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  November 12th, 2005  

Vector Prime

Hasbro has slacked off again, so I'll just skip straight to the questions sent to the Insecticons.

Q: Why isn't there a junk planet in Cybertron? I mean it is a Transformers classic and they left it out!
A: It would take too long to find the Cyber Planet Key on a planet of junk. There would be six or seven episodes of, oh, Landmine digging.

The planet I want to make a return is Floron III. I could use the morphobots.

Q: Are you really Weird Al Yankovic in a Transformer's body?
A: ... That's a new one. No. I'm a Transformer in a Transformer's body.

Q: My brother gave me my Minicon port. Can you guess where it is?
A: In a box on your dresser.

Q: If you could blow up one planet from the show... which would it be? Can I help?
A: The bit of Speed Planet that Hot Shot is standing on. And, yes.

This landed in Wayward's inbox, not mine, but she forwarded it to me:

Q: We want to add your website to our search engine/web directory (www.[address deleted].com) on such topics as "era, faction, beast wars, wars, decepticon, beast, technician, the city, love me".
A: Because people searching for 'wars' really want to stumble across this page. Of that list, only two search topics have anything to do with us. No, we don't want to be added to your search engine/web directory. Good night.

I'm reasonably certain that 'the city' is the fault of Dreadmoon, and that 'love me' is the fault of Blinky.

Q: I have a very large axe. What should I do with it?
A: Mail it back to Scourge before he comes asking for it.

Q: Where Is your CYBER KEY PORT?

A: Because it's hard to read and makes the typist look either angry or too dumb to find the caps lock key, depending on the context. ( Hint: middle row, extreme left of the keyboard. )


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