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  March 3rd, 2006  

Vector Prime

Again, nothing at the official site. I don't see why I even mention this any more, as it's what usually happens. I also don't see why I ever wonder if I'm ever going to run out of questions to answer ...

Q: Regarding the Minicon gestalts:
Gestalt is the term for the five piece, one main body and four limbs. Not combiner in general. But you knew that.
I meant, five Minicons. I.e. Ramjet-sized tied to the Energon Grindor-size or something. Your thoughts on that?

A: Devastator, Monstructor, and a dictionary would like to talk to you about your definitions, but you knew that. I suppose a five-piece Minicombiner would end up about the same size as someone in the Basic class if they didn't have extra parts like the Micromaster combiners do, but aside from the ability to reach higher shelves I'm not sure why they would bother. Of course, over here, we ( by which I mean Wayward ) are all for anything that brings more Minicons, so why not?

Q: Through all your travels, have you learned any languages besides Cybertronian, English, and Minicon? It'd be really cool if you could speak Klingon.
A: Isn't that enough? Do you know how many languages Cybertron has? As a highly-sophisticated robot, I can pick up languages quite easily, just by listening to them or intercepting broadcasts. However, I tend to erase the ones I haven't used in a while, as I don't have unlimited memory.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Thanks for telling us all about thoese combiners, but what we want to know is how to the Autobots when two of them used the Spark of of Combination how did they not deal with the problems we had, plus we also want to know if their sparks combined when they did join up. Thanks again,
The G1 Gestalt Team Leaders

A: In the case of Armada and Energon powerlinking, there is no 'gestalt' - the mind of whoever is the top link takes over, while the one in the bottom link goes dormant. In Cybertron, the secondary linker retains his mind, but the primary linker remains dominant. Given how in Energon they used the Spark of Combination and the overall plotline, Energon powerlinking likely also linked their sparks.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
The reason I asked you about the the group Kids Next Door is that they plan to pull a prank on Starsceam - a big one as retaliation for something he did. I don't know what he did, so if you play your cards right you could pit them and the Insecticons in a prank war using your time powers while you chill with some femmebots giving you a full body massage on some island hoilday spot.
I hope this helps you get some peace of mind.

A: Ah, well, anything to annoy Starscream is fine by me, though the Insecticons don't need the encouragement.

Q: Dear Almighty Time-bot guy,
Now, In the course of my life, I admit that many details remain fuzzy, convulted even. However, this letter pertains to an incidant in my life that STILL perplexes me. Now, in my line of business, you get used to weirdness and events that defy description, but very rarely do you get a straight, honest answer.
You see, a while back, I had an encounter. An encounter of the giant, transforming robot kind. Now, throughout the course of THIS little chapter in my life, I could swear that I met, mistakenly identified, and eventually aided a bunch of humongous, shapeshifting robots. Funky, I know. Anyway, the day after this incident, no one seem to remember, and my own reccolection of the event was somewhat hazy. For awhile, I assumed it was a dream, until an informant ( who will remain anonymous, ) informed me otherwise. In my desire for answers pertaining to the reality of said incidant, I was eventually lead into YOUR direction ( apparantly, you hold special information concerning these bots. ) After some ... "haggling" with a super-scientist aquaintance of mine, I was on my way to the Omniversal Convergenge Point, where I was able to leave this digital message for you to find.
So, level with me: Did I REALLY encounter the Transformers, or was it all a delusion of my mind? ( And I'll admit, this wasn't my best time for mental stabilty. ) And please, give the honest, gospel truth, because I had to go through time traveller, transtemporal conquerors, beings of phenominal cosmic power, and longoliers ( ick! ) to get this message to you!
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

A: Your postmark identifies you as from that horrible Six-One-Six reality - one of the few places I've found that is even worse for continuity than the Transformers mythos. We might have dozens of continuities, but Six-One-Six seems to reboot every few years. But, yes, the two universes did converge on occasion. The events you describe did happen to you, or at least to some earlier variant of you. It's hard to keep track even with all-seeing time-travel powers. Uatu might know more - it's not like he's got a life, and he practically lives next door to you.

Q: Dear Vector Prime: My leader is an idiot. I'm smarter than he is, and faster and also better looking. Unfortunately he has a really big gun. How can I overthrow him?
Signed,, Signed, Random Autobot Warrior. Yeah.

A: If you're Random Autobot Warrior Starscream from Armada, your G1 counterpart would like to talk to you.

Q: Beep eedle wheep - okay, enough of that crap, here it is translated from Minicon: Dear Veccy,
We think you are cute and we would really, really like to Powerlinx with you. Will you get rid of Safeguard and take us in instead?
Love, Falcia, Combusta and Twirl.

A: I'm going to turn into a travelling Minicon circus at this rate. You've made the most tempting offer thus far, but if I have to choose between Safeguard and anything else, Safeguard always wins out.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
How many damn bounty hunters are there in the Transformers Universe? I've heard stuff about some new Crosswise guy and also this Fett person. I don't appreciate the competiton and I'm looking for advice to deal with it.
From Devcon

A: Boba Fett doesn't quite count, unless you're one of those who insists that all Transformers continuities are one, including the weird ones. If this is true, I would like to know how those Optimus Prime gumball machines I keep seeing fit into it all. Crosswise is less a bounty hunter than the wheeled version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The one you want to watch out for isn't a Transformer at all, but a fellow called Death's Head. As how to deal with competition ... lower your rates?

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
This isn't a question, it's an answer. I will not sit in a hot tub with you and Override, Arcee, OR any supermodels ( open- or closed-minded. ) Not even in boat mode.
Yours, Thunderblast.

A: Feh, my sources tell me that you're Mirage in drag anyway. Say hello to Snowcat and Demolishor for me.

Q: Dear Vecter Pryme:
if The Insecticons had to choose between cheeze, ham or canned cat food, what wood they pick?
Luv Smokey-poke (5 year old Housecat) P S The cat food is shredded Friskies...the good stuff.

A: The Insecticons would probably tip the cat food out of the tin, and eat the tin. If it came down to choosing one of the items you would describe as food, they would pick the cheese. It's odd, but I've never known an Insecticon to eat meat. I think they dislike the texture. I will turn this over to someone who shares your interests.

Animkee the cat says: canned food is yuk. Kibbles are better! Also cheese and not the cheap stuff - i like the expensive havarti Wayward sometimes picks up. Once i had to take pills and waywarde trivked the me by rolling them up in little cheeze balls and I didn't trust cheese for a week after that, but i like cheeese again now. Ham is also good.

Q: How did the Brave shows get Transformers in them?
A: Magic.

Q: Have you ever reformatted yourself to fit in on a different world?
A: No. I like the way I look, and generally by the time I'm called in, a giant robot is the least of the locals' worries.

Q: Have you ever heard of a Transformer named Gumshoe?
A: Indeed. Now I just need someone to mention Airazor and Lazorbeak to win my card of Transformers Transvestite Bingo.

Q: Dear oldest prime,
How do you feel about Safeguard being made into a lion?
Also, why not just alter the events that caused Megatron to take action and begin the civil war. You have had an eternity to do it.


Wavelength sent the picture, but we don't know if he did the kitbash or just found the image.

I'm the third oldest Prime. Anyway, Safeguard as a lion is probably a bad thing, if only because he seems to like the idea. As a lion, he can bite people, as if he needed the encouragement.

Didn't I cover your second question in a previous issue? Aside from the fact that changing history tends to have extremely negative effects in the long run and increases the distortion in the universe, it would be extremely complicated to change the circumstances that caused Megatron to lead the Decepticons to war. It wasn't just one major event that started Megatron off, it was millennia of Autobot rule, bad politics, and feelings of oppression.

Q: Vector Prime, guardian of space and time, yes? Want to tell me why I used to be part of your continuity but can't remember it, eh?
---Death's Head, Earth, the Far Future

A: You were introduced into the Transformers mythos in Marvel UK #113 Wanted: Galvatron Dead or Alive as a person interested in collecting the bounty Rodimus Prime set for the capture of Galvatron or proof of his destruction. I wouldn't call it the 'far' future, though - Wanted happens in 2007. Any memory problems you have can be pinned on being a resident of Six-One-Six.

Q: Why universe hate Waspinator?
---Waspinator, Prehistoric Earth

A: You were too early a mould to be used in the Universe line, but the Beast Wars Tenth Anniversary line seems fond of ... oh, no, that's not what you mean. The fourth-wall reason is that your manner of speech was a too slow for television, so the writers always tried to take you out of the episode as quickly as possible. The in-show reason is that you once unwittingly kicked the universe's puppy, and it's been taking it out on you ever since.

Q: Me, Snarl, want to know why me, Snarl no in original Movie! What, me, Snarl, not good enough for stupid movie executives?
---Snarl, Cybertron, 2005

A: I would ask the executives, but, alas, they have not been seen since Brawn went to tell them how disappointed he was in his role.

Q: Why do people hate me?
--Daniel Witwicky, Autobot City, Earth, 2005

A: There, there. They're all just jealous of your fishing skills ... wait, 2005? Are you even born yet?

Q: Why was I only in two episodes of the original cartoon, with only one line ever?
---Skids, the Ark, Earth, 1985

A: In fact, you had two lines. Also two diffrent voice actors. Most likely the writers were jealous that you had a soapy human female draped over you in Marvel US #20 and they didn't.

Q: Did Kup really do everything he said he did, or is he computer-senile?
---Rodimus Prime, Cybertron, 2005

A: Kup did indeed do everything he claims. Sometimes twice.

Q: Why is my cartoon-counterpart an ignorant beast?
--Ratbat, Comic-Universe

A: You weren't the only one. Your fellow beast-cassettes also got hit by the 'they look like animals, thus they must be pets' stick. This is likely the fault of cartoon writing versus comic writing, as the comics were for an older audience.

Q: Whatever happened to Beta?
--Alpha Trion, c/o Vector Sigma

A: If you mean the charming lady in green who on occasion shares my hot-tub, after the Quintessons were driven off Cybertron, she nicked a spaceship and set off hunting them. Generally she can be found lurking in the intergalactic merchant lanes, waiting for unwary Quintessons and blowing them up.

If you mean the video cassette, it was beat out by VHS.

Q: I fergot to tell you that no adults are told not to see the site but with your powers you can see the site as you can use your powers to block what ever they use to spy on old folks
Deep Throat


Shrapnel says: Wazzup, Veccy, veccy?

What did I tell you about translating e-mails?

I couldn't figure out what this one was getting at, so I just sent it without translating. As near as I can tell, she thinks there's some kind of block on In Space so that over-forties can't read it, but you can because you have time powers, powers.

You have no sense of continuity. This ties in to that 'Kids Next Door' thing in a previous question. Adults aren't supposed to read this or somesuch.

I'm over four million years old and I'm reading it, reading it.

Possibly your immaturity enables this.


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