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  September 24th, 2005  

Blinky.  That's his tail, people.

The official site didn't post any questions this week, so Vector Prime says he doesn't have to get out of the hot tub. "But Vector Prime," Blinky [me] said, "who will entertain the In Space readers this week?" "It's up to you, little Blinky," said Vector Prime. "You have to save the day."

Actually, he threw a bottle at me. But he meant that stuff about saving the day.

My name is Blinky, and I've existed since 2002. I was created by Wayward's sister when Wayward gave her a Powerhug toy that she didn't know the name of at the time and decided should be named 'Blinky'. I am the loviest pillbug in the universe and I travel in a giant flying wallet. In robot-mode I can give one big hug and in insect-mode I can give lots of little ones. Squee!

Since there aren't any new questions, I'll just answer some of the old ones that Vector Prime didn't quite get right.

Q: Do you sleep?
A: I sleep in my flying wallet. Or in other people's wallets.

Q: Who is your best friend?
A: Everybody. Especially you.

Q: Where were you in Energon?
A: I was back on Cybertron, eating jelly doughnuts and hugging all the Terrorcons I could catch.

Q: Do you know Alpha Q?
A: I hugged him five times! Once for each face and once for when he hides in his shell and has a different voice.

Q: Did you ever fight Unicron?
A: I hugged his toe once, but he kicked me into the next solar system. I think I need to rethink my strategy ...

Q: What is the Omega Lock?
A: I'm not sure, but it tastes sort of like peppermint.

Q: How many years have passed since TRANSFORMERS ENERGON?
A: Energon hasn't ended yet, silly. The toys are still available in stores.

Q: Where is your Autobot symbol?
A: I don't have an Autobot symbol. I have a Maximal one! It's next to my left hand when I'm in robot-mode.

Q: What keeps Transformers alive?
A: Love.


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