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  November 25th, 2005  

Vector Prime

Hasbro seems to be running bi-weekly, so only questions sent to the Insecticons will be answered this week.

Q: Assumimg Wreck-Gar would be the Americanized name for a theoretical leader of a Galaxy Force/Cybertron Junk Planet, what would his Japanese named counterpart be, keeping in mind all the Japanese leaders are "Convoys"?
A: 'Junk Convoy' seems a bit obvious, and doesn't really line up with the pattern. Possibly he would be named something like 'Wreck Convoy' or 'Wrecker Convoy'.

Q: In Cybertron ( the series, not the planet ) the planets are named Earth Planet ( yes, silly, I know, ) Speed Planet, Jungle Planet and Giant Planet ( Cybertron, of course, is Cybertron. I assume it is as such because they didn't have to come up with a new name for it ... ) In Cybertron Junk Planet would work just fine ( yes, I'm still on this Junk Planet thing! ) However, in Galaxy Force the names are Earth, Speedia, Animatros and Gigalonia. Junk Planet wouldn't work in Galaxy Force. So, as you are bearer of infinite knowledge, what would the Japanese name of a Galaxy Force Junk Planet be?
A: I am the bearer of infinite rumour and whatever my magic eight-ball says. Also, for trivia's sake, Speed Planet is also refered to as 'Velocitron' occasionally in Cybertron. I'm not sure if that's worse.

Anyway, Junk Planet. 'Junkia' doesn't sound right. My online Latin-English dictionary gives 'junk' as 'quisquiliae' or 'purgamentum', neither of which sound good. 'Junkion' might work as a planet name, despite being the race-name - in Japan, Autobots are Cybertrons, after all. Of course, Cybertron is Seibertron there. Why must you humans make everything so confusing?

Q: You do anything special on Thanksgiving or are you just happy the Insecticons managed to pig out on turkey?
A: Given that the In Space offices are in Canada, we did Thanksgiving back in mid-October. Most likely the Insecticons will duck across the border for American Thanksgiving now that you've reminded them of it, and we will have to roll them back on Monday.

Q: Can you turn back time for me? I need to go kill some people.
A: Depends on who. If they're anybody's grandfather, it's not allowed.

Q: Quick ... what's your fav rassling move? I bet it's the Ric Flair Flop.
A: Whatever turns my opponant inside-out and makes him explode.

Q: Do you think a chupacabra would make a good Predacon alt-mode?
A: Why not? As far as alt-modes go, we've already got a pillbug, a plant, and various dragons in canon. A mythological goat-sucker is practically normal.


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