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  October 21st, 2005  

Vector Prime

Wayward thinks I should replace the red sphere in my midsection with a magic eight-ball. Wayward has been inhaling crepe dust all week.

First, the questions from the official site:

Q: Will there be any other Minicons besides Jolt, Reverb, and Six-Speed?
A: Didn't someone ask this already? Yes, there will be more Minicons. Whether there will be any new sculpts is the big question. If nothing else, they're repainting the Air Military Team again, so Wayward has shut up about it.

Q: Is Vector Prime really actually old?
A: Yes, Vector Prime is old. He is pretty well as old as the Transformer species. He reminds people how old he is every so often. He is also speaking in third person.

Q: Were you a leader back in your day?
A: Ha. Back in 'my day', I was nobody. I only ended up important because I was the only one with teleportation powers. I did have the Matrix for a little while, but I don't like to talk about it.

Q: How come there is only one true Omega Lock?
A: Because we only needed one and nobody ever makes back-ups of super-powerful artifacts of doom.

Q: Why are you the guardian?
A: Because I absorbed too much power from the Matrix and ripped a swath of chaos through the space-time continuum. When they finally caught up with me and talked me down, they set me to repair the damage I caused. After that, I went on fixing other people's mistakes. I don't want to talk about it.

Q: Were you evil?
A: Never on purpose.

Q: Does EVAC have a Cyber Key power? If he does, what is it?
A: He's a Cybertron character. Of course he has a Cyber Key power. He has the power of I can never remember what his name means. Until he pays me back, I claim his name is Eat Vegetables And Choke.

Q: What planet do you come from?
A: Cybertron. I've said this! Why doesn't anyone read the archives?

And here are questions sent straight to the Insecticons:

Q: Can me equally insane friends join forces with the Insecticons to devour pudding sometime?
A: Depends. The Insecticons very rarely take on honourary members, and even then, only other robotic insects. It sounds fussy, but they are called 'Insecticons' for a reason. But they say you're welcome to come over if you bring the pudding. The hot tub, however, is off-limits. That is mine.

Q: What would happen if you went back in time and prevented the Internet from being made?
A: Probably humans would just spend more time watching television. Fanfiction would still happen. I would need to go back in time and keep people from inventing 'zines to avoid that.

Q: Have you ever been to the Planet of Junk?
A: I crashed there once, badly enough that I went into stasis. I woke up two weeks later in the backyard of a Transformers fan who had bought a 'vintage Transformer spaceship, badly damaged but expertly repaired' off eBay.

Here's something a bit different - someone asking about one of our answers. The context is the question about using huggy pillbugs as Minicons. I said it could be possible:

Q: Should you give the Insecticons ideas like this? Or has someone already woken up with Blinky superglued to their back?
A: The Insecticons are less likely to glue Blinky to someone as Blinky is to do it himself. Sometimes, he claims, what people need is a really, really long hug.

Q: What kind of music do you listen? Or least what era ( '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, et cetera? )
A: I assume what you mean what I listen to willingly, otherwise it's whatever the Insecticons are playing ( lately they've been fixated on Inuit throat-singing. ) Generally I listen to Cybertronian music from the era predating the Quintesson occupation.

Q: If, during Energon you were trying to convince Alpha Q to create an ice-world inhabited entirely by ski-bunnies and figure skaters, with naturally-occuring hot chocolate springs, what were you doing during Armada?
A: If Wayward has her way, I'll go back and change things, not in the Armada universe, but in this one. Something about wiping out every story on Fanfiction.Net where the summary says any variation of 'Alexis mourns Starscream', 'in my universe, Starscream doesn't die' or 'OMG STARSCREAM IS TEH DEAD, KILLED BY SACRIFICING HIMSELF NOBLEY LIKE A NOBLE THING I KNEW HE WASN'T EVIL AND NOW I WILL HAVE HIS BABIES BECAUSE HE IS GOOD AND NOBLE NOW!' Like those idiots have never heard of a spoiler warning in their vapid lives.

Q: When you're done sorting out Transformers continuity, can you help sort out post-Crisis DC continuity?
A: I'd love to help, but I don't think Transformers continuity will ever be sorted out.

Q: And what's with ditching the Keys in a planet that's tearing itself apart by seismic forces?
A: The Keys were scattered randomly when the galactic space-bridge project exploded. Frankly, they were lucky to hit planets at all.

Q: Were the inhabitants ancestors of the crew on the ships carrying the Keys?
A: That makes far too much sense for this franchise. The Keys were scattered randomly. I'm not entirely certain how Transformers ended up on these other planets. Possibly the four planets were the ones the ancient Cybertronians were first trying to hook into the galactic space-bridge, and the crews were trapped there. Or Cybertronian colonists just felt drawn to these planets.

Q: What would happen If Blinky had a brief fit of remembrance, for only one comic, and went ape-wire, or in this case, High-Wire?
A: If Blinky reverted to his original persona, and if he remembered his time as Blinky, he would be horribly embarrassed. He might curl up in a ball in a corner and refuse to ever show his face again, or maybe he'd just go find an Autoroller to beat up. In any case, there would be no hugs or squeeing until he reverted to Blinky.


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