Friday Update Sketches  

Because Vector Prime took a break while Wayward was at her usual seasonal job, we needed something to fill the Friday update gap. Since Wayward tends to fill her breaks with doodling, here's a rare peek into her sketchbook.

October 13th, 2006
Thunderblast as Glimmer - Very skribbly. Actually drawn back in July. C'mon, it's our first update, so you'll be getting some older stuff first.

Tigatron - Done during BotCon. Banged out in fifteen minutes in case Blu happened by. Second time Wayward's ever drawn the guy, so it's pretty innacurate.

Insecticomics Dreadmoon - Okay, now it's stuff done at work. Profile shot of the angsty boatcon glaring at someone shorter than him.

Mirage surfacing - Energon Mirage, of course. Wayward quite likes this one, though she shaded him incorrectly. She may end up doing it up properly at some point in the future.


October 20th, 2006
Slog walking - I don't think that Wayward could draw Slog scary if she tried.

Waspinator and Terrorsaur - Inferno will be along later with the cinder blocks to drop on the Axalon.

Armature, pre-Beast Wars - He likes having flight-modes, but he really does look better as a groundbound.

Other Vengeance Inferno - Dressed like an impractical warrior babe. Also, for your viewing pleasure, coloured. She forgot the cinder blocks, though.

Safeguard - Looking up at something.


October 27th, 2006
Straxus playing golf - Running injoke. Golf jokes are the last refuge of the bad cartoonist. Just because Wayward did one doesn't make it right. Horrible, as Wayward lacked a back reference for Straxus.

Straxus with axe - Wayward happened to have her Straxus references along that day.

Thrust humanised - Armada-type, we mean. Wayward was bored. He ended up looking more like an urban wizard than a general. Coloured.

Rook - Poor Rook. Whenever Wayward draws him, he's getting surprised by something.

Macabre - Looking rather cheerfully coy ( but not looking Koi. He needs tentacles for that. ) Coloured.


November 3rd, 2006
My Secretary Is Covered In Guns - Only one drawing this week, as Wayward spent most of her breaks working on Insecticomics ideas for next year. This was a rejected cover idea for the next Insecticomics compilation CD, which she's already working on though it won't be ready for months. Coloured.


November 10th, 2006
Flamewar - We think of her as the Evil Fairy of the Arielbots - you know, like from Sleeping Beauty. This has nothing to do with this picture, where she's just looking pleased.

Terrorsaur headshots - The noisy Predacon from two angles.

Terrorsaur again - Freefalling, but he doesn't seem worried.


November 17th, 2006
Tidal Wave as a cute anime girl - Wayward likes bigs chicks, the Transformers As Humans genre, and doing things that she really shouldn't. Coloured.

Starscream and Skyfire - Slash, non-graphic, and the least Wrong thing in this week's update.

For the gang at Neo-Monster Island - Photo manipulation. We can't believe it took Wayward a month and a half to think of this, either.


November 24th, 2006
Vector Prime and Safeguard - Because nothing is cuter than a mech and his Minicon. Coloured.

Liege Fabulo - Practicing a dance.

Dreadmoon surprised - He looks surprised rather than afraid, so whatever has his attention is probably nothing more threatening than Skywarp mooning him.


December 1st, 2006
Thrust - On a balcony somewhere. Horrible perspective.

Thrust and Inferno - The joke hinges on the fact that Inferno has a face like a parrot, and then Inferno is shown from the back.

Lazorbeak - A quick sketch of her in beast-mode.


December 8th, 2006
OV Lazorbeak - Well, if Lazorbeak landed in Other Vengeance. Since her beast-mode is male, she'd turn into a guy again.

Override kicking Crumplezone - Wayward spent the week working on an original story she's been fiddling with since 2004 or so and a secret Insecticomics project, so here's a drawing she started back in October and will never finish. Wayward likes Crumplezone, but figured he could take the hit.


December 15th, 2006
Home - Another non-sketch update. Here Wayward plays with her new studio set-up. This will not actually be used for the Insecticomics until January.

Kickback stealing a something - Another picture that will never get finished. Here I steal some sort of doohicky from Megatron and the crew.


December 22nd, 2006
Last Friday sketch update, since Wayward's job's over. This week is something a bit different - a brief history of a recurring personal archetype of Wayward's: the Blue Secretary. Not one has actually been a secretary, but the name stuck.

Tenebrous - A character from Wayward's old comic series, created back in the mid-1990s.

Rais Nefi - Another character from Wayward's old comic series, likely created in the late 1990s.

Blue Secretary #3 - A character from a previous fandom, likely created late 1990s.

Dreadmoon - A character from Wayward's Transfic, created in 2001.

Thalassa Gilou - A character from the original fiction Wayward's been picking at since 2003.


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