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  July 7th, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

I return and find the place covered in sooty footprints. It doesn't take a CSI team to figure out who was answering questions for me while I was away.

Anyway, news. If you don't know what this week's big news is, I'm not going to tell you. But here's a hint: I won't be answering questions about it until September due to spoilers.

Q: Dear Fallen,
1) How do you get these cool flames to stay on your body without getting burned by said flames?
2) Have you finally decided to accept your duties as "Grimlock's Baby-Daddy" i.e. the co-creator of his dinosaur minicons?
3) A while back, you licked Blinky in return for his non-stop hugs. Did he demand massive amounts of therapy? How does the licking incident affect your relationship now?
Dear Blinky,
What type of therapy did you get when The Fallen licked you after you hugged him?

A: Blinky and the Fallen have returned to whatever it is they do when they aren't around me. I seem to recall at least those first two questions have been answered - "It's magic fire," and "no," respectively. The Fallen's idea of thereapy was to punt Blinky across the room. A hard shell is the main advantage of being a pillbug.

Q: dear the fallen
first off, when you see vp, thank him for his proposed action of not writing movie spoilers into the publication until september. do you enjoy the beverage commenly known as tea blinky? also do either of youy read the insecticomics as well as acting in them?

A: I have too many friends who don't want to be spoiled, many of whom live in Europe, where the new movie won't be out until late July. It seems only courteous to refrain until they've all had a chance to see it for themselves. I've never seen Blinky drink tea, but I've seen him marinate in it. Blinky reads the Insecticomics, the Fallen tries to avoid doing so because he finds them embarrassing.

Q: Q: Dear Fallen and Blinky
1.) Fallen, what do you think about Armada Sideways? I think you could make a great couple since you have so much in comment with each other!
2.) Blinky, can you hug Safeguard without he bites you even though he does not have a mouth?

A: 1) The Fallen and Sideways don't seem particularly fond of each other, both believing themselves to be Unicron's most important minion. It is doubtful whether Unicron even knows they exist.

2) Blinky sometimes hugs Safeguard. Safeguard growls a bit, but allows it. Blinky is a force of nature. You might as well try to bite the rain.

Q: Who was the leader of Primusís original 13 transformers? And Fallen calm down. I donít trust you because you betrayed your creator. Would YOU trust someone like that if you were in my situation? Iím sure Blinky and Vector Prime agree with me on that. And if youíre wondering why I donít trust you and Iím still asking questions itís because Iím sending my questions to Blinky until Vector Prime gets back.
A: I am back. The leader of the Firstforged was Prima.

Q: In Beast Wars Optimus Primal said that after G1 some Decepticons were granted amnesty Which Decepticons were granted amnesty?
A: Ravage was the only one mentioned in the show.

Q: most fearsome Fallen
I have a question about your fearsome master Unicron. if he is such a mightly and powerful god how come spaceships crash through his eyes and dinobots kick holes in his hide so easilly. Doesn't the seem a bit un-godlike?

A: Unicron and Primus are cosmic, not divine. When they create physical bodies for themselves, those bodies can be damaged or even destroyed.

Q: dear vector prime i'm asking you this question because i wish to be your friend what is your email address.
A: That would be the address you just used to send me this question.

Q: Who built G1 Arcee?
A: Her creator was not listed in the cartoon. In the Marvel comics, she was built by the Autobots on Earth because they got fed up with people calling them sexist for being an asexual species whose members happen to generally look male. In Dreamwave, there was some kind of Quintesson thing going on.

Q: Vector Prime, what did Wayward do to get you that white color? i just looked on ebay, he jooks just like you and safeguard except for the white part, how can i do that, and make sure nothing else on you gets ruined? Also, why is Wayward called Wayward?
A: ... But ... but white is the colour that I am. I was white and dark brown right out of the box. Possibly what you were looking at was the Japanese version of myself, which is light gray and a reddish brown. The way to get a bright white Vector Prime figure is to buy the North American release.

Wayward is called Wayward because she gets lost easily.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
Is there a site that shows all the Transformers G1 epidosedes? I havn't been able to find one in my search engine.
p.s. I'm not using the caps lock, cause unlike osme people here, i know your not death or hard of hearing.

A: YouTube, possibly. As far as I know, there's no online archive of the G1 episodes.

Q: Please direct this question to Vector Prime. If he is not in, I can wait.
Veccy, Have you been threatening, or bribing, the Hasbro team? Are you aware that your attacktix figure special gimmick involves removing up to two Insecticons?

A: I do know this. This wasn't my doing - I found out after seeing the figure itself.

Q: Oh great and wonderfully huggy and SQEEE Blinky 1)If you could go through time to meet one person in history who woud it be
2)give ol' flamer a huge hug with exta SQEEEE please?
great and wise fallen
what is the allspark exactly
PS why do you go SQEEEEE Blinkey?

A: 1) Knowing Blinky, he would like to meet whoever invented hugging. Or possibly Oscar the Grouch so he can try to cheer him up.

2) I will pass on the message.

3) The Allspark is where the sparks of Transformers go after they die, as seen in Beast Wars.

PS) Blinky squees because he's happy.

Q: Dear vector prime,does safeguard have any special powers?
A: He can survive the same extreme environments that I can, bite people despite having no mouth, and affect Vok, but has no major powers.


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