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  May 1st, 2006  

Vector Prime

As usual, there is no official update.

I was not at Transformerscon long, not that I could have fit in the hotel anyway. Safeguard got kicked out within an hour for heckling Optimus Prime. There is a reason I do not allow my Minicon off my arm often.

This week, I have decided to start something new: ignoring people who are stupid on purpose. It's one thing to have bad spelling because English isn't your first language, it's another to deliberately act like a dope in an attempt to get a reaction. This is all the reaction you're getting.

Q: What was the weirdest altmode a Transformer ever had? ( Not counting the ones used as a disguise on Earth. )
A: That rather cuts things down, doesn't it? There aren't many characters who never went to Earth, otherwise I would say RiD Megatron for his hand mode or Tidal Wave for being the only triple-changing Triacon. I'm going to hand this one to Botanica, who was the only Transformer with a plant alt-mode.

Q: Can I mess with your mind some more?
In JAPAN, our Rumble was Frenzy, and visa-versa.
Why is the Starscream Clan with Waterlog?

A: 1) And in Micron Booster Pack II, the magenta version of Perceptor is called Frenzy.

2) In Christmas Party 2005, I gave the Minicon Sea Team to Dreadmoon to annoy him. Since Dreadmoon works for Starscream, the Sea Team ended up with that group.

Q: So, what's the general opinion of the three Minicons named Sunstorm, Thrust and Ramjet amongst the Seekers?
G1 Starscream became Energon right? or what happened to the old Starscream then? ( Yes, I read the comic with Kickback and the Peeps. )
Since he no longer has his shoulder missiles, to pull the "cockpit's open" trick, who'd win? E-Starscream or Armada?
What would happen when the $50 Cybertron Starscream comes in? And Dreadmoon's look?

A: 1) They are generally considered cute, though they're already tired of Ramjet running into their ankles.

2) G1 Starscream got an upgrade so that he could get some real articulation. The Energon-mould Starscream in G1 colours is G1 Starscream, just in a new body. The fellow we call E-Starscream is the first Energon-mould Starscream with the dark green bits - the loyal to Megatron one with the ability to teleport. In the Insecticomics universe, he never got a super-energon upgrade.

3) Ah, but Energon-mould Starscreams do have missiles, they just need to switch to hyperpower mode or jet mode to use them. The cockpit trick will work for as long as A-Starscream continues to fall for it.

4) Fifty dollars? Either there is a sale on or you're speaking in American money. In fact, Wayward has threatened that if she sees Ludicrously Huge Starscream for $30Cn or less she will pick him up, but they sell out too quickly at that price to get one, which may be the point. So far, Wayward has also managed to resist ordering a Masterpiece Starscream, which is probably for the best as it's a pretty good bet G1 Starscream would jump from his Energon body into that one, which would just cause even more confusion.

Q: Vector Prime; Correction,
I apologise for not contacting you earlier; I was busy trying to figure out what in the Pit they did to me in Cybertron ( it looks like Blaster and I had a lovechild after all ... at least he got my looks. )
I insist that the compound eyes of weevils are too small for the Predacon symbol, and that it does in fact look like Waspinator's face. Furthermore, I demand satisfaction in accordance with the ancient laws of Primus. That is correct; I challenge you to a dance off.
According to Article 647 of the Code, we are each allowed one assistant participant provided they are smaller than we are and spend much of their time attached to us. I choose Rumble ( or possibly Frenzy; ) it looks like you're stuck with Safeguard.
Awaiting your reply,
G1 Soundwave?

A: Your looks and ... a War Within Seeker's, it seems, unless Blaster is secretly a jet.

I still don't think it looks much like a wasp. Wasps' heads are more heart-shaped and their snouts aren't so long. But, you're right, it's not much of a weevil, either. We tend to default everything to 'weevil' around here to make up for the fact that nobody realises that Bombshell is one. For added confusion, Waspinator appears to be a bee. As for the dance off, bring it. However, I refuse to do the 'Time Warp'.

Q: Since rumours are going around that you're going to repainted, who'd you like to repainted as?
A: I'd like to be repainted as someone who can get a date, but the official repaint is gold and orange - the pictures look generally quite nice. If I'm fortunate, the fandom will think of it as the Last Autobot Version or the Xaaron Version. With my luck, it will be dubbed Vector Bling.

Q: Oh wise one,
Please help we humble fanboys to understand why Nintendo has chosen to call their new system the Wii? ( Pronounced 'whee'. ) Its project name of Revolution was a bit pretentious, but what names did they reject that Wii was even considered, let alone the winner?
Oh, and two unrelated questions:
1. What are the canon military ranks for Maximals and Predacons? The "fannon" ones?
2. What do the Insecticons think about the emergence of human tech that converts certain food stuffs into heat, energy, fuel, et cetera? Things like corn burning furnaces, ethanol and so on and so forth.

A: Nintendo is run by Minicons who hate you, I think. You will know for certain if their next system is called 'Biip' ( pronounced 'beep'. )

1) The Beast Warriors haven't got military ranks. The Maximals were a team of exploration scientists and the Predacons were a band of outlaws. The fanon rankings are all over the place, generally forgetting entirely about the whole 'exploration scientists' and 'band of outlaws' bits. The only true military characters in the show were the G1 cameo characters.

2) They think the humans are copying them and await the car that runs on pudding pops.

Q: Greetings Ancient One,
Out of curiosity, in the episode entitled 'Chain of Command' or something like that, which one of the Maximals voted for me? Or if I voted for Rattrap out of some sense of honour ( I don't really recall, some memories tend to be lost when one spends some time dead, ) which two Maximals voted for me?
BW Dinobot

A: Most likely it was yourself and Cheetor.

Q: All right,
Which one of those turncoats voted for the Predacon?
BW Rattrap

A: As I told Dinobot, probably Cheetor. He is young and impressionable and thus thinks warriors are cooler than jacks-of-all-trades. He's like a fangirl in that way.

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