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Year Five

Year Five, and we didn't really do anything to celebrate except add a buzzy bee to the main banner.

061003: Five years of In Space, and we're still too wiped out from BotCon to do anything about it. The actual site stuff should tick over on the 7th. We'll see if it does so cleanly this time.

Due to waiting on credits, Insecticomic #162 is up. Episode #161 will be added whenever we get the name of a guy for crediting purposes. There's new stuff up in the Stuff For Sale section. Things like Twelve Months of Arcee will be updated in the next few days.

061005: Insecticomic #163 is up.

061006: Just because Vector Prime is on vacation doesn't mean we're skipping Friday updates. There's a bonus Insecticomic up.

061008: Insecticomic #164 is up. Also, you will note we've got new Update Goblins for this year. You likely already saw the new banner, which we will keep until we get bored of it.

061010: Insecticomic #165 is up. Three hours early by local time, but we'd rather update Monday night than Tuesday evening, just because.

061012: Two Insecticomics are up - episodes #161 and #166.

061013: Because you out there in Readerland have come to expect Friday updates, Wayward's started posting sketches.

061015: Insecticomic #167 is up.

061017: Insecticomic #168 is up.

061019: Insecticomic #169 is up.

[ETA:] Changed the logo again. This is more what we wanted to do earlier, but didn't have time to fix up 'til now.

061020: New sketches in the sketches gallery.

061022: Insecticomic #170 is up.

061024: We're not late, we're just not as early as we usually are. Insecticomic #171 is up.

061026: Insecticomic #172 is up.

061027: New sketches in the sketches gallery.

061029: Insecticomic #173 is up.

061031: Insecticomic #174 is up.

061102: Insecticomic #175 is up. Also started the Year Five updates archive. Whee.

061103: New Friday sketches are up. Well, one sketch, anyway.

061105: Insecticomic #176 is up.

061107: Insecticomic #177 is up.

061109: Insecticomic #178 is up.

061110: New Friday sketches are up.

061112: Insecticomic #179 is up.

061114: Not late, just not early - Insecticomic #180 is up.

061116: Insecticomic #181 is up.

061117: New Friday sketches are up.

061119: Insecticomic #182 is up.

061121: Insecticomic #183 is up.

061123: Insecticomic #184 is up.

061124: New Friday sketches are up.

061126: Insecticomic #185 is up.

061128: Insecticomic #186 is up. It would have been up last night, but our host manager was fussing.

061130: Insecticomic #187 is up.

061201: New Friday sketches are up.

061203: Insecticomic #188 is up.

061205: Insecticomic #189 is up.

061207: Insecticomic #190 is up.

061208: New Friday sketches are up.

061210: Insecticomic #191 is up. Hey, it's still Sunday. We're not totally late.

061212: Insecticomic #192 is up.

061214: Insecticomic #193 is up.

061215: New Friday sketches are up, though neither is technically a sketch.

061217: Insecticomic #194 is up.

061219: Insecticomic #195 is up.

061221: Insecticomic #196 is up.

061222: New Friday sketches are up.

061224: Insecticomic #197 is up. Merry whatever you want to celebrate, gang.

061226: Insecticomic #198 is up.

061228: Insecticomic #199 is up. Also, we reorganised the Canon section by topic rather than generation and added a sound files section to it. We'll be adding a new sound file weekly, we think, but we'll just start you off with three for now. The Winter Filler Sketches have been moved to the Fanworks section instead of being on the front page. We also added a picture of Zartan Wayward did some months ago to the Miscellaneous section.

061229: We've posted selected scans from some Armada colouring books up in the Canon section.

061231: Insecticomic #200 is up.

070101: By popular demand! Or because some people on a message board expressed interest. Anyway, the storybook The Story of Wheelie, the Wild Boy of Quintesson is now up in the Canon section.

070102: Insecticomics has started Volume III with #201.

070103: We declare Wednesdays to be Sound File Update Day. In today's installment, Megatron and Demolishor talk metaphysics and why your 'Sue can't become a Transformer, at least not in the Armada-Energon-Cybertron continuum.

We'll be sticking to Armada/Energon clips for a bit. Wayward's uncle borrowed her G1 DVDs to warp his children with.

We've also got cards that came with toys scans up in the Canon section. It's not done. We'll get to Armada and later shows later.

070104: Insecticomic #202 is up.

070105: Vector Prime is back to answer questions and complain about you. As well, new scans of things. We've got up what Armada/Energon/Cybertron cards Wayward has in the Canon section, as well as the return of Slog to comics at the bottom of Final Darkness.

070107: Insecticomic #203 is up.

070109: Insecticomic #204 is up.

070110: Sound file update - Thrust blows hard about Tidal Wave.

070111: Insecticomic #205 is up.

070112: Vector Prime answers questions that he thinks are silly.

070114: Insecticomic #206 is up.

070116: Insecticomic #207 is up.

And, because we feel like it, links. First, a shout-out to Beast Wars International, because we just noticed that they're number three on our Places We Get Traffic From list and we figured we should do something to acknowledge that. Anyway, Beast Wars International - all Beast Wars, all the time.

Second, if you're not reading Twisted Kaiju Theatre, why not? ( They're number two on the list, incidentally, we just really liked the latest episode. )

And while we're poking at our site stats, two of you still think this place is called In Space No One Can Hear You Starscream, and one guy thinks we're In Space No One Can Hear The Screaming Of The Star. ( Nimbus, is that you? ) And our weirdest search at the moment is, "help understanding what the coward mistakes the rock for a tiger". I don't even know what that means.

070117: A nice, short sound file this week - Megatron is unfazed by Shockblast's intent to take over the Decepticons. Also, a couple new scans in Bombshell and Shrapnel's sections in the Insectistats - their tech specs from the D16 EHobby reissue booklet. No me, and I don't know why not.

070118: Insecticomic #208 is up.

070119: Vector Prime answers your questions, but not our questions, because he doesn't like us.

070121: Insecticomic #209 is up.

070123: Insecticomic #210 is up. Also, in honour of Valentine's Day, we have a new mystery/horror writing contest up. Okay, so Valentine's Day has nothing to do with it.

070124: Oh, right, were doing Wednesday updates as well now. I hereby give you Sideways arguing with Alexis during Chase in the Sound Files Archive. When a Unicronian says 'Cyber Space', he's not talking about the World Wide Web.

And, just because, a picture of the Hot Cricketmobile Babe is up in Miscellaneous.

070125: Insecticomic #211 is up. Also, we're running an extremely informal Insecticomics poll, so go look at that when you go to the main Insecticomics index.

070126: Vector Prime answers your questions.

070128: Insecticomic #212 is up.

070129: New bit of art. This one was a commission - go check the Other People's Characters section in the Fanchara Gallery for Arbiter.

070130: Insecticomic #213 is up.

070131: New sound file up. This week, Thrust explans why the Decepticons keep losing.

070201: Insecticomic #214 is up.

And our occasional end of month search engine hits! How many ways can you say the name of this website?
in space no one can hear starscream - 29
in space no one can hear you starscream - 3
in space noone can hear starscream - 2
in space no one can here starscream - 2
in space no one can hear the screaming of the star - 1
no one can hear your scream insecticon - 1
no one can hear starscream - 1
in space you can't hear starscream - 1
in space no-one can hear starscream - 1

What, no 'the nobody listens to starscream place'?

Our top searches were 'starscream', 'insecticons', 'insecticomics', 'megatron', and 'insecticons.com'. And one Minicon out there was looking for 'beep biddle'. Watch that language, shorty.

( And, yes, Boag, we noticed you pimping us at the Movie board. Took us a while to find you and you seemed to want a shout-out, so here it is: Yo! )

070202: Vector Prime answers your questions and insults a Predacon.

070204: Insecticomic #215 is up.

070206: Insecticomic #216 is up.

070207: New equipment means our overhead's gone down a bit. Buy prints from Wayward - if you get bored of looking at them, you can wrap fish with them.

This week's sound file is about what Insecticons consider junk food. There's also a new picture up. After some agonising about placement, we put it in the Fanchara Gallery. It's a commission for Stormy of her vision of the Decepticon warlord Trannis.

070208: Insecticomic #217 is up.

070209: Wayward recently acquired every Dreamwave Armada/Energon comic ever, so she's started pulling scans from them. It's not the full comics, just panels that she likes and/or can pick on. Vector Prime will happen later.

[ETA:] Vector Prime has updated. Also, there's a new picture of Sideways up in the Not G1 Gallery.

070211: Insecticomic #218 is up.

070212: More Armada comic scans are up.

070213: Insecticomic #219 is up.

070214: Today's sound file update involves Armada Starscream complaining about his job. We also have a new picture up of the Aerialbots as Seekers for Chaos Angel.

070215: Insecticomic #220 is up.

070216: Vector Prime answers questions and wonders what a 'catoic' is. Also, new picture up in the Fanchara Gallery. For those of you who think that Wayward's Seekerboys look femmey, here's Photon and Strata, a pair of Seekergirls for Ravynfyre. Okay, so normally Wayward's jetgirls don't look any different from the jetboys, but the alt-mode she was given to work with was curvy, hence these two are curvy.

070218: Insecticomic #221 is up. We also finally updated the cast page.

070220: Insecticomic #222 is up.

070221: Our weekly sound file is from Energon, as Megatron attempts to drag Starscream back into the Decepticons.

070222: Insecticomic #223 is up. If that's not enough, we've got some new Slog scans up in Final Darkness, and another commission piece up for Ravynfyre, this time of her fanchara Blackstar.

Also, due to Real Life, Vector Prime will answer your questions on Sunday's update, not Friday's.

070225: It's still Sunday. Insecticomic #224 is up and Vector Prime answers your questions. These facts have nothing to do with each other.

070226: Wayward took a short break from commissions to bring you Galvatron and his trine.

070227: Insecticomic #225 is up. Also, the final of Ravynfyre's commissions ( unless she hires Wayward again ) - Strata and Blackstar. Blackstar happens to be dead.

070228: As per Wednesdays, a new soundfile is up. This week, Tidal Wave complains about Shockblast.

070301: Insecticomic #226 is up.

End of month search hits time. While 130 of you were looking for 'insecticons', seven of you were looking 'insecticons!', which are more exciting. One of you mixed up your G1 and G2 and searched for 'jhiaxus in the movie'. One of you hasn't yet realised that Transformers are always naked and put in a search for 'arcee nude'. But our search hit of the month goes to the guy who wanted 'time perception or perception of time or time sense or temporal memory being with someone else'. Guy with a bizarre search string, we salute you.

[ETA:] Dreadmoon's soliloquy in Insecticomic #226 was re-filmed, because the original version was dull.

070302: For those of you who sent in questions, Vector Prime has answered them.

Also, new commission up, this one of Flyby and ChibiJaime's character Wingblade.

070304: Insecticomic #227 is up.

070306: Insecticomic #228 is up.

070307: In the Wednesday sound file update, Demolishor gives humanity a backhanded compliment.

Also, I can't believe we forgot to post this: Straxus is after you.

070308: Insecticomic #229 is up.

070309: Vector Prime answers your questions. Also, a new commission up: Echoshift, a fanchara of Raven's.

070311: Insecticomic #230 is up. Back to the A Plot, briefly.

070313: Insecticomic #231 is up.

070314: We decided to skip the Sound File of the Week because we figure that a big art update should tide you over until the next Insecticomic. The latest commission is Prime and Elita-1 for ... well, we don't give out real names and he hasn't got an Internet handle that I know of, but given that he wanted a heroic hero-with-a-babe-hanging-off-his-leg pic, he's obviously got a sense of humour. The other two Wayward did for her own amusement - Lazorbeak ( Insecticomics-version, so we put her in the Fanchara Gallery ) and Bonecrusher leaning against a Temporary Base of the Week.

070315: Insecticomic #232 is up.

070316: Vector Prime answers your questions and shills for TransformersCon.

070318: Insecticomic #233 is up.

070320: Insecticomic #234 is up.

And another art update. Enjoy it, because Wayward might not be able to put anything else up until April ( and then she'll flood you with new stuff. Secret project, shh. ;) ) Anyway, the commission du jour is another for Chaos Angel: Claviger and Himself, a pair of her fancharas, of course up in the Fanchara Gallery. For Wayward's own amusement, she updated an old picture of Starscream and Skyfire. This one's going in the Snuggly Stuff Gallery, so, yeah, it's slash.

070321: Sound File of the week - Sky Blast sings to summon the other Minicons.

070322: Insecticomic #235 is up.

Aw, who are we kidding - Wayward might have a Secret Project on the go, but she can't work on that all the time. That and she'd finished this a few days ago but couldn't release it until now. On commission for Kepulver, the Combaticons.

070323: Vector Prime answers your question, provided you are the one guy who sent a question in.

Art update: Terrorsaur, as usual looking sultry, and as usual in the Not G1 Gallery.

070325: Insecticomic #236 is up.

070327: Insecticomic #237 is up.

Art update: Skyfire, who Wayward seems determined to drop in the snow. He can be found in the Autobot Gallery.

070329: Insecticomic #238 is up.

070330: Vector Prime answers your questions.

Also a big art update because the Secret Project mentioned back on the 20th has been released - it's Redemption, a huge fanfic by Nightwind and Frostbite. Wayward did some illustrations for it. You can look at the pics here, but the fic will give you both the context and the full pictures without titles and borders cluttering them up. We've dumped them all into the Snuggly Stuff Gallery even though only two of the pics are slashy.
Skyfire angry at Jazz.
Starscream and Skyfire on a sunset beach.
Skywarp and Thundercracker talking.
Starscream and Skyfire overlooking Jupitor.

And one pic done for Wayward's own amusement, her fanchara Brasswing. Somehow, she manages to be naughtier on her own than any slash pic.

070401: Insecticomic #239 is up.

As usual, it's the End of the Month looking at our site stats search strings. The top five are 'insecticomics', 'insecticons', starscream', 'megatron', and 'insecticons.com', which is pretty much the usual. Now for the odd ones:
- It isn't that 'starscream on fire' worries us. It's that three of you were looking for it.
- Two of you were hoping for 'furry art'. While Wayward does draw anthromorphs sometimes, you're not gonna find them on a Transformers site.
- Two of you were looking for 'terrorsaur and his love'. That would be either Raquel Welsh or himself.
- Two of you wanted to know 'what happened to vector prime'. As you can see, he retired from universe-saving and now runs an answer column.
- On that note, one of you wanted to 'pimp my geezer'. We used Humbrel paints, mostly.
- One of you wanted 'megatron / starscream slash fanfic' and another wanted 'megatron and starscream and slash'. Sorry, not here, but we can make some reccommendations.
- One of you wanted 'locust porn'. Well, you're not getting my stash!
- One of you wanted 'naughty thunderblast'. Oh, don't we all?
- One of you wanted 'background of fish'. I don't even know what that means.
- And our award of Person Who Got The Site Name Most Wrong goes to the 'in space everyone can hear megatron makes starscream' guy. Google on, mighty searcher, Google on.

070402: Insecticomic #239 is up for real this time.

Two days into April, and already we have a winner for Best Search String Of The Month: 'in space no one can hear starscream pimp my geezer'. And thank the almighty Furman we can't.

070403: Insecticomic #240 is up.

070405: Insecticomic #241 is up.

070406: Oh, right, we update on Fridays, don't we. Anyway, Vector Prime answers your questions. Also, an art update with two more commissions. Commission the first involves KITT as a Transformer, under the tutlage of Prowl and Jazz, for Frostbite and Nightwind. Commission the second is the return of Blackstar and Strata, characters by Ravynfyre, for Ravynfyre. Both to be found in the new Other People's Fancharas Gallery.

070408: Insecticomic #242 is up.

070409: A couple new pieces of art up, done for Wayward's size-munchkin cousins, which is why it is simple and friendly. First up is Beast Machines Blacharachnia, based on the toy, not the show. Second up is Legends of Cybertron Whirl. You know, Blue Evac. Both are in the Not G1 Gallery.

070410: Insecticomic #243 is up.

070412: Insecticomic #244 is up.

070413: Vector Prime answers your questions, even though he finds some of you silly.

Big ol' art update! For your viewing pleasure, we have:
- Starscream with a bit of a redesign, commission for Ravynfyre, up in the Decepticon Gallery.
- Skywarp on the attack, done because Wayward had the sketch lying around, up in the Decepticon Gallery.
- A recolour of the lovely and dangerous Brasswing, made lovelier and possibly more dangerous by the Koi Lungfish, up in the Fanchara Gallery.
- And, by request to Vector Prime, a picture of Wayward's first Transformers fanchara, Stalker, also found in the Fanchara Gallery.

070415: Insecticomic #245 is up.

070417: Insecticomic #246 is up.

Art update, this time another commission for Raven ( as different from Ravynfyre ) of her fanchara Echoshift, this time showing off his invisibility powers. He can be found in the Other People's Fancharas Gallery.

070419: Insecticomic #247 is up.

070420: Vector Prime complains about answering your questions, but secretly loves the attention.

And we fnally remembered to put the TransformersCon banner again. Oy. Anyway, be there or be a rectangular thing.

070422: Insecticomic #248 is up.

070423: Art update. Trying to bang out a few more pieces before TFCon, so here's Terrorsaur fighting Airazor in the Not G1 Gallery.

070424: Insecticomic #249 is up.

070426: Insecticomic #250 is up.

Double art update! First up is a three-way commission for Ravynfyre, Raven, and Dragoness Ecclectic of their jetboys Blackstar, Echoshift, and Duskwing. Echoshift is actually alive, he just has invisibility powers. They are in the Other People's Fancharas Gallery. Second up is Override, and, as a bonus, Nemesis Override, found in the Not G1 Gallery.

And because of TransformersCon, Vector Prime's answer column and Sunday's Insectcomic won't be up until sometime on Monday.

070430: For no real reason, a double-update of the Insecticomics. And #252 is longer than usual.

[ETA] Vector Prime answers your questions. Also, we updated the Insecticomics profiles.

070501: Insecticomic #253 is up.

Also a bit of a change in policy regarding commissions and sales. Not much - we're still some of the most inexpensive fanart on the 'net.

And the usual checking the site stats. The top three searches by a landslide are 'insecticons', 'starscream', and 'insecticomics'. Trailing far behind, the rest of the Top Five are 'in space no one can hear starscream' and 'megatron'. On to the weird searches:
- Four of you wanted to see 'wayward in space'. She insists on wearing a helmet.
- Two of you wanted to know 'how many insecticons are there?' There were ten G1-styled ones.
- One of you wanted to know 'how to make your face look like a transformer'. Stick wheels on it.
- Apparently a Minicon was looking for 'beep bip max'.
- One of you wanted 'bear scream vektor', and I don't even know what it means.
- One of you wanted an 'ugly fish'. Another wanted an 'ugly sunset'. What?
- One of you seems to want 'straxus in the next transformers series for 2007'. Over my deactivated body.
- One of you wanted to know the 'meaning of starscream'. We have no idea, baby.
- One of you had some important questions: 'how do we eat why do we eat where shall we have lunch'.
- And the weirdest search string this month: 'i can to make grin just i can hop said grasshopper he hopped up and down'. And then he tried again with 'i can to make in the grin just i can hop said grasshopper he hopped up and down'. Now you people are just messing with me.

070503: Insecticomic #254 is up.

Also, art update. Scavenger in a candy store for the Chaos Angel, based on her fic Choclatl.

070504: The Mystery/Horror Writing Contest stories have been coded and posted. Go give 'em a read.

Art update - it's the Stunticons coming at you, for the Chaos Angel.

And this week, Blinky answers your questions.

070506: Insecticomic #255 is up.

070508: Insecticomic #256 is up.

After a consultation with our judges, we declare Lunatron to have won the Mystery/Horror Writing Contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted entries, and the rest of you can go read the stories if you haven't already.

070510: Insecticomic #257 is up.

070511: Vector Prime returns to answer your questions.

070513: Insecticomic #258 is up. Also, we're going to be running the Insecticomics five times a week ( Sunday through Thursday ) until May 24th, just to see if we can handle it.

070514: Insecticomic #259 is up.

070515: Insecticomic #260 is up.

Art update: A MTMTE-style profile of Joseph's Ballad.

070516: Insecticomic #261 is up.

070517: Insecticomic #262 is up.

070518: Vector Prime answers your questions. Actually, it's just one person sending in a bunch of questions. Whatev.

070520: Insecticomic #263 is up. Also, for no good reason, we've started a Macro Images Gallery in the Fanstuff section.

070521: Insecticomic #264 is up.

070522: Insecticomic #265 is up.

070523: Insecticomic #266 is up.

070524: Insecticomic #267 is up.

070525: Vector Prime answers your questions and wonders about snack food.

070527: Insecticomic #268 is up. We're back to our Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday schedule.

Also, art update: Flamewar. She's wielding Classics Megatron, so this would be the Insecticomics version of Flamewar.

070529: Insecticomic #269 is up.

Also, huge update in the Canon section. We've posted every single Cybertron toy bio ever, including the secret ones and variants. Oof. ( And on the off-chance we missed one, write in and tell us. )

070531: Insecticomic #270 is up.

Double art update. First up are Butterfly Effect and Iniquity, a pair of triplechangers for the Chaos Angel. Second up is Bumblebee, solely because there is always at least one person at any convention asking if we have Bumblebee prints. Now we do.

070601: Vector Prime leaves Blinky to answer your questions.

And the traditional site stats round-up. This month, 'megatron', 'insecticomics', 'starscream' and 'insecticons' are the by far most used search terms, trailed by 'in space no one can hear starscream'. Megatron suddenly got popular, it seems. On to weird:
- One of you who knows us well wanted 'insecticomics starscream pudding'.
- One of you wanted 'the mythical animal unicron'. I think you might have a typo.
- One of you wanted 'tidal wave and thrust armada fanfictions'. If you found any, Wayward would like to see them as well.
- At least one person out there knows their Armada, as they searched for 'i do not like games now out with it'.
- One of you wanted 'thunderblast nude pics', apparently not realising that she never wears clothes.

070602: Insecticomic #271 is up. You're getting a bonus Saturday update because Sunday's is going to be late.

070603: Insecticomic #272 is up.

070605: Insecticomic #273 is up.

070607: Insecticomic #274 is up.

070608: Against everyone's better judgement, Blinky and the Fallen continue to answer questions.

070610: Insecticomic #275 is up.

And an art update. Today's offerings are both commissions: Demolishor and Snowcat with a bunch of tiny zambonis for Seiberwing up in the Not G1 Gallery and Optimus Primal and the fanchara Lightstreak for Wyndstar up in the Other People's Fancharas Gallery.

Also, Autobots are watching over you. ( Don't click if you're still trying to avoid visual spoilers. Spliced from two pictures that Wayward didn't take. )

070612: Insecticomic #276 is up.

070614: Insecticomic #277 is up.

070615: Blinky and the Fallen answer questions, squee, and tell people that Unicron will eat them.

Art update: Rodimus Prime, the character most-requested at conventions. Now there's a print available.

070617: Insecticomic #278 is up.

070619: Insecticomic #279 is up.

070621: Insecticomic #280 is up.

Also, Wayward's 'Autobots are watching over you' macro was posted at LOL BOTS. She is geeked about this.

070622: The Fallen and Blinky answer their final round of questions.

Also, art update we forgot yesterday: Dinobot in a forest. Prints will be available at BotCon and on the site after BotCon.

070624: Insecticomic #281 is up.

070626: Insecticomic #282 is up.

070627: Insecticomic #283 is up.

070703: It's one of those 'there is no update' updates. We're back from BotCon, but we've run into a few difficulties. We'll get things back on track, it'll just take longer than we hoped it would.

070705: Insecticomic #284 is up.

ETA: Also Insecticomic #285. Despite the subdued nature of the BotCon Fallout comics this year, Wayward had an absolute blast at the convention.

070707: And with Insecticomic #286, we're caught up on missed comics and will return to our usual Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday schedule, Internet willing. Vector Prime will update tonight or tomorrow, depending on our Internet connection issues.

[ETA:] Vector Prime is back to answer your questions and pointedly ignore any that have to do with the 2007 Movie. He liked the movie, he just hates spoilers.

070708: Insecticomic #287 is up.

070711: This is Tuesday's update, and we're not even updating from home. We told you we were having connection problems. Anyway, Insecticomic #288 is up.

070712: Insecticomic #289 is up. Also six ( mostly unfinished ) pages of a comic about the Liege Fabulo is up in the Fanworks: In Space Comics section.

070713: Because it's Vector Prime, we're declaring that we totally updated three hours ago. Veccy answers your questions.

070715: Insecticomic #290 is up. We also added a couple more toy card scans - Shockwave and the Air Miltary Team, both from Micron Legend ( the Japanese version of Armada, for those what don't know. )

070717: Insecticomic #291 is up. Also a bonus episode.

070719: Insecticomic #292 is up.

070720: Vector Prime answers/complains about your questions.

070722: Insecticomic #293 is up.

070724: Insecticomic #294 is up.

070726: Insecticomic #295 is up. Also expanded the Primus entry in the Cybertron Bios in the Canon section, because we missed the blurb on the side of his box.

070727: Vector Prime answers your questions. Sometimes even with facts!

070729: Insecticomic #296 is up.

070731: Insecticomic #297 is up.

070802: Insecticomic #298 is up.

070803: Vector Prime answers your questions and counts motorcycles.

070805: Insecticomic #299 is up.

070807: Insecticomic #300 is up.

070808: Art update, believe it or not. First was a commission of assorted fancharas belonging to Flyby, Ravynfyre, and Devi, a piece that Wayward simply calls Jets. They are Photon, Steadfast, Wingblade, and Strata. The second piece contains Spinister and Needlenose, as Lunatron cashed in on her prize art. It is very, very slashy, but not any more graphic than anything else on the page.

070809: Insecticomic #301 is up. Happy Volume IV, kids!

070810: Vector Prime answers your questions and thinks about supermodels.

070812: Insecticomic #302 is up.

070814: Insecticomic #303 is up.

070816: Insecticomic #304 is up.

070817: Vector Prime answers your questions, unless you ask the same questions every week, whereupon he gets fed up with you.

070818: Insecticomic #305 is up.

070821: Insecticomic #306 is up.

070823: Insecticomic #307 is up.

070824: For reasons known only to him, Vector Prime answers your questions.

070826: Insecticomic #308 is up.

070828: Insecticomic #309 is up.

070830: Insecticomic #310 is up.

070831: Technically it's September 1st, but this is still yesterday's update. We had connection problems. Anyway, this update's a triple threat. First is the usual Friday update - Vector Prime answers your questions. Second is a new piece of artwork - fan character Ironbite for, well, Ironbite. It's the first time anyone's asked for a recolour. Third, scroll down the Slog tribute Final Darkness to see new comic scans of the blobby little lump. So, IDW, where's our Slog Spotlight?

070902: Insecticomic #311 is up.

070904: Insecticomic #312 is up.

070906: Two updates. First, Insecticomic #313 is up. Second, a new piece of fanart. It's a new series Megatron redesign for Sailor Loon.

070907: Vector Prime answers your questions. Your many, many questions. Sometimes twice.

070909: Insecticomic #314 is up.

070911: Insecticomic #315 is up.

070913: Insecticomic #316 is up.

070914: Vector Prime travels back a day in time to answer your questions because we were having connection problems again.

070916: Insecticomic #217 is up.

070918: Insecticomic #218 is up.

070920: Okay, so Talk Like A Pirate Day was yesterday. It's only ten past midnight anyway. Insecticomic #219 is up.

070921: It's issue #96 of Vector Prime Answers Your Questions.

070923: Insecticomic #320 is up.

070925: Insecticomic #321 is up. If that's not enough reading material for you, Wayward's also done a one-page comic for Transformers: Mosaic entitled Business Lunch. Of course it features us Insecticons.

And if the art's not enough for you, Wayward commissioned her friend Koi Lungfish to do up a picture of three of their fancharas - the Liege Emirates. Miraculo is Wayward's, Stupendo is Koi's, and Fabulo is in joint custody. The centipede is named Mister Cuddles.

070927: Insecticomic #322 is up.

070928: Vector Prime answers your questions for the ninety-seventh time.

070930: Insecticomic #323 is up. Also, some black and white Armada Thrust art in the Not G1 Gallery.



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