Final Darkness: Slog

When falls tonight final darkness, another day will any of us see?

Did Wayward squee over Starscream? No. Us Insecticons? No. Terrorsaur? No, Wayward saved her squeeing for a lumpy little blob who transforms into a lumpier little blob and, when in his Pretender Shell, becomes a blobbier little lump. No, we don't understand, either. Anyway, here's a little section of the page that has the pretentious title of Final Darkness. It was either that or Slog Ownz J00!.

Anyway, Slog: short, dumpy, has three-foot chisels strapped to his arms. He talks like Yoda's poetry and is both a Pretender and a member of a gestalt ( Pretender Monsters or Monstercons, who combine to form Monstructor. ) He had a toy, appeared in two issues of the Marvel UK comics ( in an alternate future, no less, ) and got a profile in the Dreamwave More Than Meets The Eye books. Recently, he's been appearing briefly as Part Of Monstructor in Devil's Due and IDW comics. He is less obscure than he was, but still near the bottom of the pile.

But, well, he's an artist. A combat artist. He carves his enemies ( and the occasional ally ) into abstracts and calls it art. Wayward loves him for it.


Toy Tech Specs

Affiliation: Decepticon
Subgroup: Pretender Monsters
Function: Combat artist

"Destruction is the highest form of art."

He has taken sculpture out of the art studio and transplanted it onto the battlefield. In his Pretender guise, he can whittle an Autobot warrior into an abstract wreck within minutes. He considers his carved-up conquests to be renowned masterpieces. His diamond-steel alloy talons can tear through any material known to man or robot. Enclosed creature/robot is armed with a magnetic repellor-attractor which rips iron-bearing opponents into microscopic pieces.

STR:5 INT:8 SPD:2 END:8 RNK:7 CRG:7 FPR:7 SKL:10

Pretender Shell


More Than Meets The Eye Profile

Bio: Slog is the most tasteful and refined of his comrades. When he originally joined the Decepticons, they used his exceptional talent as an artist to produce sculptures and art pieces depicting the glory of the Decepticon empire and its leaders, and record their rise for posterity. Eventually, they realised Slog was a capable warrior as well as an artist, although his battlefield work is definately more of the 'abstract' variety. He carves up his foes on the battlefield more out of a desire to survive than actual spite, and he always attempts to make each of his victims a work of art to honour their memory. This aspect of war, and the fact that the Decepticons have no interest in supporting free expression and art, troubles Slog. Although he finds destruction to be the best way to create pure, chaotic art in an inanimate subject, he wonders about the lives lost in the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. Slog once organised an underground art show of his work, reflecting the horrors of war in the twisted, rusting ruins of his foes. This led to the coining of a new art form - 'slogism' - and the use of the exhibit's pictures in the Autobots' anti-Decepticon broadcasts. This and occasional doubts about his cause have not pleased his Decepticon superiors.

Weapons/Abilities: Subject possesses great intelligence and exceptional skill as an artist. He is a surprisingly effective warrior. Subject's outer Shell has harder-than-diamond talons capable of cutting through almost any substance. Inner robot is armed with a magnetic rifle that can be set to fire waves that repel or attract; it can even make its target's bodies repel themselves, tearing apart metallic opponants. Combines with fellow Pretender Monsters to form Monstructor.

Weaknesses: Subject has bouts of depression that make him useless in combat.

Pretender Shell


Comic Scans

Marvel UK #298-#299, Rhythms of Darkness
Hiding in the background.
Hiding in the foreground.
In silhouette, he looks like a little gremlin.
An awful picture, but he can be identified by colour and speech-pattern.
And his big scene, digging Icepick out of the rubble. See? He talks like Yoda!

Note: While the scans are taken from the UK issue, Rhythms of Darkness started life as Marvel US #67, and was later reprinted in the UK.

Devil's Due GI Joe versus Transformers, Black Horizon #1
Slog talking wrong is to be expected. However, when did these guys get so big?

Devil's Due GI Joe versus Transformers, Black Horizon #2
Slog appears on the cover! We expect the Apocalypse soon.
Yeah, that blob second from the left is apparently Slog.
And here's Monstructor killing some people because, hey, it's Monstructor.

IDW Optimus Prime Spotlight
DIE FOR MONSTRUCTOR! If IDW is using the Monstercons, does this mean we might actually get to see them acting independantly? And does it mean we'll ever see new toys of them?
Yet another take on 'how gestalts came to be'. Slog is the one out in front.
Slog fall down go boom.


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