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As if Wayward was just going to stick with one series. Whatever the new file is up top, while the rest are arranged by series.


Series: Transformers 2007
Character: Barricade and Sam
Time: 11 seconds
Barricade: Are you username LadiesMan217?
Sam: I don't know what you're talking about!
Barricade: Are you username LadiesMan217?
Sam: Yeah ...
Barricade: Where is the eBay item 21153? Where are the glasses?

Series: Transformers 2007
Character: Assorted
Time: 30 seconds
Frenzy: Allspark located.
Starscream: This is Starscream - All Decepticons, mobilise.
Barricade: Barricade en-route.
Brawl: Devastator reporting ...
Bonecrusher: Bonecrusher rolling ...
Blackout: Blackout incoming ... All hail Megatron!

Series: Transformers 2007
Character: Starscream, Megatron
Time: 15 seconds
Starscream: I live to serve you, Lord Megatron.
Megatron: Where is the Cube?
Starscream: The humans have taken it.
Megatron: ... You fail me yet again, Starscream. Get them!


G1 - Bombshell
"Yeah, that's the problem with pines - you eat a forest of 'em, and an hour later you're out of energy again!"

G1 - Kickback
"Give our best wishes to Megatron!"

Armada - Alexis and Sideways
Alexis: Are you saying we were somehow digitised and sucked into the Internet?
Sideways: 'Internet'? Speak English, wouldja?

Armada - Starscream
"Oh, great - time to get shot at again. Why couldn't I have just been a normal 'bot working in a factory?"

Armada - Thrust
Thrust: Simply put, the Autobots do not match our superior assault, defense, and strategic abilities. There is, however, one area that our enemy does seem to have a slight advantage in. How should I put this, heheh ...
Megatron: Yes? Well, come on, spit it out.
Thrust: Promise ... you won't get angry at me?
Megatron: I do not like games. Now out with it.
Thrust: They know how to work as a team.
Megatron: Bah!

Armada - Thrust
"Your victory is assured with Tidal Wave's experience in other battles, Megatron. In fact, he came directly here from the planet Daebola, where he led his Decepticon troops to victory. The tide has indeed turned, sir."

Armada - Thrust
"Oh, boy - here we go again."

Armada - Sky Blast
( Sky Blast calls to the other Minicons. )

Armada - Demolishor
"Hnh! So humans are good for something after all. That's news to me."

Energon - Tidal Wave and Scorponok
Tidal Wave: You used us, Scorponok. You should be grateful that I chose to repair you at all.
Scorponok: But I helped revive Megatron.
Tidal Wave: All you wanted was Megatron's power, but you were too weak.
Scorponok: Wait! I want to ask you something.
Tidal Wave: What is it?
Scorponok: Megatron could have destroyed Optimus Prime. Why would he pass up a perfect chance like the one he had back on the planet?
Tidal Wave: Hnn. If you can figure that out, then maybe I will begin to trust you more.
Scorponok: Huhh. I think he was just afraid.

Energon - Megatron
"Are you afraid of the dark? Well, you should be, Starscream - because I'm in it."

Energon - Megatron and Demolishor
Megatron: Once we've destroyed the Earth, collect the energon and bring me all of the humans' sparks as well. I think I'm going to use them to create a new batch of soldiers for my army.
Demolishor: But, sir, you can't do that.
Megatron: Why not?
Demolishor: Well, the human spark is fragile.
Megatron: What? Impossible! Their spark's not eternal?
Demolishor: One life. That's all they've got.
Megatron: Hnn. Bah. Then they really are poorly designed.

Energon - Tidal Wave and Starscream
Tidal Wave: Don't trust Shockblast.
Starscream: Hm?
Tidal Wave: Shockblast bad.

Energon - Megatron
"Ha ha - it always amazes me when someone wants my job."


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