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  November 18th, 2005  

Vector Prime

Vok. Don't talk to me about Vok.

Well, the official site updated, but they're still wrong about most things. Let's tighten this up a bit ...

Q: Can Leobreaker combine with Optimus Prime?
A: Yes. Constantly. In today's episode, it was the first thing that happened.

Q: Do Minicons have Cyber Planet Keys?
A: No. Where would they put them?

Q: Will Transformers: Cybertron air in Australia?
A: You're watching the wrong channel. It's been showing in Australia for a couple months now.

Q: Is the cut on Starscream permanent?
A: We have self-repair systems. It is a poorly-maintained or plain stupid Transformer who ends up with permanent scarring.

Q: What is Backstop's Cyber Key power?
A: Heart.

Q: Do you love dragons?
A: What Wayward said when she saw this question is unprintable. But she's utterly fed up with dragons and wishes people would find a new mythical animal to overuse. She also thinks swords are overdone, and only forgives me having one because I can make portals with mine.

Me, I'm not fond of organics in general. It comes of demons trying to eat me in my formative years.

Q: Can you boogie down?
A: I can't top the official answer. So here it is:

A: When I was a younger Transformer, I was able to participate in many more activities. We once had a Minicon that transformed into a disco ball, but that was a long time ago.

It's true about the disco ball Minicon. His name was Groovinator. Unfortunately, he passed away long ago due to complications from Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Blues.

By the way, I am still perfectly able to dance. I simply haven't got time for it.

And here are the questions Shrapnel claims were in my inbox. Given some of the ones I've received, sometimes I think he makes them up just to see what I'll do.

Q: Why don't you just secretly kill Hot Shot with Metroplex's axe when you arrive on Giant Planet? With all those buildings, you can easily find an alley.
A: I haven't met Metroplex yet ( the joys of multiple universes. ) I hear Metroplex is rather big. Could I even lift his axe?

Q: What sign of the zodiac do you consider yourself?
A: Cybertronian astrologers used to use a zodiac similar to Earth's - thirteen signs, of course - but since Cybertron started moving around all the time, they switched to a more mathematical system, calculating angles and distances rather than signs. However, at the time of my creation, I would have been considered under the sign of the Rising Wind.

Q: Do you really consider yourself a warrior or is the sword just decoration?
A: Despite the backhandings, I am a warrior. Unfortunately, over time, my skills have atrophied and my powers have faded, and the Decepticons have become more ruthless and more powerful.

Q: Do you have backups ( meaning if you lost the info ) for all the civilisations you've recorded?
A: I don't even have a backup of the Cyber Key map. Safeguard might keep a record somewhere.

Q: Would you write a book about them? Brief History of Time(s)?
A: I'll leave that to Safeguard. I have a galaxy to save. And questions to answer.

Q: If you could have a different weapon besides your sword, what would it be?
A: Aside from Safeguard's cannon-mode? A glove with spikes on to backhand Decepticons.

Q: Who is your idol?
A: Robert A. Heinlein.

Q: Did you ever turn back time for boredom's sake or to see if something would play out a different way?
A: Not any more. I'm much more careful and responsible with my powers these days.

Q: Do you have more freedom to do things since Primus has been ... absent?
A: Primus was 'absent' since before I came online. As far as I can tell, Primus hasn't influenced any of my works. The problem is, you never can tell with gods. He may have arranged everything before he went to sleep that things would turn out as they are.

Q: Since you've seen history, what's your favorite time period?
A: Mph. The time before I was Guardian of Time. There may have been skirmishes of demons, the machinations of the Fallen and his followers, and the looming threat of Unicron, but at least I didn't have to deal with things like Furman or Transfans.

Q: In no particular order whatsoever, what was your reaction to Hot Shot, Red Alert, and Scattorshot temporarily dying at Megatron's hands?
A: I'm really quite pleased. Not only did they get body-shell upgrades, they got bulky body-shell upgrades. So much for Hot Shot's vaunted speed. Ha!

A: Take a deep breath and put the exclamation points down. You're scaring them.

In fact, I saw your, er, question first. I check my e-mail before seeing what my oddly jocular counterpart says at the official site.

For those of you with an artistic bent, you can make your own Groovinator with the Minicon Dead End and a lot of tiny mirrors.

Q: What are you doing for Christmas?
A: I'm getting out of the In Space offices before the Insecticons throw their annual Christmas party. On Boxing Day, I will be holding Shrapnel and his sidekicks upside-down and shaking them until they clean the gravy out of my hot tub.


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