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  March 31st, 2006  

Vector Prime

I'm not even going to bother looking at the the official page. They never update any more. I'll just ignore them. I will not give in to curiousity or ...

Oh, who am I kidding?

... No, still no update.

Q: The comics news wielded us a series of Steam Powered Transformers ( Transformers in the Industrial Revolution. ) If you were forced to fall subject to a new alt mode, what would you be?
And Safeguard?
When did the Soundwave jet show up? And is it the Galaxy Force or Cybertron one?

A: Given what the other designs are like, we too would probably end up Jules Verne-esque skycraft of some type. Safeguard says it's more likely I'd end up as a train and he'd be my cowcatcher.

The Soundwave who appeared in last week's issue was the Galaxy Force version, purchased some months ago from a local comic store that also imports toys. The Cybertron version hasn't been released in North America yet.

Q: Can robots receive sexual gratification?
A: Given that we completely lack sexual organs, no, we can't. We just make a lot of jokes about it because it's funny to watch the reactions of humans when we do.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,

( Insert a question that is long, poorly-spelt, and plain nasty in places, but that comes down to, 'Does Arcee have a Minicon, and does said Minicon have a job as a yaoi actor?' No, we can't make these questions up. What is with you humans and sex this week? Is it a seasonal thing? )

Do you think I'm right?
A: Arcee is an Omnicon, and as such, has no Minicon companion. She certainly works with them sometimes, but has no set partner. There was a Minicon named Arcee in Japan - a pink repaint of Sureshot - but given that yaoi refers exclusively to male-on-male action, there's no point to her being in the movie. Now, were she in a yuri movie, I might be interested.

Q: Have you acquired any legendary weapons in your travels?
A: Well, there was Safeguard. Aside from that, nothing I've kept.

Q: Dear Vector Prime Can you tell me if the Minicons from Galaxy Force link up with the Galaxy Force Transformers? When they do use the Cyber Key/Force Chip with the Minicons linked, is the attack more powerful? Also, which Optimus Prime would win in a fight between the G1, RiD, Armada, Energon, and Galaxy Force versions?
Thank you,
Quintesson Imperial Magistrates

A: Since Minicons in Galaxy Force were not spawned from Unicron, they do not cause power-ups. They merely function as extra weapons for those few characters who have Minicon ports. Even if they were Unicron-spawned, the Chaos Bringer is currently too weak to channel his power through them. However, were all the conditions favourable and the cartoon people didn't goof it up by making Galaxy Force in another universe ( it was meant to be a continuation of Energon, but someone missed a memo ) a Minicon would add extra power to a Force Chip power-up.

Of the Last Optimus Standing, I'd say the Galaxy Force version wins. Because there are few things better than a flying firetruck.

Q: Hello again, Vector Prime-san!
I've came back to take a few more sips from the fountain of your limitless wisdom ...

( That sounds incredibly naughty. Are you certain you are of legal age? And, for preference, a car? )

1) We all know the Answer. The Answer is 42. Do you, in your already mentioned above endless wisdom, know the Question?
2) Surfing through many Transformers-oriented websites got me pretty confused on Seekers subject - too many moulds are called Seeker-type because they have jet cockpit on chest and/or wings on the back ... That includes Machine Wars Megatron ... So, could you please tell me what moulds are officially called Seekers?
3) Since Car Robots I've seen a whole LOAD of different Convoys painted black. Please tell me, which of them are not fan-made and give short review on each of them.
Well, thats it for this time.

A: 1) The Question is a fellow in a blue trenchcoat who works for the Justice League.

2) The definition that everyone seems to use for 'Seeker' is 'whatever is a repaint of Starscream'. This way fanfiction writers can blithely ignore that Armada Thrust and Cybertron Thundercracker wear more classic 'Seeker' shapes than the Starscreams of their universes, but fangirls don't like them, so they are ignored. To confuse the issue, the large blimp-type craft that the Monster Decepticons in Cybertron were using were called 'Seekerships' by Starscream.

To make it worse, the word 'Seeker' is fanon. There are no official Seekers. In one of the old Marvel comics, Blaster refers to a group of Decepticon jets as 'hunter-seekers'. The name stuck. Though possibly it is canon by now. DreamWave canonised a lot of fanon in their time.

3) You think Scourge was the first black Convoy? Ten minutes at proves you wrong.

1998 - Black Lio Convoy. A repaint of Lio Convoy, a Japanese Toys R Us exclusive. He was not evil.
1999 - Black Big Convoy. A repaint of Big Convoy and a Japanese Toys R Us exclusive. He was not evil.
2000 - JAFCon Convoy. A repaint of the original Optimus Prime, done as a JAFCon exclusive. He was not evil.
2001 - Nucleon Quest Convoy. A repaint of Super Ginrai, done as a Japanese Toys R Us exclusive. He was not evil.
2001 - Black Rodimus. A repaint of Hot Rod available in Japan. He was evil.
2002 - Scourge. A repaint of Laser Optimus Prime, available only at Toys R Us. He was evil.
2002 - Spychanger Scourge. He was not a repaint. He was evil.
2003 - Destruction Scourge. A repaint of Hero Optimus Prime, and a KB Toys exclusive. He was evil.
2003 - Nemesis Prime. A repaint of Super-Con Optimus Prime. He was evil.
2004 - Nemesis Prime. A repaint of the aforementioned Black Big Convoy, who was ironically more black than him. He was a Target exclusive. He was evil.
2005 - Dark Nitro Convoy. A repaint of Override, Japanese mail-order exclusive. He was evil. He would look good in a bikini.

There are rumblings that Alternator Prime and Masterpiece Prime will probably also be painted black. Insert your own 'I see a red truck' jokes.

Q: What crime against Primus did the Armada Autobots commit to be paired off with those HORRIBLE children?
- Curious Fan

A: Primus caught Hot Shot reading a Church of Primus Is A Bastard pamphlet. For that, Hot Shot was sentenced to being the Young Hothead With No Brain and the whole team were sentenced to being baby-sitters for the Travelling Whiner Circus. Hot Shot learned his lesson temporarily and was made competant in Energon. Unfortunately, after Energon, he had a relapse and is back to being Autobot Cheetor in Cybertron.

Q: Why is it that because I have seen the TRUE path to peace, I am regarded as a monster and a madbot?
- Beast Machines Megatron

A: Everyone was kind of peeved about being stuck in a jar and they thought that your dress was silly.

Q: What happened to me between the Second and Third seasons?
- Sparkplug Witwicky

A: You went where all the characters whose deaths weren't shown vanished for Season Three - Shockwave's Tiki Lounge. Shockwave runs the bar, Reflector serves the drinks, and Skyfire parked himself on a beach chair in 1985 and has refused to get up since.

Q: Who or what in blue blazes is Primacron!?
- Autobot Scholar

A: A monkey in a helmet.

Q: You will pay for your interference, machine. YOU ... WILL ... PAY!!!
- Kang the Conqueror

A: Oh, please. I've just stopped you from altering the destinies of planets a few times. It's not like I ran you through with a sword. You seemed to do that to yourself well enough.

And the continuing saga of Questions Lifted From The Movie. Yes, I've simply added the ones you sent in later to the end of the list rather than sorting them in.

Movie questions

Megatron, is that you?
Movie questions

What'd he say his name was?
Movie questions

Roger me, Wilco me, anything ... hello, hello, Earth?
Movie questions
( Screencap taken from SpaceQuest.Net. )

What is that thing?
Movie questions

Sh- I mean, Slag, what are we gonna do now?
Movie questions


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