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  January 13th, 2006  

Vector Prime

Here is the obligatory Hasbro link. Oh, how will I ever survive without people asking me how old I am or what I turn into?

Don't any of you ask how old I am. I've answered that three or four times in the archives already.

Q: May have been asked before ( my apologies if it has, ) or have come up, but what would the Beast Planet equivalent of the Name "Velocitron" be?
A: No, I don't think we've done that one. Most likely, it would be something dreadful like 'Jungletron' or 'Beastron'.

Q: What was it like dueling a being as powerful as Liege?
A: Flattening. I held out for two minutes before the Liege Maximo slapped me out of the air. But that's one minute and fifty-eight seconds longer than most people last against him.

Q: For Safeguard, Veccy if you could translate for us AND keep it PG-13,
I asked Vector Prime this, it's only fair to ask you, too. If you could be upgraded in any way shape or form, how would you? And how would you upgrade Vector Prime?


Safeguard says: Bip. Bip wheep biddle beep beep wheedle beedle beep. Bipbeep beep bip eedle-beedle beep whee bip bip whee beedle. Beedle beep wheedle eep beep bipbip beep beep beep wheedle. Beep eep whee beedle beedle beep whee beedle. Wheedle beep bip wip beep beep wip beep beedle biddle beep whee beedle whee bip beep beep eedle.

Q: Vector Prime-san, if you were offered to transfer your spark to a customised Gundam body ( with losing the ability to transform, saving all your specials ( sword tricks, Force Chip, powerlinking, et cetera, ) and gaining size, strength and additional firepower of Gundam's weaponry ) would you agree? And what Gundam will it be?
And about previous time, I think I asked you to translate what Safeguard says into English.

A: More power would be nice, but I would not like to give up my ability to transform. Transformation defines us - it's so important that it's part of our name. Unless you missed a word and that sentence was meant to be 'without losing the ability to transform'. And then, why bother becoming a Gundam if nothing much is going to be changed? In any case, while extra power is welcome, I still prefer my Cybertronian body to anything an organic could build.

You did ask, and it was translated. If you hover your mouse pointer over anything Safeguard says, it translates for you. You can test it on the previous question.

Q: A bit of a morbid question but have you seen or heard of any suicides?
Domo arigato, Vector Prime-san ( I don't usually talk like that but I need a neat closing line. )?

A: Anyone who knows what the word means has heard of suicides. But I assume you mean, was I there when one happened. Yes. When one travels as much as I do, one cannot help it. No, I'm not allowed to interfere unless letting it happen will have worse consequences on the timestream than changing things to save the person would.

Q: Oh Veccy, Veccy, Veccy ... can't you see ... sometimes your love it hypnotises me. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack with more questions.
1) So ... can you be controlled by a magic spell book? If so ... what spell would you like to use first?
2) So you're a Guardian of Time eh? Ever met Time itself?
3) I modified myself into a Minicon ... wanna try me out?

A: 1) Possibly, if the spellbook has something like 'Control Robot' in it. My personal favourite spell is 'Bigby's Insulting Hand'.

2) Time is either a force, a direction, or an illusion, depending on how you look at it. It hasn't got an anthropomorphic personification, unless Furman's decided to put one in. So, no, I haven't met it.

3) After that intro? Certainly not.

Q: Who's the most evil villain ever?
A: Simon Furman.

All right, all right. It's really Pat Lee.

Q: Ever been a martyr?
A: Only on the alter of Getting Stuck Answering Questions and Putting Up With Insecticons.

Q: Why do you have a magic 3-ball in your stomach? Wouldn't a magic 8-ball make you answer better for questions?
A: It is an eight-ball. The shading just cut off half of it. Presumeably. Though that might explain why I am sometimes wrong.

Q: First of all I have to correct you a bit - G1 Thunderwing has actually showed up in a cartoon at least once - he played major role of episodes baddest 'Con in TF:Victory. Though he did it under his Japanese name ... Blue Bacchus or something like that ...
Second - I'm perfectly aware of TRADEMARK RETENTION - because of it my li'l brother Grunt never made it to Steel Soldiers and they had to demote ME from "1337 Cannon Fodder" to just "Cannon Fodder".
And here's the question - Ever thought of making your armor less ornate and show-offy and more combat-armor-like? Maybe then you wouldn't attract that much attention of Da Evil Backhanding Decepticons?

A: Blue Bacchus was remoulded from the Autobot Pretender Crossblades. However, Thunderwing's toy was remoulded into Blue Bacchus' partner, Black Shadow. Whereas Thunderwing is a military command type, Black Shadow is a mercenary. So while someone who looked like Thunderwing in black appeared in Victory, it wasn't Thunderwing.

Too many people don't understand trademarks, which is the usual reason anyone asks, "But why-y-y did they use [This Name] on [That Character]!?" and makes me get huffy. But to the original question, I don't see any particular problem with naming a fellow whose primary feature is an enormous gun-arm 'Sixshot'. Naming him something like 'Seaspray' would have been a bit silly.

As to today's question - if I had less showy armour, the Autobots would have never seen me. Even then, it took nine episodes before they clicked in that maybe, just maybe, I was the only one who knew how to save the universe.


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