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  February 11th, 2006  

Vector Prime

Hm, it seems they fixed the link on the front page that goes to the official answers. Does this mean Hasbro plans to start answering questions again? Future hazy - try again later.

Q: Oh Master of ... whatever,
Have you ever traveled to the same point in time twice and met yourself?

A: A few times. I try to avoid it. We just end up standing around feeling awkward until the Safeguards go running off to cause trouble which we have to bail them out of. He isn't fond of other Minicons, but he likes himself. Once we got our Safeguards switched, which caused a great deal of confusion for a while.

Q: Got two questions:
1) One of my friends claims that you can rap. By that, I mean the musical style, not wrapping packages. Is this true or is it yet another outrageous case of misinformation?
2) What would you do if you were repainted in Insecticon colours?

A: 1) It is a case of misinformation. Of the Autobots, it is Scattorshot who indulges in that musical style.

2) I would do horrible things to the Insecticons, because it is almost certain to be their fault.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Where were you when Optimus Prime died?
The G1 Autobots

A: I was in another universe visiting a friend of mine - the Guardian of Forever doesn't get many visitors who will talk to it as a person. Besides, I knew I wasn't needed. Optimus Prime came back soon enough.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I hear you can travel back in time and maybe change the past! Is there any way you can go back and make someone else Chosen One?
Rodimus Prime

A: Given the nature of Chosen One prophecies, you were probably stuck from the moment Primus entered your universe. Possibly the Matrix could be tinkered with to pick someone else, but I'm not touching that thing again if I can help it.

Q: You Murdrrrng Git,
Whrrrr's th lghtssswtch?
The Demons

A: Lightswitches can generally be found to the left of the door. Except there are no doors where you are. Rot in darkness, monsters.

Q: To Vector Prime,
Galvatron, G1

A: I will leave answering this question to Safeguard:

Safeguard says: BEEP! Bip beep EEP! Bipbip.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Why are all the successors to my name so fat?
Optimus Prime, G1

A: In other universes, energon is made of pudding and they like to stay charged.

Q: Darling Vector Prime,
Please find enclosed one picture of me after a good hot oil-bath and waxing. Are you sure you won't give me Override's contact details?

A: Madam, you twist my arm. Override can generally be found at:

Convoy Override
That racetrack on a hill
Sector Eighteen

Q: You Hrrrible Mchine!
We'rrre ssssstill down here!
The Demons

A: And you may stay down there!

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I'm confused. If Cybertron was an organic world before Primus made it into the metal planet we know today, then it must've had a Planet Key/Force Chip thing. But if Primus is now in it, that means it must have two. Even assuming one of them is actually the Matrix ... where's the other one?
Bookworm, Cybertronian Technohistorian
PS. Did you really fight the demons? What was that like? Do you consider yourself to be an agent of Primus' will or an accomplice to genocide?

A: It depends on both your universe and your mythology. Possibly life can develop on worlds that lack Planet Keys. Or Primus gave proto-Cybertron a Key on his way past, came back to claim the world some billions of years later, and absorbed the Key into himself again.

It's hard to feel too bad about trying to make a species that would eat you as soon as look at you go extinct. You may go ask them their feelings about it if you like.

Q: Vector Prime,
You've still haven't returned my lawnmower.
Liege Maximo

A: I will return it after you return my ladder.

Q: You Nsssty Light,
We knw whrrrr you slllleep. And yrrrrr prrretty Minicn too.
The Demons

A: Conversely, I know where you sleep. It's not like you can go anywhere.

Q: Dear Vector "Prime",
After careful research and long debate, we have concluded that, since you are neither a large truck, nor a gorilla, lion or other pussiant mammal, you cannot be a Prime. Please turn in your title to the current Autobot leader in your locale.
The Committee of All Primes, Everywhere

A: Bah, take it up with Prima. It was his idea to lend the Matrix to me.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
That screechy fool from Armada has ruined my reputation! Autobots ask me for aid! Human germs offer me polishing rags! Megatron keeps asking me if I'm going to defect! How do I get into his universe? I'll dismember him with a rusty screwdriver!
Starscream, G1

A: I hear the most popular methods of reaching the Armada continuity are by getting sucked into one's television or being hit by a car, whereupon you will awaken in Armada in the middle of a battle. I am certain one of your local Autobots will be more than willing to assist you.

Q: You Wrrretched Rrrbt!
We'rrre waitng frr you.
The Demons

A: You will be waiting for a long time. Well, until Beast Machines at least, but I still won't be there.

Q: Yo, Vector Prime!
Thanks for restoring the reputation of old Autobots! We think you're great! Swing by G1 sometime and we'll buy you energon! Hey, we'll buy you all the energon your cargo hold can carry!
Kup & Ironhide
PS. Please stop getting beaten up so often. You're making us all look like wusses. Only not as much as Alpha Trion did. So you're still funky.
PPS. If we buy you more energon, will you go into the past and tell our past selves not to wear flares?

A: I thank you for your kind offer. I will attempt to come back to G1, at least for a while. I need to speak to Alpha Trion about not putting time-stopping devices in people, no matter how many warnings he gives them first.

On that note, I will not be able to warn your past selves about poor fashion choices, as that would alter reality again, and G1 needs less of that, not more.

Beedle wheep beep. Beep beedle beep whee eedle biddle bip bip bee wheep bee. Bip beedle bip beep bip bip wheedle eedle beepbeep bip beep whee wheedle beep.


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