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September 9th, 2005

First, the questions from the official site:

Q: When is RED ALERT coming out?
A: Red Alert says it's none of your business who he ... oh, toy releases. He's been available in Canada for a few weeks at least, but Wayward hasn't seen him often.

Q: Can Hot Shot defeat Override in a race?
A: By tech specs, no - Override has a speed of 9.5 while Hot Shot's is 8.5. And, really, he shouldn't be able to. My own biases aside, if you're the leader of a place called Speed Planet, you ought to be the fastest thing around.

Sigh. He's going to beat her in a race, isn't he? With the power of Go Faster wings. Or she's going to throw it so he can 'win' the Cyber Planet Key. ( And don't tell me. Just because I can see the future doesn't mean I want spoilers. )

Great, now I'm depressed. Maybe I'll go throw a bucket of water on the Fallen. That always seems to cheer Wayward up ...

Q: Does your sword have any special powers?
A: It has a Mutant healing factor and can shoot lasers out of its eyes.

Q: How many swords do you have?
A: How many do I need? I have one. It's made of rubber.

Q: Do you have all the Cyber Keys?
A: Like everybody else, I just have one. That and two AAA batteries cause me to make irritating sword-slash noises when I move my arm. It could be worse. I could have ended up with Go Faster wings.

Q: What is the Omega Lock?
A: It's the lock for the Omega, obviously. We use it as a display stand for the four Cyber Planet Keys, or plan to.

Q: How does Jolt know how to talk?
A: He's the only Minicon who doesn't swear every second word, so his dialogue isn't beeped out.

Q: Are Mini-Cons going to be released as part of the CYBERTRON line?
A: My sources say yes, but not until late winter or early spring. Wayward is hoping for more tiny jets.

Q: How many years have passed since TRANSFORMERS ENERGON?
A: None. It's a separate continuity ... sigh. Ten years, officially. And guess who has to reconcile the timelines in between answering questions and fighting Decepticons. And, really, stop with the caps lock. Just because I'm old doesn't mean I'm deaf.

And here are questions sent straight to the Insecticons:

Q: How does it feel being the owner of the infamous rubber sword?
A: For those who don't pay attention to the toys, due to American versus Japanese safety regulations, the western release of my toy has a sword and wings made of a hardish rubber instead of hard plastic. This means you need to undent the toy's wings once you get him out of the package, but it also means the sword won't break if you drop it. Being the American version, my sword is the rubber type.

Wayward thinks this is hilarious and spent days saying bizarre things like that it's "normal for a robot my age". She also told me that while my sword is longer than Energon Megatron's, his is always hard. When I pointed out that his also lights up, she nearly choked herself laughing. I don't understand humans at all.

Q: Is Rumble red and Frenzy blue? Or Frenzy red and Rumble blue?
A: This question has caused so much bloodshed that I move we declare them both purple.

And, a special feature. Wayward likes my American colours better than my Japanese colours, but wanted more paint applications, so she detailled me. The process would have been more enjoyable if she didn't insist on referring to the project as 'Pimp My Geezer'.


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