Robots In Action  

Lotsa big pictures, so it'll be slow-loading for those of you with slow connections. Copyright (c)2005, Paradise Press, Inc. Illustrated by Ronald and Donald Williams, and we hope that's a pseudonym used to protect the poor illustrators who are charged with flagrant violations of the laws of perspective. Anyway, we're not going to scan the whole thing, just the pictures we thought were funniest. This book is not about Transformers.

But it wishes it was.

There are various factions of robots, but the most common are the heroic Kanjibots and the evil Skullcons. They spend most of their time standing around, posing, and going through mazes.

Red Alert was never the same after the Unicron Battles. The other Autobots tried to pretend that nothing was wrong - after all, he was Red Alert, solid, dependable Red Alert, their old friend, to whom many owed their lives either on the battlefield or in the repair bay.

They looked the other way when he replaced his arm-cannon with a machete.

By the time Red Alert killed Demolishor and grafted himself to his body, the Autobots realised it was too late ...

Red Alert also made a shrink-ray and shrunk himself down to avoid pursuit.

Fed up with always being 'the Token Girl', Arcee bulked up her body, painted herself blue, and changed her name to 'Override'. If anything, things just got worse.

No matter what universe you're from, it sucks to be a Minicon.

We don't need to write a joke for this one. For some reason, the writers thought that a picture of a rock belonged here. It's a robot hand holding it, sure, but it's still a darn rock.

For the discerning Cybertronian fetishist, please contact Mindset at the Hub. Here, the lovely Annihilator models the new 'G2 Borg' look. Note the wrist-launchers - quality fetishwear isn't just for off-duty any more!


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