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  March 24th, 2006  

Vector Prime

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Q: Hi, VP,
I've got a couple of strange questions for you:
2. Were any of the original 13 Transformers Femmes?
3. What is your sword made of? ( I mean the real deal not the toy. )

A: 2) No, there weren't any femmes until the Second Generation.

3) Metal.

I know I didn't answer your first question. Ask again in a year when the Cybertron spoiler warnings are off. I do appreciate the video you sent. ( For the peanut gallery, no, it wasn't anything naughty. )

Q: Have you ever encountered Bill and Ted and their time-traveling phone booth?
A: Not yet; they may travel through time, but they stay within the environs of Earth. I think they ran into Evac once, though.

Q: Have you ever met Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman?
A: Strangely, yes. Sherman had spilled a drink on the controls of the Wayback Machine, sending it off-course, and the pair of them were lost in the Nexus. Fortunately, the Vok were too confused by the presence of a talking dog to have taken any action by the time I found them.

Q: What is the origin of the G1 Terrorcons? The cartoon never provided one.
A: Terrorcons are what happened after Piranacon and Monstructor got really, really drunk one time.

Q: If you're the Guardian of Space and Time, why didn't you intervene when Beast Wars Megatron started making time-storms happen?
A: Because the time-storms really ticked off the Vok. Why help them when I can sit back with a bucket of popcorn and watch them run around?

Q: What's your general opinion of the Robots In Disguise reality, as compared to the other Transformers timelines?
A: Robots In Disguise knew what it was - a kid's cartoon about giant robots fighting. It didn't take itself seriously. This is why I like it better than most Transfans.

Q: If DC Comics' Lobo fought Death's Head I, who would win?
A: I'm giving this one to Lobo, if only to make amends for that foolish Marvel versus DC series were he was beaten by Wolverine. Isn't Lobo supposed to be some kind of death god?

Q: Which is your least favorite Autobot and Decepticon? And why don't you just use your sword to teleport Decepticons when they are flying straight at you, as you did to protect the human fighter pilots from Thundercracker?
A: If I haven't made this clear, my least favourite Autobot is Hot Shot, because people automatically set up Override with him, like she hasn't got anything better to do, such as me. My least favourite Decepticon is Megatron, because he backhands me the most.

As to not using my powers, I blame the writers, who seemed to be opposed to me doing anything sensible. Granted, if I was allowed to go through the series at full power, there might have been three episodes of action, and fifty of us sitting on a beach somewhere, drinking energon cubes with little umbrellas in.

Q: Do you have any romantic interests? If so, do you have any advice?
A: I have no specific romantic companion, though I have a fondness for sleek car-modes. My advice ... don't be me. I haven't had a serious date since the pre-Quintesson era. Several rather silly ones, though.

Q: Why do things die?
A: To make way for new product.

Q: We would like to know three things:
What are the favourite songs that you and the other Transformers ( that Wayward has ) like and you have to give us the $100 from the Poker Game last month when are we going to get that, and who would win in a fight G1 Starscream or Armada Starscream.
Quintesson Imperial Magistrates?

A: 1) What, off her playlist? There's no one song that we can all agree we like. I don't like anything on her playlist. The Insecticons are on an AC/DC kick and seem enamoured of Whole Lotta Rosie. Others like other songs, or hate them all. The more important question is, why do you care?

2) If you'll excuse me, I need to ... erm ... alter the past slightly to save my walle- the universe ...

3) We already did a Last Starscream Standing. With those two, the G1 version takes it. Easily.

And, continuing the Movie gags:

How do you feel, mighty Megatron?
Movie questions

Do I hear a second on that?
Movie questions

And against?
Movie questions

Who are you calling inferior?
Movie questions

Why should I?
Movie questions

What's in it for me?
Movie questions


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