - cartoon-based, highly detailed figures that can actually pose. This is a filler line. They didn't have to do to go through all this trouble. And what happens? "It has too much articulation! It doesn't fire real lasers! It doesn't mass-shift! It doesn't grant wishes and rub my feet! Waaah!"

Seriously, if you don't like them, then don't buy them. From what I've seen on a half-dozen message boards since this news came out, you and one other guy are the only people who think that this is the end of the world. For once, most of the fandom seems happy with a line.

Also Megatron is obviously the love-child of the NERF Maverick and the Sigma Six Switchfire. If you're going to complain, at least get your facts straight.

And people wonder why I'm a misanthrope. I'm just going to link this page because reading it always makes me feel better.

Q: Dear Vector Prime:
When do we see May's Arcee?
And why is April's labled March?

A: 1) She's posted now. An Arcee isn't late until the next month.

2) Either Kickback messed up the writing, Shrapnel messed up the coding, or Bombshell messed it up just to be a pest. It's fixed now.

Q: Who would win, Unicron or the Death Star?
A: Galactus.

Q: Why must I be violated at every level by my "fans"?
- Starscream

A: Because you're pretty. That's about it, really.

Q: What was Dreadmoon's response to Starscream's death?
A: Well, his first order of business was to take part in the battle against Unicron, because it would have been stupid not to. After that he let himself go on a self-indulgant depressive jag that didn't end until he was imprisoned by the Autobots.

Q: Vector Prime,
Hello, Wheelie here. You remember when Daniel sent you a letter regarding a "problem"? Well, he took your advice and had a discussion with Arcee ... unfortunately, at the climax of the speech, Springer walked in...things were said, accusations made, certain actions taken ... I won't give you the gory details, but the results of it are thus; Daniel is hooked up to an iron lung, it may be years before Springer is able to walk again, and poor Arcee is traumatized beyond belief. What I want is some advice on how to handle this once the three of them are able to rejoin the crew ... surely, in your vast years of life, you've seen SOMETHING like this happen.
P.S I thankfully no longer suffer from that voice glitch.

A: That was all going to happen no matter what I said. Anyway, it's G1. They'll all be fine by next episode.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I've recently seen a picture of you as a human ( and Safeguard as an ... elf thing, ) and I must say, your don't look to bad as a human. In fact, you don't even look that old ... more middle aged than old I would say. My question is, however; how was your brief moment of humanity?

A: Ah, yes, that. While I was briefly human, I was not on Earth. Someone had been meddling with the fundamental forces of nature, and while that seems to be a regular occurance on that world, this time it got out of control and I had to step in. Unfortunately, that particular world is low on the industrial scale, so while I could have possibly taken on the form of a boat, it seemed easier at the time to assume a human guise. More importantly, the occurance happened in a building that I wouldn't have been able to fit inside otherwise.

The experience was nasty, brutish, and short, but that's Safeguard for you. The armour was the biggest problem. I would have preferred to wear more, but that would have sacrificed mobility too much. I am unused to armour being heavy and cumbersome. As well, I couldn't fly - I require rockets for that. My powers are science, not magic.

It is fortunate that my nature is to be open-minded. Otherwise I would have strained something trying to figure out how that turtle could survive in space ...

Beep whee-beedle eep beep whee bip bip beedle-beep beep beedle beep whee bip beep. Beep.

Q: What would happen if there were suddenly a lot of Safeguards?
A: One Safeguard is quite enough for the universe. Multiple Safeguards would enact a mass pantsing the likes of which the world has never known.

Q: Dead End, ( Unicron's Minicon ) would he have any sort of extra power? Say, enough to replace a Cyber Key?
A: Judging by Armada, Dead End's special power is that he can replicate himself. There seemed to be quite a lot of him patrolling the surface of Unicron. Possibly if you attached enough of him to yourself, you could gain enough power to replace a Cyber Key.

Q: Why don't we see any Theme Park Transformer Bases?
A: Aside from that it would be an engineering nightmare? You'd never get the Minicons off it.

Q: What would Cybertron series look like if the drawers oopsed and made them fire missiles with pathetically short ranges, like the toys?
A: It would look silly. That's about all the answer you're going to get if you send in a question while we're coding page updates.


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