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  May 5th, 2006  

Vector Prime

As usual, there is no official update.

I would accuse the fandom of just sending bad questions to the official site, which is why they don't update, except I've sent them questions and they don't answer me, either. Where is my Thunderblast repaint, preferably as an Autobot who likes older mechs, Hasbro?

Q: Thank you. Minicons at Nintendo explain much. However, I must re-ask one question with greater clarification: I was not asking about the characters of Beast Wars, but rather Maximals and Predacons in general with my question of military rankings. It came up ( along with if Primal is a rank, title, or some sort of surname ) so unless you're saying there is no military structure for Cybertrons of that era ... well that really explains Beast Machines, I suppose.
As I am already pestering you for answers, at least some basics for how Cybertronian government works during this time period would be useful to me as well.
Hmmm... your response brings up one other question: isn't it somewhat foolish for a scientific expedition into the unknown to lack any significant military/security presence? I can't remember if the Maximal's original mission was supposed to be quite mundane, but given the abundant amount of stasis pods it appears they weren't just supposed to sit in an asteroid belt counting space debris. I mean, when going into the unknown, one would like a little back up. Or were they that supremely arrogant that they felt nothing could threaten the "average" crew member?

A: No, there's certainly military Maximals, just not on the Axalon. Presumeably they have similar rankings to the Autobots, by which I mean they have no idea who the second-in-command is.

The basics of the Cybertronian government seemed to be that the Maximals were in charge with a token Predacon presence. One would think that this would all be well and good, except for that whole Protoform X Project fiasco. Also, they were disorganised enough that Megatron with a communetech rig took over the entire planet by himself. That alone says there was something seriously wrong with the place.

Well, it does take a lot to seriously harm a Transformer, even a small one. And certainly the crew of the Axalon were armed and had some combat skill, but their primary functions were scientific or civilian - fanfiction writers, take note. Possibly some of the protoforms were warriors to be taken out of their pods if things got too rough - Inferno comes to mind. But I would think that most would be other kinds of scientists.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What is the cause of your hatred towards Hot Shot?

A: It's been mentioned a few times - I don't like young hotheads and I've yet to see a Cybertron fanfiction where Override isn't set up with him, despite them having zero chemistry. And don't try to 'Galaxy Force' me. Nitro Convoy and Exillion have negative chemistry.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Is there any particular reason that posters with your face on them, with the words "Wanted - Dead or Alive. Preferably Dead" typed on them are popping up everywhere, with the return address leading to the Planet of Open Minded Supermodels?

A: It involves Safeguard and a panty-raid. More than that I can't say on a family page.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Tell me, oh guardian of time, when we were travelling back home, did you simply not notice Megatron escaping into time and space, or did the idea of Cybertron becoming a hell-hole appeal to you somehow?
- BM Silverbolt

A: I knew it would all work out in the end, and Megatron removing everyone's sparks and taking over Cybertron isn't the worst thing that could happen. But if you're that upset about it, we'll trade. I'll go deal with the fellow controlling Cybertron, while you can go deal with history itself being erased by a black hole created by the death of a god.

Q: How long will it be before the Decepticons, Destrons, Predacons, or whichever "Evil" faction reach the conclusion that they are simply not meant to win in the end?
A: Never, I hope. Without a war, things degenerate into a soap opera, and I really don't want to meet my Mary-Sue counterpart.

Q: Vector Prime,
Are we still on for Transtemporal Poker Night?
- Uatu the Watcher

A: Absolutely. Oh, and if you see him before I do, remind the Guardian of Forever that it's his turn to bring the drinks.

Q: Has Safeguard ever defeated a Decepticon by himself?
A: Yes. Let's just say that you shouldn't attempt to powerlink with a Minicon who hasn't got 'submit to the will of the Bulk' programming if you don't want your systems fried.

And the last of the questions pulled from the Movie. It was fun, but never, never drop that many questions at once on me again.

You, who are without mercy, now plead for it?
Movie questions

Wanna bet?
Movie questions

Who said that?
Movie questions

And what about my dad?
Movie questions

What's Unicron?
Movie questions

Who say that?
Movie questions

Would you like to beg for your lives?
Movie questions

That's a ship?
Movie questions

What's going on?
Movie questions


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