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  February 24th, 2006  

Vector Prime

... One official update question. One. And my overly-cheerful counterpart uses the word 'cool'. I hope he's either on something or being paid an awful lot for this. And he apparently writes the Hasbro news as well, because it's the exact same blurb in the news section. Sigh.

Q: What's the latest on the new Cybertron Primus item for this fall? When will it be available? I heard that the US version will have something unique versus the Japanese version - what's the scoop?
A: Last I heard, Primus was going to be available in the United States in May. The Japanese version comes in a G1-style box, the first release of the American version comes with a chewed-looking Unicron head. Since I currently reside in Canada, this has no bearing on me whatsoever.

Whether you're paying import fees for a G1 reference or spending less money and getting a chunk of Unicron, Primus is still a bastard. We'll be waiting for a sale.

And, as usual, questions sent through the filter of Shrapnel:

Q: Dear Annoyed One,
You may have more Insecticons soon. Here is Scrapmetal's Key Code info:
A mindless drone. A merciless killer. A species of metal munching insecticons the Scrapmetal are legion and they never take prisoners. Displaced and mutated by the effects of the black hole, these hive-minded creatures want nothing more than to sate their thirst for electrons and neurons as they try to eat their way through Cybertron and anything that gets in their way. There was a ancient tale that these creatures evolved from an experiment that was performed millions of years before. There was once a race of insect-like Transformers that had clone minions...could the Scrapmetal be descendants of these three bots? That is a story for another time...

How are you going to deal with the additional Insecticons?

A: Lots of bug spray. I have stock in Floron III. Once the Scrapmetal are set loose, I expect to make rather a lot of money.

Q: Hello there, Vector Prime-san! I have yet another load of questions requiring your expertise:
1) An internetless friend of mine, after I gave him couple of episodes of Galaxy Force, came with an interesting theory about Planet Force-like Force Chips are not only way for it to express itself. As other samples he offers Materia ( FF VII ), Chaos Emeralds, or just plain magical powers availible for inhabitants of that world. What can you say on that subject?
2) What do you think is the weirdest TF crossover fanfic idea?
3) Why Metalhawk ( Masterforce ) was the ONLY Autobot/Cybertron commander who managed to find an effective use for "those-annoying-kids-hanging-around-Autobase"?
4) Who, of toy designers, came up with idea of Armada Star Sabre and Skyboom?
5) On your opinion, who was the most effective Autobot/Cybertron commander in all generations?

A: 1) On one hand, I think that might make an interesting idea for a fanfiction and a way to make a crossover work. On the other, if you write it, it will be shamelessly copied by fanlings and the world will be forced to endure several million 'teenage girl gets super powers and proceeds to beat up and humiliate the robots' stories. Well, that happens anyway, but this time they'll be shouting, "Cyber Key Power!" or "Force Chip Ignition!" first.

2) Do you mean the weirdest one I can think of, the weirdest one I've ever read, or the weirdest one I've ever read that actually worked? To be honest, having no interests outside Transformers ( don't look at me like that - most Transfic writers seem to have no interests outside of humans ) I don't read much crossover fanfiction.

3) It likely has to do with the writers. Actually, I don't know. All I know about the uses for humans in Masterforce is that some were Headmasters, and I've yet to figure out how Headmasters are useful. The one lady-car on that show and she's an underage human? You can keep it.

4) Some bloke at HasTak, apparently. However, around here, we don't begrudge them for it - Wayward has a thing for tiny jets and the Insecticons like the word 'Skyboom'.

5) Emirate Xaaron. He was never a Prime, but he was an Autobot commander. The Insecticons could fill his head with applesauce and he'd still be able to outsmart all the Optimi put together.

Q: Why does Safeguard have a third eye on his forehead?
A: It's not a third eye, just a scanner/projector that looks something like one. Though I suppose you could argue that a scanner is a sort of eye.

Q: Are you familiar with the group Kids Next Door five ten-year olds who operate out of their treehouse against the tyranny of adults ( e.g. early bedtimes, homework, and any place where kids aren't allowed. ) To accomplish their various missions, the Kids Next Door have access to a variety of gadgets and devices stored in their treehouse ( often Rube Goldberg devices that are products of "two-by-four technology" ) as well as a worldwide organisation known as the Kids Next Door. Have you ever met then in your travels and have the Insecticons ever met them if so please tell us?
A: Have I not been curmudgeonly enough that you ask me this? I try my best to avoid young people. I am all for early bedtimes, homework, and places where children aren't allowed.

Q: I bought your toy back in December, and something has been bugging me. Since it is your toy I figured I would pass along the "love". So, why do the parts at your waist move? I mean, what purpose does having the flaps serve? I don't recall those armor pieces being able to move or ever moving in Galaxy Force.
A: If the flaps didn't move, the range of movement in my legs would be restricted. I can't sit down unless the flaps are lifted. They don't move much in the cartoon, but if you watch carefully ( Wayward certainly seems to ) they do move when I walk or sit.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
In Energon the Autobots when they combined did not have any of the problems the old G1 gestalts had ( such as five or six minds fighting each other ) so can you please tell us how they did it?
The G1 Gestalt Team Leaders

A: As near as I can tell, the Energon combiners were less gestalts and more like five-piece Duocons ( Quinticons? ) Between the five of them, there was only one mind - this is why they didn't split into their compnant parts often, and when they did, each bit had the same voice as the combined form. The large central unit - Stormjet, Barrage, or Steamhammer - was the part that housed the mind. If the central unit was destroyed, the limbs were rendered inert. This made them faster than you G1 types, but less versatile.


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