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  October 28th, 2005  

Never ones to shy away from taunting the hand that feeds us, it's Ask Vector Prime A Question. Sort of.


Biddle beep biddle beep whee beep beep bip beedle whee beep whee eedle beep bip wheedle-beedle bip bip whee beep beedle beedle bip bip beep. Beep wheedle beep whee. Beep beep wheedle bip beep wheedle beep beep whee bip bip beep whee bip bip beep. Eedle beep bip whee beep bip beep. Beep wheedle beep wheedle bip bip beep bip whee beedle beep whee bip bip eedle-beedle beep beep bip. Beedle-wheedle beep whee bip beep eedle beep beep!

Beep. Beep bip beedle-eedle whee bip. Bip beepbip beep beep. Beep beep wheedle bip whee bippy-bip beep. Beedly bipbip beep whee. Whee bip beepbeep wheedle eedle bip bip whee. Beep beep. Beedle whee beep bip eedle bip whee. Eedle beep bip bip beedle-whee beep.

Bip eedle whee beedle bip beep bip wheedle beedle beep.

Q: Is Override from the Speed Planet a girl?
A: Biddle beep bip. Beep eep bip. Wheedle bip beep. Beedle beep beep beedle. Beep!

Q: Can you destroy Megatron?
A: Beep bip. Beep. Beedle eedle bip whee beedle whee beedle. Beep beedle bip bip beep. Wheedle-bee! Beedle bip beep beep!

Q: Where are you from?
A: Wheedle beep. Beep. Beedle beedle beep. Wheedle bip-bip beep whee.

Q: Are you really one of the first 13 Transformers?
A: Bip whee biddle beep. Whee beedle biddle beep beep bip beep biddle wheedle bip beep beep whee bip beedle eedle bip. Beep wheedle beep.

Q: Are Mini-Cons going to be released as part of the Cybertron line?
A: Bip beep biddle beedle beep beep eedle-beedle beep beep? Beep beep wheedle bip. Beedle wheedle biddle bip. Beedle beep ...

Q: Where is your Autobot symbol?
A: Bip beedle beep beep whee beep whee bip beedle beep whee. Beep wheedle beep bip beep biddle beep. Beep biddle. Beedle bip bip?

Q: Is Optimus Prime older or younger than you?
A: Beep! Beep beep wheedle-beedle bip whee. Beep wheedle beep bip bip beep whee bip beedle beep beep whee bip beep beedle eedle whee.

Q: Why was Megatron lost In Energon?
A: Beedle beep bip beep.

Q: Were you evil?
A: Beep beep bip beep bip.


Beedle eedle bip whee beep bip beep. Bip bip beep bip wheedle beep. Eedle beep beep bip whee bipbip beep bippy beep bip eedle whee beep beep bip beedle bip. Beep beep wheedle beep bip eedle-beedle beep whee. Whee beedle beep bip bip beep beedle whee. Bip-beep eedle beep whee bipbip beep bip.

My head hurts. I am never, ever letting a Minicon have the run of a page again.


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