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  December 30th, 2005  

Vector Prime

Again, Hasbro hasn't updated, here is the link to the site anyway. Therefore, all the questions this week were sent straight to the Insecticons.

Q: Energon drinker? Or at least, were you a big energon drinker in your younger days?
A: We're all big energon drinkers, in the same way that you humans are big food eaters. But I understand your question. No, I was far more stolid and responsible in my formative years. It was the onset of power, Insecticon housemates, and humans asking questions that occasionally encourage me to overindulge.

Q: Vector Prime-san, here are few questions about your Micron partner:
1) Can he act as Targetmaster ( take over control of your arm servos to aim while allowing you to concentrate on dodging Decepticons ) or he is just a gun?
2) And when are you going to fire him? ( I've seen first five episodes. )
3) And finally, how does he feel about being renamed after a brand of Earthen soap? ( If you are going to give a quote don`t forget to translate it to English. )

A: 1) He is a Minicon, thus is more or less merely a gun when powerlinked to my arm. Life is rather unfair for Minicons.

2) I have fired him at least once. Episode 16, offhand.

3) Google says the name 'Safeguard' is also used for a dental insurance company, a distribution company, a type of anti-virus software, a public awareness of emergancy preparedness campaign, a live animal traps manufacturer, and a biodiversity concern, to list a few. Also a brand of soap. In any case, I should let Safeguard answer this one.

Safeguard says: Beep beep beedle eedle whee bip bip beep bip beedle beep beep biddle beedle beep. Eedle wheedle bip whee beep beep beedle. Beep bip beep beep bippy bip beep eedle beep whee beep beep beep.

Q: Ok, if baseformer won't sell what about triple ( or more ) changers? Like, in the whole "new wave" we had Devil Gigatron ( who looks TOO organic to be cool, ) Tidal Wave, Energon Scorponok and ... that's it. Master Megatron doesn't count since his aerial mode lacks any distinctiveness.
And by the way, do you know who's great idea was to give name Sixshot to a Laserwave repaint? I wanna KILL HIM!!!

A: Most likely, the largest obstacle to the creation of multi-changers is that they are more difficult to design than ordinary biformers.

For your final question, I have two words, so please remove your fingers from your ears and stop humming: TRADEMARK RETENTION. Names are a 'use it or lose it' commodity. Thus they used it.

Q: Have you ever met a Go-Bot?
A: I travel quite a bit, so, yes. This is not as strange as it may seem - the Transformers universes tend to be filled with xenomecha with transformation capabilities. I could not stay on Gobotron long. For one thing, I am rather larger than a Go-Bot and kept banging my head on the ceilings. For another, Safeguard spent all his time laughing at their names, so I decided we should leave before the Go-Bots realised what he was doing or Safeguard ruptured something in his mirth.

Q: Who was the first Transformer in Earthen disguise, and what was his/her alt-mode?
A: You'd think this would be an easy question, wouldn't you? In one way, the answer is Skywarp of G1, who was the first to be repaired and rebuilt into a military jet by the Ark. However, this doesn't take time-travel into consideration. If we go back to Beast Wars, the first person we see wearing an Earthen alt-mode is Cheetor, who was rebuilt into a cheetah.

Ah, and now back to G1. The Aerialbots were sent back in time approximately nine million years. While their adventures in that time were on Cybertron, and they were already wearing Earthen jet-modes, in linear time, the Aerialbots were the first Transformers to wear Earthen alt-modes. However, in subjective time, Skywarp was the first Transformer to wear an Earthen alt-mode.

Q: In the alternate universe where the Autobots are evil and the Decepticons are good, what would the evil you be like?
A: Hm. Since I wouldn't have used up so much of my power trying to fix things - it takes far more energy to repair than to destroy - so I would be rather more powerful than I am now. If I am to act opposite to the way I do now, I would use my powers without thought or consequence, freezing my enemies in time, trapping them in recursive loops, stranding them in strange eras, killing their grandfathers, and teleporting them into smelting pools. I would also hunt down and spank everyone who sends in "How old are you?" questions.

Safeguard says he would be much like the way he is now, but with a goatee.

Q: Which Ultra class females are there?
A: Currently none in canon, more's the pity. ( I like them, I just don't want to be sat on by one. )

Q: If the beeping is censor noise, then does that mean Safeguard is swearing?
A: Constantly. You wouldn't believe the editing we have to do when we translate what he says on this page.


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