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August 12th, 2005

Well, it seems that people don't want me to defend time itself. The way this is going, I'll never get a chance to untangle the old Marvel continuity and they'll be stuck with four different Galvatrons forever. I think you must all be agents of Simon Furman.

First, the questions from the official site:

Q: Who is your best friend?
A: Don't think I don't read fanfiction. I just know that if I claim that I can so much as tolerate someone, I'll end up dating them in a fic. To answer your question, my best friend is Override in a bikini, and her twin sister.

Q: Can you destroy Megatron?
A: Easily. I could just teleport him into a star if I felt like it. And then I could be eaten by his fangirls. No, thank you.

Q: Who is the strongest Autobot?
A: Each Autobot is strongest in a different way. For instance, Jetfire has the strongest What The Heck Happened To Your Voice power, while Scattershot has the strongest Scary Eyeballs.

Q: What sort of Animation do you use?
A: None. All the robots are filmed live-action. The humans, however, are very obviously cartoons. In reality, they're Minicon actors, but we animate the children of different species over top of them with classic cel animation for our alien viewers.

And here are questions sent straight to the Insecticons:

Q: What is your favorite use for your sword?
A: I like to use its teleporation powers strand the Insecticons in strange places. I also provide a service to overstressed parents of whiny and unappreciative teenagers - they call me and I send their spawnlings to other universes. This has the unfortunate side-effect of bad fanfiction, but for every rebellious teenager who joins the Maximals, ten more are eaten by sabretoothed tigers.

Q: Have you ever heard of 'Force Chips'?
A: Yes, but over here we call them 'Cyber Keys' in hopes that the Insecticons won't think they're something to put dip on. So far, this hasn't worked.

Q: What is your favourite snack?
A: The souls of the unwary. Also maple-flavoured doughnuts.

Q: What is the real truth concerning Starscream and Megatron's relationship? You know what I mean!
A: Megatron thinks that Starscream is a mouthy, untrustworthy pest, and has never forgiven him for possessing his minion, Waspinator.


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