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  March 17th, 2006  

Vector Prime

There was some minor excitement regarding the official page. For a day or so, they had erased all the archives but the last question. Then they put them up again. We take what activity we can around here.

Q: Dear Coolest-Looking Prime,
1) When and how did Slag's name become synonymous with swear word? It funny to think I be swearing at him all this time....
2) What 'symomynous' mean?
3) Me pretty and transform in kewl way! Me like Starscream AND Terrorsaur! Why me not have as many fan girls?
Yours truly, G1 Swoop
P.S. Why last year me do better against Unicron than Devastator? What up with that?

A: 1) 'Slag' started off as a Decepticon swear word - you Dinobots caused so much damage in their ranks that they took to using your names as curses. However, only 'slag' had any real staying power, and after three hundred years was the only one of the five left.

2) 'Synonymous' means 'means the same as'. 'Symomynous' means 'like your mother'.

3) The way you look in the DreamWave More Than Meets The Eye profile books, you could be the unholy spawn of Starscream and Terrorsaur. The problem is, you are not evil. For some reason, fangirls dig evil people so they can turn them into soppy little bunnies. I reccommend taking up cannibalism. It worked well for Rampage.

P.S.) That has to do with the Second Commercial Break Rule - early in a story, the villains will tend to be stronger than the heroes. By the end of the story, any villain can be knocked over by a reasonably determined kitten. Unless it's an evil kitten.

Q: Dear Veccy,
These questions really should have gotten to you last year, sorry.

( Insert forty-two questions taken from the Movie. )

- G1 Hot Rod, Kickback, Megatron, Starscream, Bonecrusher(?), Rumble, Jazz, Spike, Spike, Springer, Kup, Scourge(?), Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Galvatron, Quintesson, Grimlock, Wreck Gar, and someone who's seen the Movie way too many times.
P.S. This is from memory and thus not exact. Also, generally these questions aren't addressed directly to you, but their askers could certainly use your advice ( plus Kickback said to send them anyway. )

A: I hate you. All of you. Also Kickback. Arcee slightly less than the rest of you. There is no way I'm answering these all at once, so it seems I have material for the next couple months. Therefore:

Fish are jumping, huh, Danno?
Movie questions

Hey, what's the matter?
Movie questions

Why settle for a peek, Daniel, when we can see everything from Lookout Mountain?
Movie questions

Movie questions

Delicious, eh, Shrapnel?
Movie questions

Why throw away your life so recklessly?
Movie questions

Q: Hello again,
I was officially Decepticon leader for approximately 49 seconds. Can I still get a big golden statue made of me?
- G1 Starscream

A: Yes, if you go back and shoot at people until they make it. At least, that's how it usually works with you Decepticons.

Q: Sorry, I forgot:
28.5) Has the Imperial Magistrate reached a verdict?
- G1 Other type of Quintesson


Movie questions

Q: If you are as highly sophisticated robot as you brag about it, than you could easily make that list. And I haven't asked for exact to milligram values, approximate them to quarter of kiloton and it will be okay.
P.S. Headmasters Jr. were useful in a whole lot of ways, like evacuating civilians, somewhat minimizing collateral damage, being decoy targets until "big guys" arrive, being a spare powerpack for Godbomber, and finally they powered up Ginrai for his final super attack.
P.P.S. In the end of Masterforce series all transectors got their own personality becoming "normal" purely mechanical transformers. So you can go and try to ask Minerva for a date.
P.P.P.S. But I don't thik you'll success, as we know she is more into Gasket-like types, heh heh heh.

A: I could, but I don't want to. I'll give you the kind of answer my Hasbro counterpart would give: All the Autobots are very powerful, and I am honoured not to be shot at by them. Unfortunately, the Decepticons are also very powerful.

All right, so I'm no good at the Hasbro shill thing.

Minerva will forever be tainted by an underage user. It's even worse when you manage to score a date with Arcee only to find it's after Headmasters. Oy.


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