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  December 9th, 2005  

And we're still making disco jokes...

Hrm, still no official answers. Possibly they're just taking the holidays off. If they aren't back in January, the Insecticons will post the official answers here. Because no one should live down mistakes like 'Speed Plant'.

Q: Vector Prime-san, if you and Starsaber ( and I DO NOT mean lame Micron gestalt here ) were mortal enemies and clashed in a final fight, who would win?
A: Why Starsaber? Is it just because he has a sword? I know little about him - only that he was one of the Cybertron leaders, he travels a lot, and he's quiet and gentle unless he's trying to carve you up. I cannot think of why we would fight.

But if we did, I'd win. Because I'm the one answering the question.

You mean this Micron team? They're the lamest Star Sabre I know. The other ones aren't bad, just a bit silly.

Q: Where was Snarl during Transformers: The Movie?
A: On Jungle Planet, working as a double-agent in Scourge's court.

Q: Why are purple, green, and black considered to be "Decepticon" colours?
A: It's purple, yellow, and black, actually - the Insecticons are pretty much quintessentially Decepticon in their colours. But to your question. The easiest answer is merely that the Decepticon emblem is purple, and that more Decepticons than Autobots wear those colours.

Q: Why are red, yellow and ( to a lesser extent ) blue considered to be Autobot colours?
A: This is just your last question in reverse. But the answer is the same - the Autobot emblem is red, and more Autobots than Decepticons wear those colours, thus they are associated with Autobots.

But that's not interesting. I, of course, am no artist, but Slog is one of the housemates, so I declare that to be qualification. Ahem: note how the Autobots tend towards primary colours - pure pigments, symbolising the purity of their souls. The Decepticons are more mixed-up, so they wear mixed colours. And what of Starscream, then? Starscream is a liar.

Q: Have the Insecticons ever been nice to you?
A: Not particularly - Shrapnel checks my e-mail and does my typing because the computers here are too small for me, but that's about it. But I'm not nice to them, so it evens out.

Q: Have you ever considered taking a week off and letting the Insecticons answer the letters for you? Or would that be too dangerous?
A: If I let the Insecticons answer the questions, all the answers would be 'pudding'.

Q: Why do so many people hate Rodimus Prime?
A: I can't speak for anyone else, but I prefer leaders to earn their position through hard work and experience, not because a magic disco ball has a thing for young hotheads. Granted, Rodimus Prime did quickly become a perfectly good Prime, I just don't like young hotheads.

Q: Why is the Fallen on fire?
A: Let's just say that, kids, leave firecracker-eating to the Insecticons.

Q: What does it feel like to die? Is there really a light? All that jazz?
A: There is a light. Many lights, for they reflect off the Great Disco Ball of the Allspark. Jazz is there. He serves the drinks and complains about the music.

Or not. Prove me wrong. I've never died, so I have no idea what ... wait. You're telling me I die later in the series, aren't you? If so, Wayward just won a bet and I have cartoon writers to kick.

Q: What is the Transformers: Cybertron version of Sideways' vehicle mode? And my friend would like to know if the series of Transformers: Cybertron had anything to do with the Disney movie Tron because, according to him, it is set in cyberspace.
A: 1) Compared to what? It's the same version as in Galaxy Force. Or do you mean, what kind of vehicle is it? He's an alien space-jet that looks kind of like Jhiaxus' vehicle-mode. Wayward's been calling his overall look 'So Liege It Hurts'. The Liege Maximo denies any connection.

2) Your friend is correct about the setting of the movie, but the two aren't related. Tron involves gladitoral games in cyberspace. Cybertron is about running around to other planets and finding Cyber Keys. Transformers almost never do anything in cyberspace, which seems a bit odd, until you remember what happened to Optimus Prime the one time he played a video game.

Q: How do I get my Hot Shot and Override toys to stop madly making out on my bookcase?
A: Hit Hot Shot with a hammer. Then replace him with Thunderblast. Then send pictures.

Q: The Insecticons are all tied up, unable to transform, and disarmed. You are fully armed and have twenty minutes alone with them to work out your frustrations on them. What do you do?
A: ...

I know you mean well, but you do realise that within a week, someone is going to mail me a slashfic on that premise, and the Insecticons will be laughing for months.

Q: Why donít you go back in time and influence Megatron ( while he was a youth ) to be an Autobot, in turn avoiding the Wars?
A: I could, but there would just be another Decepticon to rise up and start the Wars. Megatron wasn't the only angry Cybertronian out there, he was just the most powerful and ambitious. I don't think I could influence them all.


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