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Year Four

Year Four, now we feel all old. We'll try to do something cool to celebrate Year Five, if we remember.

051002: The site renewal ticked over a couple days ago, so it's now a new year for In Space. We've existed in one domain or another for four years. Yow. Sure we're young compared to some other sites out there, but it just occurred to us that this is the longest Wayward's ever stuck with a fandom.

We'll have to do something cool for next year, but today is a fairly ordinary update. New character biopage in the Fanchara Gallery, this time for a repaint named Radius.

051005: Another repaint ( we think Wayward's finally slowing down on these, ) this time a pre-Monitor version of Eidolon.

051007: Vector Prime answers your questions. He also answers other people's questions.

Got two more bits up, art-wise. Another repaint ( there'll be one or two more after this before Wayward takes a break, ) this time of Energon Bombshell. At least one other person did one, but Wayward wanted one of her own. Also in the fanchara gallery is a biopage of Energon Eidolon. We'll do Wrench's whenever Wayward finishes his tech specs.

051014: Vector Prime answers more questions. He also sulks.

We also designed a Cyber Key for Blinky. It's in the Fanchara Gallery.

051021: New logo up on the main page, obviously. Wayward downloaded a font creation program and has been playing. That one up on the main page is based on the lettering from the old Marvel Transforers comics, specifically the letterer calling himself 'Glib' ( the letterforms were taken from the A Race With The Devil storyline. )

As usual, Vector Prime complains and answers questions. Also note that he's using a new font as well. And there's a new character in the Fanchara Gallery. If you've run into him in Koi's dictionary, it's Panakea.

051028: Vector Prime takes the week off and leaves answering questions up to his sidekick Safeguard. Oh, Primus ...

Remember that font creation demo program we mentioned last week? If you go check out the Canon section, there's now a Downloads area, with that Atlantis glyphs from episode Deep there. Go ahead and download it.

ETA: Still messing with the logo.

051105: Sorry about the lateness, gang - connection problems. Pretend this is the Friday night update.

Vector Prime returns to answer your questions. Grudgingly, but return he does. And there's four new Insecticomics. You know where to find 'em, gang.

051111: Vector Prime answers questions. Also, new updates page chibi that should have been added last month.

051118: Vector Prime answers questions.

051125: Vector Prime answers questions. Hasbro slacks off.

051127: A non-Friday update? Madness. Anyway, Wayward made a new font that she can't wait to show off. It's down at the bottom of the Canon section.

051202: Vector Prime answers questions. Hasbro doesn't. Where are you, Hasbroooooo?

051209: Yep, Vector Prime strikes again.

051216: Vector Prime answers questions and complains about people.

051220: This year's 'Season's Eatings' card is up, obviously. Plus there's a new Insecticomic.

051223: Oof. Only three items, but big ones:

- Vector Prime answers a whole lot of questions.

- There's a Christmas Insecticomic up.

- And check out the Canon section for the book Insecticon Attack!

051227: Because we love you, Energon valentines. We found them in a Toys "R" Us, then scanned them and put them up in the Canon section. Because we have all the self-restraint of deranged magpies when it comes to goofy Transformers merchandise.

Wayward put her foot down at the Optimus Prime gumball machine, though. Pout!

051230: Vector Prime answers questions, and we finally took down the Christmas stuff.

060102: New picture up in the Not G1 gallery. It's Vector Prime versus the Liege Maximo. We're not surprised she drew it, either.

ETA: Added the Armada font to the Canon section.

060106: Vector Prime answers questions, but mostly wishes he didn't have to.

060109: By popular demand! Er, because some friends reminded her to do it. Anyway, we've got some Beast Wars screencaps up in the Canon section now. Yes, it's mostly Terrorsaur. Don't look surprised.

And, just a reminder, but we've got a writing contest running. You've got a couple weeks left, gang.

060112: More Beast Wars screencaps are up in the Canon section. More Terrorsaur, more Waspinator, and now Megatron.

060113: Vector Prime returns to sulk.

060115: Because Wayward wants more practice drawing Vector Prime, there's a new pic of the old guy up in the Not G1 gallery.

060120: Vector Prime continues to answer questions.

060125: New Insecticomic up. Also Wayward got commissioned, so go look for the picture of Prowl and Jazz in the Snuggly Stuff gallery if you're into that sort of thing.

Also, hi to anyone coming in from this thread on Cybertron.Ca. Wayward has been acting smug all day because she got a photo credit.

060127: Vector Prime answers questions.

060128: If you're an utter LiveJournal addict, go to the Fan Stuff section for a link to Safeguard's LiveJournal. It's exactly as pointless as you expect it to be, but at least it keeps him occupied. Unoccupied Safeguard tends to mean dented shins.

060201: The only new thing is the news on the front page. Proper updates with new stuff later this week.

060203: Oof. New Vector Prime questions, plus we swiped the official ones and put them up for posterity.

060205: Got the contest entries coded and up. The votey thing should be up later this week.

060211: Vector Prime answers questions.

060212: The poll for the contest is up. Go vote.

060213: Go check out the Canon section - we recently acquired Armada DVDs and are now playing Gotta Catch 'Em All with screencaps. No, we don't mean Minicons, we mean random background characters. No, we're not nearly done this galley, Shrapnel just got tired of resizing for the night.

060214: From the 'Weird Stuff Our Friends Send Us File', it's Robots In Action, a horrible colouring book sent to us by our friends Frosty and Nightwind. It's not Transformers, but we wanted to show it off so badly that we made a whole new section for it - Miscellaneous.

060215: More Armada screencaps, oof. More have been added to the Background Characters section, and Thrust and Tidal Wave have their galleries started.

060216: New art up in the Fanchara Gallery - Vertigo's character Pyro. Also more Armada screencaps - NPCs and Thrust.

060217: Vector Prime answers your questions. Well, if you sent any in, we mean.

ETA: Added the background Cybertronians from Drift to their screencaps gallery.

060218: Two new pieces of art, both in the Not G1 gallery - Armada Thrust and Cybertron Thunderblast.

060219: Dreadmoon returns in a new piece of fanart.

060220: More background characters are up in the Armada Screencaps gallery.

060221: The winner of the latest contest was Koi Lungfish Thanks to everyone who participated. :D.

And, unsurprisingly, more Armada background character screencaps.

060224: Under duress, Vector Prime answers your questions. Also, a new piece of Eidolon art up in the Fanchara Gallery.

060301: Oof! We finally finished the Armada Background Characters gallery.

Also, we just realised someone put a link to us in the Vector Prime Wikipedia article. Mystery linker, we thank you for free publicity and for making us giggle like schoolgirls.

060302: We catch the NPCs, you name them. Thanks to everyone who's been writing in and identifying various characters. ( If the update you sent wasn't added, it's because Wayward looked it up and isn't entirely convinced. She could still be wrong. )

060303: Much as he wishes he didn't have to, Vector Prime answers your questions. We'll put up more Armada NPC corrections up tonight or tomorrow, depending on how distracted we are.

060304: More updates, corrections, and wild speculation in the Armada NPCs screencap gallery. There's still unnamed background characters, so keep the suggestion lists coming. Particular thanks to Kil for linking us to alt.toys.transformers and Nevermore for linking us at the Allspark forums.

060308: Not much. We were re-reading War Within: Dark Ages so we just added the scant Insecticon appearences in that to the Insecticons In The Comics gallery.

060310: Vector Prime answers your questions. Also, the Twelve Months of Arcee gallery has finally been posted in the Fanworks section. Of course there's only three pictures in it - it's only March, after all.

060316: New Insecticomic posted.

060317: Yet another Insecticomic.

ETA: Vector Prime answers questions and grumbles at greedy people.

060319: Two new pictures of Waspinator up in the Not G1 Gallery. Okay, so it's only one picture, just done in colour and black and white versions.

060323: Two new Insecticomics posted.

060324: The saga of Vector Prime Answers Your Questions continues.

060331: Vector Prime answers questions. And if that's not enough Vector Prime for you, we've given him a screencap gallery. It will not get any bigger until we get more Cybertron DVDs - we don't like screencaps with subtitles. ( Not unless they can be taken out of context as naughty, anyway. )

With nothing better to do, we looked up our reports. Most people who come here via a search engine looking for this site get our name right - "in space no one can hear starscream", as it would be written there. Some people still can't get this right. Variations are:
no one can hear starscream in space
in space no one can hear you starscream
no one can hear you starscream
in space nobody can hear starscream

Other people found this site through the following search terms:
beep beep - Someone looking for Safeguard, we think.
how to talk like dinobot - First, be Scott McNeil.
starscream pleasurable - We also had a 'starscream slash' query. Coincidence?
duck costume - Hee hee.
motormaster is - Is what? Motormaster is napping? Motormaster is a pie?
elita-1 override - No, no, Wayward threatens Override/Thunderblast slash, not Override/Elita-1 slash.
megatron dreadmoon - Dreadmoon got tired of waiting for Starscream, it seems.
starscream vector prime - Hee hee hee.

060405: A bonus feature has been added to the Robots In Action gallery in the Miscellaneous section. Go look over page two. You can't miss it.

060407: Vector Prime answers questions. No, he has not gone insane yet. Speaking of the old guy, there's a new picture of him up in the Not G1 Gallery.

060408: Every 'shipper has a crack pairing. Wayward's is Override/Thunderblast. If you run into Vector Prime in the Snuggly Stuff Gallery, please tell him to get his oversized aft back to the office so he can work on his column.

060414: Vector Prime answers your questions. Well, he did if you sent any in.

060421: Vector Prime sulks. Also answers questions.

060427: New Arcee repaint up in the Twelve Months Of Arcee section.

This weekend is Transformerscon. We're not updating again until Monday.

060501: Oof. Back from Transformerscon. Time for updates.

Of course, a convention means that Wayward has new costume pictures up. This year, she dressed as Safeguard, Vector Prime's Minicon.

Vector Prime has recovered, so he's answering questions again.

Assorted Insecticomics are up, including the convention report. Oh, and Secret Weapon is our one hundredth Insecticomic. We should do something special for that. Like maybe doing regular updates of them or something.

More updates tomorrow, but we figure this should hold you for now.

060502: We've got our repaints section back up - go check out Transformers: Infinity in the Fanstuff section. No, that's not all the repaints Wayward's done. She'll be getting the other galleries up over the next while.

060504: Fic. In quantity. All in the Worlds Away section, all vaguely related ( well, the narrator of Storyteller appears in The River Is Dry, and plot-points from The River Is Dry are important to Raise The Tide. ) It's mostly fanchara stuff and Dreadmoon-related.

060505: Because we have photographs he doesn't want released, Vector Prime answers questions.

060507: New picture up in the Snuggly Stuff gallery for those intersted in Starscream/Skyfire slash.

060509: After one hundred episodes, the Insecticomics go biweekly. Up today is the first episode of Volume II.

Also, Koi Lungfish coloured another one of those 'Robots In Action' pages in the Miscellaneous section. With bonus points for including the Hot Cricketmobile Babe. ( Okay, it did this a while ago, but Transformerscon was distracting us. )

[ETA]: There's a new contest up. You can choose to either write or draw in the Colouring Book Contest. With special thanks to Steve-o for letting us use his archive for this.

060511: New Insecticomic up. Also, added two more repaints to the Transformers: Infinity section. Our theme today is Thunderblast, for no particular reason.

060512: Vector Prime answers your questions, whether he wants to or not. Also, two more bio pages up in Transformers: Infinity in the Fanstuff section. Today's theme - Minicons that hang out with Fabulo.

060513: New picture up in the Decepticon gallery - Straxus overlooking the smelting pool. Mostly it's smelting pool.

060516: New Insecticomic up.

060518: Insecticomic #104 is up.

060519: Vector Prime was kidnapped by Decepticons, so Blinky answers this week's questions.

060520: New picture of Thunderblast up in the Not G1 Gallery.

060521: New picture of Thrust up in the Not G1 Gallery.

060523: Insecticomic #105 is up.

060525: Insecticomic #106 is up.

060526: Vector Prime answers your questions. Also, as sometimes happens if we get a letter we can turn into an Insecticomic, a bonus Insecticomic.

060528: We started running the Insecticomics twice a week to see if we could do it.

We can't.

We can't, because we get impatient. We want to update more than that. So in addition to Tuesday and Thursday, new Insecticomics will also go up on Sundays. This plus Ask Vector Prime A Question means this site updates at least four times a week, barring random updates. We're thinking of doing more, but we don't want to rush things and overreach ourselves. This site is a hobby done for the fun of it - we don't want to turn it into a job.

That said, Insecticomic #107 is up, and it actually has continuity with an episode from Volume I. We surprise even us sometimes.

[ETA:] Because Wayward was seriously bored today, a picture of Vector Prime and Safeguard is up in the Other Vengeance And Its Ilk gallery.

060530: Insecticomic #108 is up. Also, we were reminded that not all of Wayward's first-year G1 fic is up, so we've started coding that again. The first two chapters of Anthill are up if you want to torture yourself with early Waywardfic.

060601: Big ol' update to kick off June ( oh, Furman, it's June already? Nothing special about the month, except that we remember it just being winter. Yeah, yeah, insert your own Canada joke, but this year's just been motoring along. ) Site stats are nicely up - 386 visits per day up from 298 per day last month. As always, the most-used keyword to find this place from a search engine is 'starscream', and if it's ever anything else, we'll be surprised. We're not sure how we got nineteen hits for 'priceless', given that the only place we use that word is an Insecticomic title. At least one of you came here looking for a 'fish costume'. Anyway, updates:

A new repaint is up in Twelve Months of Arcee - Miss May is a tribute to Armada Sideways. And, we're on time, despite the date, as we could have posted before midnight, we just decided to put it all in the Thursday update, so nyah.

Insecticomic #109 is up, as per contractual obligation.

More screencaps are up in the Armada gallery - more Thrust and Tidal Wave, and now Sideways.

And chapters three and four of Anthill are up, for the masochistic.

060602: So that you don't have to spend five minutes on Google, Vector Prime answers your questions. Also, new pictures up in the Armada screencap section - more Sideways.

060604: Insecticomic #110 is up. Anthill's coding has been completed. Just two more old fics to go before we've finally got them all up.

060606: Insecticomic #111 is up. As well, we've finished off the recoding of Wayward's old fics with Dead Mechs Tell No Tales and Crash Landing.

060608: Insecticomic #112 is up.

060609: We found a lost episode of the Insecticomics buried in our files. We had posted it at the Padded Cell years ago for a friend's birthday, but have no records of actually posting it here at In Space. So, in Volume I, between episodes #33 and #34, we finally post Space Explorers.

And because we own him, Vector Prime answers your questions.

060611: Insecticomic #113 is up.

060613: Insecticomic #114 is up.

060615: Insecticomic #115 is up.

[ETA:] We've added an in-progress Cast page to the Insecticomics. There will be more pictures added, we just haven't taken them yet.

060616: Insecticomics: Find Your Fate has returned! Vector Prime will update later.

[ETA:] Ask Vector Prime has updated, with a bonus Insecticomic.

060618: Insecticomic #116 is up, as well as more pictures on the Cast page.

060620: Insecticomic #117 is up.

[ETA:] One of our readers pointed out that we put up a picture on DevArt that we forgot to put up here. Check out the Autobot Gallery for Slag playing chess with Prowl. Yes, really.

060622: The Colouring Book Contest is over, with Moxie Thuringwethil and Starshooter as our winners. Go check out all the entries behind that link there. ( Yes, we did the judging this time instead of putting it to a reader vote. We expect even more complaints for that. )

Insecticomic #118 is up.

060623: Ask Vector Prime A Question was late, so Veccy turned back time half an hour so we got the update in before midnight.

060625: Insecticomic #119 is up.

060627: Insecticomic #120 is up.

060629: Insecticomic #121 is up.

060630: Vector Prime answers your questions. He complains, but I think he secretly likes the attention. Also, Miss June is up in the Twelve Months of Arcee section.

And, because it's the end of the month update, it's time to look at our site stats. Readership is up due to an influx from Twisted Kaiju Theatre, so of course we're plugging them again. This month's winning keyphrase that someone used to find this place was someone looking for "poptarts costume". ( She was the one dressed as Thrust. )

060702: Insecticomic #122 is up. We've also updated the Links page, fixing the link to Transformers Icon of the Day, adding Paradron.Com and adding a section for other photocomics that we read.

060704: Insecticomic #123 is up. We've also added a story by Dragoness Eclectic to the Grab Bag in the Wayward Insecticon Theatre. Why? Because it was inspired by a picture Wayward did and Wayward liked the story. Go look up Stupidity In Blue, Redux.

060706: Insecticomic #124 is up, as well as cast pictures of all of the non-Minicon members of Starscream's Brigade. And if you've been pining for Waywardart ( heat makes drawing unhappy ) she's got a picture up of our old boss Straxus up in the Decepticons gallery.

[ETA:] More pictures on the Insecticomics cast page.

060707: Vector Prime answers your questions, other people's questions, and questions sent in to the official site.

We also added a sales page, if you've been dying to get a piece of Waywardart. C'mon, buy something - she couldn't find a job this season.

060709: Insecticomic #125 is up. Sideways' bio has been added to the Transformers: Infinity project.

060711: Insecticomic #126 is up.

060713: Insecticomic #127 is up.

060714: Vector Prime answers your questions whether he wants to or not. Mostly, that would be 'or not'.

Also, Dragoness Eclectic wrote a sequel to Stupidity In Blue, Redux. Art Appreciation 101 is up in the Grab Bag of the Wayward Insecticon Theatre section.

060716: Insecticomic #128 is up.

060718: Insecticomic #129 is up. Also, our friends at Twisted Kaiju Theatre did a crossover with us ( okay, it consisted of Shin-Goji digging a Bonecrusher - one of his three Transformers - out of his toybox, and we didn't do anything but approve it. ) The link straight to the comic is here.

060720: Insecticomic #130 is up.

060721: New fic up in Worlds Apart - Hopeless. Given the conversation that this story stemmed from, Darkstar got off easy.

[ETA:] Ask Vector Prime a Question has updated. Issue #50, whoo.

060723: Insecticomic #131 is up.

060725: Insecticomic #132 is up.

060726: Our friends over at Nukeland Cinema also gave us a crossover. You can find it here. We'll be repaying Lord Nuke and Shin-Goji with crosssovers to their comics starting in August.

And, because we felt like it and we're big ol' shills, a bonus Insecticomic is up. As well, the rest of the Decepticon pictures have been added to their section of the cast page.

060727: Insecticomic #133 is up.

060728: Ask Vector Prime a question updates, though he isn't sure why.

It's two months until BotCon. Are you organised yet? We aren't.

060730: Insecticomic #134 is up.

060801: Insecticomic #135 is up, and it's a crossover with Nukeland Cinema.

[ETA]: The next Arcee repaint will be added later today. We got caught up in filming the Insecticomics for the next week, forgot, and now it is past our bedtime.

[ETA II]: Miss July from Twelve Months of Arcee is up.

060803: Insecticomic #136 is up, and it's a crossover with Twisted Kaiju Theatre.

060804: Vector Prime answers questions, Shrapnel provides a bonus comic.

060806: Our lopsided crossover week continues in Insecticomic #137, continuing the guest appearance of Shin-Goji.

Also, two new pieces of artwork are up. For Oasis is a picture of Ultra Magnus and Tracks watching a sunset in the Autobot gallery, and a picture of Quickstrike and Terrorsaur in the Other Vengeance gallery for Starscream's Wife.

060808: Crossover week comes to a close with Insecticomics #138, which packs Shin-Goji back to Twisted Kaiju Theatre.

060810: Insecticomic #139 is up.

060811: Vector Prime answers your questions and contemplates restraining orders.

060813: Insecticomic #140 is up.

060815: Insecticomic #141 is up.

060816: New picture up in the Autobot gallery, a commission for Chaos Angel. Go look for Omega Supreme chatting with the Aerialbots.

060817: Insecticomic #142 is up.

060818: Vector Prime lurks message boards and answers questions.

060820: Insecticomic #143 is up. We also finally archived the crossover comics in their own section.

Also yet another Autobot picture up in their gallery. It's not Wayward's fault - Thu finally collected on her prize art and requested Fireflight.

060822: Insecticomic #144 is up.

060824: Insecticomic #145 is up, plus Beast Wars Megatron's picture has been added to the cast page.

060825: Vector Prime answers your questions. Also, in a fit of getting a new DVD, the Cybertron screencap gallery has expanded, with more pictures of Vector Prime, plus galleries for Thunderblast and for Autobot group-shots.

[ETA:] Updated the Insecticomics Cast page again.

060827: Insecticomic #146 is up.

060829: Insecticomic #147 is up.

060831: Insecticomic #148 is up.

060901: Vector Prime answers questions, complains.

Miss August from the Twelve Months of Arcee Project is up.

060903: Insecticomic #149 is up.

060905: Insecticomic #150 is up.

060907: Insecticomic #151 is up. Also, go check out the Fanchara Gallery for a new commission - this one is Capstone for Sailor Loon.

060908: Vector Prime answers your questions if you sent any, unless he thought it was a distasteful question whereupon he ignored it.

060910: Insecticomic #152 is up.

[ETA:] More Vector Prime than you can handle! Thre's a new picture of him up in the Not G1 Gallery, and he finally got annoyed enough to make an FAQ for his answer column.

060912: Insecticomic #153 is up.

060914: Insecticomic #154 is up.

060915: Vector Prime's FAQ didn't scare you off, so he's still answering your questions.

060917: Insecticomic #155 is up. Also a new picture - Dragoness Ecclectic's Duskwing is up in the Fanchara Gallery.

060919: Insecticomic #156 is up.

060921: Insecticomic #157 is up. There's also a picture of Ironhide up in the Autobots Gallery.

060922: Vector Prime answers your questions. After this, he'll be on vacation until January.

060924: Insecticomic #158 is up.

060926: Insecticomic #159 is up.

060928: Insecticomic #160 is up. Vector Prime has posted his away message. The next update will be on Tuesday, due to that whole BotCon thing. If you're down there, drop by Wayward's table and buy something.



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