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  September 16th, 2005  

Thowaway word balloon joke suggested by Razorpack

Oh, so now I'm apparently supposed to put sorting out everything stamped 'Furman' off until I reconcile the Cybertron series to Energon. Unicron doesn't bring half as much chaos as Hasbro does. Now, me, I don't really care about why Megatron looks different or what happened to Rodimus or why the humans don't seem to remember Transformers. What I want to know is what happened to space-bridge technology? The Decepticons still have theirs, but the Autobots seem to have lost theirs, creating more work for me.

Wayward also says hello to those coming in from the Allspark. She was wondering why her hit-counter suddenly jumped last Sunday. Whichever one of you linked us, thank you. Free publicity is always welcomed.

First, the questions from the official site:

Q: Is Giant the main planet or Cybertron?
A: ... Congratulations on posing a question that confuses me. What do you mean, 'main planet'? Certainly to the inhabitants of Giant Planet, Giant Planet is the 'main planet'. If you mean the planet most important to Transformers as a species, that would be Cybertron, whether those colonists know it or not. If you mean in every cartoon except Beast Machines, the main planet is always Earth.

Q: Where is your Autobot symbol?
A: On my nosecone - so on my back in robot-mode or on my top in vehicle-mode. On the other hand, Scattorshot's symbol seems to be entirely missing.

Once, as a pick-up line while she was wearing her Kickback costume, someone asked Wayward where her rubsign was.

Q: Do you know anything about the movie?
A: Yes. It was written by Ron J. Friedman and Nelson Shin, and appeared in theatres in 1986.

I know, I know, you meant the upcoming movie. It will have transforming robots in it. The Autobots will be heroic, the Decepticons will be evil.

Q: Your Cyber Planet key has all 4 symbols. Why?
A: I travel a lot. Also, I am just that awesome.

Q: What keeps Transformers alive?
A: Energon and spite.

And here are questions sent straight to the Insecticons:

Q: What is "RANSFORMERS CYBERTRON"? Is it some knock-off brand name, or do you not know how to use spellcheck?
A: Take off - I don't do any of the typing. Like it says on the official site, it's the Hasbro team that does the posting. They apparently don't spellcheck, so the Insecticons fix that when they steal the questions. You'll note that the version on this site refers to 'TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON'. You'll also note that while the official site asks about Override from 'the Speed Plant', the In Space version asks about Override from 'Speed Planet'.

Possibly Botanica is from the Speed Plant.

Q: How did you add gold to your Vector Prime and Minicon? I'd love to try this myself. Is it a type of gold paint? Gold guilding?
A: Wayward used enamel paint, specifically Humbrol #54. It's actually slightly more orange and shiny than the original paint on my toy, so there might be a closer match out there. However, other people swear by acrylics, and acrylics dry faster than enamels and are easier to work with. Basically, it comes down to your preference.

Q: Why are you called Vector Prime?
A: A 'vector' is something with size and direction. 'To vector' is to guide something in flight. Both which work for a teleporting spaceship who is supposed to be the Wise Old Autobot who gives advice. A 'vector' is also a carrier, as in, 'insects are plague vectors', but since I don't carry Primes, that's unlikely. The 'Prime' could mean I'm just a really good vector, or an honourary title because I'm powerful and important, or maybe that I got to use the Matrix for a while. Or all three. At once, even. So my name could mean anything from "Who Never Changes His Mind" to "Unstoppable And Indivisible". I like a mix of "Who Cannot Be Pulled From His Course" and "Chief Advisor".

Frankly, given that my alt-mode looks like a refugee from Star Wars, I was probably named after the New Jedi Order book, Vector Prime. Given that Hasbro also does the Star Wars toys and I'm told that the book was about a prime vector instead of a person named Vector Prime, I'm certain this was done with full permission.


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