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  January 12th, 2007 

Vector Prime

I'm not even going to look to see if the official site updated. You do it.

Q: Oy, you!
I'm the original Nemesis Prime! Why doesn't anyone respect me?
- Motormaster, G1

A: You're the wrong colours. You're dark gray and purple rather than black with turquoise and red. By that reasoning, Transmetal Waspinator is Nemesis Waspinator and the Diaclone E-Hobby Insecticons are the Nemesis Insecticons.

... I just gave them an idea, didn't I?

Q: Hey you!
Where can I get daisy decals that will stick to Motormaster's forcefield?
- Drag Strip, G1

A: Ask the Insecticons. If they don't have any, they'll know where to steal them from.

Q: Vector Prime,
Time Wars. Galvatron tore time and space apart, the future got screwed up in horrible ways, planets got destroyed. Where the **** were you?
- Rodimus Prime, G1

A: Unicron turned into a black hole that threatened to unravel the entire multiverse. I don't recall seeing you there.

Q: Dear sweet lovely nice kind handsome generous charitable wise noble wonderful Vector Prime
Please please please please please please please can I come and hide behind you? The fangirls are driving me to drink and Tidal Wave won't let me hide behind him anymore.
Armada Starscream, hiding under the bed with a thesaurus

A: Try hiding behind Wheeljack. Nobody seems to remember that he exists, either.

Q: If you had to choose between killing Starscream or Override becoming your slave, which would you choose?
A: Easy - killing Starscream. I have no interest in Override being my slave. What use is a girlfriend who isn't with you by choice?

Q: Hey, Veccy! Its the Mage/Getter fanboy again. Hope your mission went well *though chances are, probably not..*. Now onto the questions!
1. Have you come across any being/god/whatever named Ide? Just incase you haven't, it resides in a mecha called Ideon...
and 2. Considering safeguard went with you and Blinky was covered up in a duct tape ball for christmas, who would've taken over the column if the fans could not wait?
PS: After much research, Keiser Ephes is just some old putz who passes himself off for a god. Smite him, would you?
PPS: There are these three human sized robots that keep claiming to be minicons...despite the fact their origin is within the Megaman universe. What do I do with them?!

A: 1) Only on Wikipedia after you asked. What did I say in the FAQ about asking me anime questions?

2) Most likely whoever was least-suited to it, or whoever was available and has a goofy voice. Given those conditions, probably Slog.

PS: I don't smite, much as I'd sometimes like to. I am too aware of things that can occur when people are removed from the universe at the wrong time.

PPS: Strap them to your arm and ask why you aren't getting a power boost.

Q: Dear Veccy,
Let me start out by saying I /love/ the new format for the Insecticomics, though I do worry that having such a large image instead of lots of little ones might do funky stuff to my dial-up. Still...
My question: when is the next Insecti-contest coming out? And is it true we're getting transforming rocket-cars if we win?

A: The next contest will come out whenever Wayward thinks of one. She had a few ideas during her semi-hiatus. Perhaps one of them will work. And you never get anythng better than artwork from Wayward. Perhaps you could get a drawing of a transforming rocket-car.

As far as image download speed goes, the new format is indeed generally larger than the old. The old format tended to run between 200kB and 550kB, depending on the number of panels, with the average being about 300-325kB for five or six panels. The new ones have been averaging about 325kB, though six episodes is hardly an accurate sample. However, the new format will always seem like they take longer to load, because it is one unit instead of multiple smaller ones.

Q: Dear knower of series,
I was talking to a friend of mine, and eventually the discussion degraded into a versus contest, and since we couldn't come up with an answer I ask you. Based on their respective powers, abilities, and whatnot who'd win in a Dinosaur fight. Grimlock or BW Megatron. This is of course, assuming that the other Dinobots are off beating up the Predacons, so nobody could cheat and it'd be a fair fight.

A: Grimlock is much bigger and stronger. Megatron, however, would find some clever way of beating him. There is no such thing as being unable to cheat for Beast Wars Megatron. Unless Furman was writing it. Then Grimlock wins the universe.

Q: Vector Prime,
I have recently come across some rather disturbing material. I involves the human girl, Alexis, and me...Please would you kindly tell me exactly why so many humans find it amusing to describe "questionable romance scenes" involving me and that blasted girl?! So I liked her! Big friggin deal! She was one of the few people through out my life that was kind to me, that doesn't happen often, so I was inclined to be civil with her. But why do these people called "fangirls" think it's "hot" and interesting to describe me frenching her!? I don't even have a tongue so how is that even possible? And for the record, last time I checked, I most definitly do NOT have a "doo-hickey" under my armour!
Please help shed some light on these repulsive developments as I can't and won't show my face until this mortification dies down
Armada Starscream

A: Weren't you just here? Even if you did have a tongue, it would be rather too large to fit in a human's mouth. But, to fangirls - fangirls, in general, like Starscreams. You were not only the nicest Starscream, you also liked humans. One of those humans happened to be female and had a bit of a schoolgirl crush on you. This is all fangirls needed to say, "Look! Starscream would so love me! If he was real. And knew I existed. Totally!" I'm certain there's perfectly good ways of writing the two of you together in a relationship that makes logical sense, but most fanfiction writers can't be bothered.

"Doo-hickey". I'm sure that's the scientific term right there.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
After Siren/Go Shuta called Nightbeat/Minerva an "unfeminine, hard-headed, wimpy, crazy, paranoid, and scatterbrained femme" for one too many times, she has snapped and is now chasing us with a chainsaw. How should we protect ourselves? How will we get Nightbeat back to normal? Sincerely,
G1 Hosehead/Cab

A: I'm not even sure where to begin on this question. Nightbeat/Minerva isn't like Override/Nitro Convoy - Nightbeat and Minerva are entirely different characters. If you can't tell them apart at a glance, there's no hope for you. Perhaps a bit of chainsawing will focus your minds and teach you the difference between red and blue.

Q: Hey, old coot,
We Buildbots ain't part o' an alternate universe, only an alternate future. Ta clarify our status, we've asked our author ta place us, Omnicron, an' Catseye in da Transformers: Forever universe. Now, kin ya give us some 'elp? Will ya talk ta Wayward 'bout lettin' us in 'er new series? We won't cause dat much trouble.
Gravedigger, leader of the Buildbots.
P.S. My accent is supposed ta be from New York. D' I sound appropriate fer a New York accent?

A: I thought Wayward already gave your writer diplimatic immunity or carte blanche or whatever it is writers give each other when they say, "I lent you the universe. Do what you like." Why do people keep asking me if Wayward will do something for them or help them out? She has her own e-mail address.

PS: Not really. You sound more like Wayward screwing up her Rattrap impression, which is to say, vaguely Irish.


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